If you follow my blog and remember what I shout out to the world, 1) aww thanks and 2) you may remember this never ending battle that I face with contemporaries.
we. Just. do. Not. get. along. any. more.

I used to—when I was a foetus—really enjoy a fluffy contemporary book, especially if I could swoon over the main love interest. But now that my heart has blackened and Ive birthed my beautiful beast babies, this doesn’t really bring the read I’m looking for anymore.

Its’s like we’re at a gambling table, and I’m in it for pistols, but they just bet cash. I want something more daring, more DANGEROUS, more death-y. Don’t get me wrong, contemporaries can have death, can even have murder or a hit and run. But the death I’m looking for is cold-blooded betrayal and meanwhile everyones lives are in jeopardy and half the nation is enslaved to a dark, powerful pirate king that lives in his ship-castle and his son is betraying him and is the one to kill him while looking his father in his black eyes that reflect his unforgiving, murderous soul.


NOW I’m not claiming that I’m great at writing things, but thats the kind of story that I’m looking for compared to a novel about a teen drama when a new girl moves into town.

MY PERSONAL PREFFERANCE HAS CHANGED. And so much, that now things about contemporaries genuinely annoy me a bit now.

JUST A HEADS-UP: This post contains a fair amount of stereotypes.



This is often a stereotype for contemporaries, but quite often there is an aspect of teen drama in a contemporary ya.

Now, this can actually be quite enjoyable to read, but personally, I don’t get the point in petty drama in books. If it’s throughout the WHOLE BOOK and the plot is meant to be about something else entirely, but everything that the characters do is met with drama, I say no thanks.

Why can’t there be beasts instead???


Actually, not just this, but the WHOLE THING ABOUT FALLING IN LOVE. Romance isn’t needed as the main thing. And also, what about asexual main characters??
The romance is not needed bruh. Lemme be, cuz. Aint got no time for dis shiiiiii.*

I mean it’c nice to have a romance, I get that, but in any book (yes, even in the beloved fantasy,) I cannot deal with it when the romance takes over the wholeeeee book when it starts out as something totally different. Otherwise, bruh**, it would be called A ROMANCE NOVEL not a C O N T E M P O R A R Y.

I love it when the love interest dies or is dead when the book starts in every novel.

The pain that the character feels is something that can make me empathetic towards them, or feel connected towards them, and adds more depth to the character or can make the plot more complex, and adds something darker to the novel.

And also, if they fall in love with another person, it makes that aspect of the book a bit more real??? I don’t know if you get what I mean.

*Ew I’m never doing whatever the hell that was again. Ew ew ew ew ew ew I disgust myself. **sorry I did it again.


Parents in ya are either:

  • Absent.
  •  Not mentioned / don’t get involved / don’t mind anything mentioned. (how????)
  • Totally cool about everything and are totally open about everything with their children. (HOW????? GIMME THESE PARENTS??)
  • Mean and are one of the problems that eh MC has to deal with.
  • Dead.

here ^ I’ve basically listed all the different parent categories for any book. (more or less).

Now, I don’t know about your parents, but mine are a mixture of every point (except the last one). I think that for contemporary novels parents tend to be either absent / not interested in their children, totally cool and open about everything or dead. AGAIN. STEREOTYPES.

One contemporary that I read and actually enjoyed this year—


Me: IK crazy.

Anyways, in the Upside of Unrequited the MC’s mums were brilliant. They weren’t super relaxed, they weren’t strict, they S P O K E to their children and were just generally parents but in books. Nothing was adapted to make it more dramatic, it was just a normal family and it is one of the reasons that I LOVED the book.

I don’t really relate to parent situations in books belonging to any genre 100% and to be honest, no one can relate 100% no doubt.

But for me, most of the relationships between child and parent in Contemporary YA is met with a lot of teen angst and they want to rebel against their parent(S) / feel like they’re totally misunderstood by them.

It happens in a lot of genres, not just contemporary, and always aggravates me slightly.

Now now now now now, I totally get if you guys like Contemporary, I totally get it because I’ve been there! (I don’t mean for this post to be at all offensive)


That’s all from me today!!



  1. YES! This is exactly what annoys me about contemporaries. Teen drama is so overdone and it is usually highly unrealistic (at least within my experiences of being a teenager). I don’t want to read about people fighting over nothing.

    I agree that the romances are sooooo unrealistic 99% of the time. I used to be optimistic enough to think it was nice but now I am just too pessimistic. Yes, sweet romances are cute, but in my mind they should be a backdrop to the rest of the story not the whole plot. Unfortunately the parents thing is also common in fantasy books which is annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! it’s just petty nonsense and I don’t get why it’s happening!
      I used to think that they were cute too, and the books were fluffy reads, but now I just find them predictable and unrealistic.
      It’s a shame that it’s in fantasy, but sometimes I feel like in fantasy its sometimes easier to overlook that because the plot is usually crammed with lots of other things. idk


  2. Yes! I know what you mean! Generally I like a contemporary, but I just can’t handle unnecessary (and accentuated) teen drama. If I want drama, I’ll go watch The Bachelor!

    Another thing I hate in the underage drinking\drugs in contemporary. Like, it’s not realistic, you’re not being relatable, and you’re showing that this is what’s cool! It’s been harder to and harder to find a contemporary without it.

    If you read and enjoyed Upside, have you read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda? You’ll probably love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly, drugs and drinking are so unrealistic and its like they’s just trying to make teen life seem cooler for the plot.

      Yeah I want to read Simon Vs. so bad because apparently it’s like a proper contemporary?? and relatable!

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  3. I used to be a contemporary gal and stay away from fantasy (part from HP tbh) and then blogging turned me to the dark side and I and contemporaries have lost our spark. I find the ‘cute romances’ in contemporary SO UNREALISTIC and insta-lovely and YES with the parents. They’re like the most relaxed people on this earth. They care about nothing their child is doing and they say like 2 lines in the book. MY PARENTS have much more of a role in my life.

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