EXCITEMENT RIPPLES THROUGH THE GALAXY. Because I am here with my first ever blogger interview. . . AND!!! It’s an interview with THE FABULOUS ilsa (in lowercase bc its smol that way, k?!)

I’m planning to do an interview/shout-out-y post every month or so for some of bloggers, new and old. Sort of like a mini series thing. They won’t be linked, but there will hopefully be a few of them! So, if you’d like to be interviewed too, hmu on twitter!
So ilsa and I haven’t known each other for AGES, but she’s absolutely wonderful and I just HAD to interview her. You can find her blog here, or by clicking on ‘ilsa’ anywhere in this post.


1. Can you please introduce yourself to the galaxies?

Hello. i’m ilsa. yes it’s in lowercase on purpose because it’s so smol. SPEAKING OF SMOL, I AM OBSESSED WITH SMOL! I have a whole Pinterest board called ‘Smol’. I HAVE EVIDENCE PEOPLE (or whatever creatures you are) I live in London, RED LONDON if you are wondering. I like to eat books for dinner but not for breakfast because that’s too heavy you know? And i am a monster who dog ears my pages. BUT SERIOUSLY LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF. I like blogging ( but do I really? Maybe I just want free ice cream or you know, take over the world) and I LOVE READING and BOOKS! I also like coding and white chocolate and WRITING and like..UMM I am queen of ice cream. I am awesome is what i conclude


2. As ice-cream queen, what would your next favourite ice-cream flavour be if you could never eat your current favourite flavour ever again??

VANILLA. I think cookies and cream is my favourite but If i couldn’t eat that I’d probably eat vanilla ice cream. You know those ones that you get from the ice cream van that are all fluffy and whippy and you can get a flake and sauce? YEAH THOSEEE. *sighs happily*


3. What’s your blogging journey been like so far? pls inform this pesky, nosy, creature that is moi.

My blogging journey has been FANTASTIC! Well,,, I GUESS? I started out Blogger, hated it, quit and the started a blog My Bookish lIfe. I really liked that blog. I spent about a year blogging on it but it felt SUPER MESSY AND JUST UGHHHHHHHHHH so I moved to A Whisper Of Ink AND I AM PROUD BEAN, i love it. My blogging experience in general though has been really fun! I’ve really integrated myself into the community (who r the best thing eva i love u) and I HAVE MADE SOME AMAZING INTERVIEW FRIENDS who are the sweetest. (LUUU) and in general had so much fun taking bookish photography and writing blog posts and discovering myself as blogger. It’s been so much fun.


4. What’s been one of your most surprising reads (in anyway) recently?

I was really surprised AND DISAPPOINTED by Illuminae. i was expecting to fall HEAD OVER HEELS for this book but it ended up being a 3.5 stars read which was kind of sad, since I was hoping it would be 5. BUT BEFORE YOU BITE MY HEAD OFF, the ending WAS spoiled for me pre hand so IT DIDN’T HIT ME DA FEELS OKAY?? But yeah it really was shocking that I didn’t like it and that every sci-fi element fell short for me.


5. Do you prefer GR or WordPress for reviews?

I actually have a habit (WHICH I FEEL SO GUILTY ABOUT) of skipping book reviews on WordPress. However on GR, I actually really enjoy reading them because it’s just…WAY MORE FUN! I also feel Goodreads reviews are way more negative WHICH OBVIOUSLY I AM HERE FOR.


6. Favourite series? (I’m not mean enough for favourite book!)

THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING MEAN but…this is still mean! LIKE I love Harry Potter, TYE series, Shades of Magic series, Six of crows duology, A series of unfortunate events. GAH THERE ARE SO MANY I literally CANNOT CHOOSE OKAY LU?


7. If you could only read to write (not including blogging) which would you pick?

AGHHH READ. as much as I LOVE WRITING, reading was what got me into that and nothin can replace the endless amount of reading I do. Writing is still AMAZING but book are at my heart!


8. If you planned to take over the world, which mythical creature would be at your disposal?

Okay so I don’t know if this is ‘mythical’ but either a phoenix or a dragon. Up until a while ago (I am so stupid) I thought a phoenix bird was real. TURNS OUT IT IS NOT. And they will forever be awesome to me! I mean dumbledore owned one #goals. BUT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD – dragon for SUREEE.


9. Do you prefer discussions or reviews? (either reading or writing)

Oh I definitely enjoy READING discussions more. But when it comes to writing either…I AM STUCK. On the one hand, I love writing discussions because I get to look at the both side of the arguments and let’s be real thinking crazy thoughts can be super fun! But then I love writing reviews where I get to rant. Either that’s because ITS REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAd. I find ‘MEH’ reviews really hard to write? But negative reviews I CAN RANT SO EASILY and that is super fun…SO I’m gonna go with…*runs away*


10. 3 books that you would sacrifice happily to save the galaxies?

Pffft,,,,, who cares about the galaxies? I’m saving myself tbh. JUsT KIDDING. I need you faithful servants for company and ice cream SO…? I don’t hate books that much? THAT I WOULD SACRIFICE them ‘HAPPILY’ no matter what. But books just so sacrifice (scrap that happily) ARE… *scrambles off to GR* Twinmaker, The Uglies I DON’T HATE MUCH BOOKS? this is so hard bye.


 I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THE LOVELY ILSA. for being my first interview victim and giving great answers!


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  1. This is such a great interview!! I love Ilsa. 💗 Ahahaha I definitely prefer reading and writing discussions more than reviews — you get to speak your opinion and rant, and while book reviews can do that too, some are just SUPER hard to write! (Especially WHEN YOU FORGET EVERYTHING. *glares at self*)

    COOKIES AND CREAM IS MY FAVORITE FLAVOR but chocolate is my second. ❤ And DOG EARING PEOPLE CAN DIE RIGHT NOW. (Juuuuuust kiddinggggg.) And I’d pick reading over writing too! My love of writing comes from reading books, and you can always use voice-to-text speech or get someone to write things down for you. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aW THANKS!!

      Yessss I agree entirely. Omg I ALWAYS forget something.


      That’s not allowed!!!!! You can’t do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt voice-to-text is still writing mayyyyyyyy stop being so cheeeeekyyyyyyyyy!!! EW dog-earing THAT RUINS THE BOOK.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS UP YOU AMAZING LAMB MARIE LU –> OMHSASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGHJK Ahem that was a weird thought? and yes I am an interview victim *sobs* THIS WAS A REALLY TOUGH EXPERIENCE. I mean all the mention of ice cream WITHOUT ANY REAL ICE CREAM *melts* love you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWWW NOOO THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU But *cough*its just Lu*cough* HAHAHAH. HONESTLYYYYYYYY I should have provided ice-cream IM SORRY, OKAY? I just,, think it’s still in the post somewhere???? Next time ill make sure to give you a tub of ice cream before we start discussing ice-cream, love youuuuu x

      Liked by 1 person

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