After my first interview with Ilsa as the beginning of an interview series, I’m here with my second guest: RUBY RAE! She’s really lovely and you can find her blog here.

As always, if you with to be interviewed next month, simply stalk my social media (–>) and let me know!!


1. Can you please introduce yourself to the galaxies?

Hi there. My name is Ruby. I’m from South Africa. I love to read (obviously). I’m a proud Gryffinfdor and Harry Potter is my fave. I one day would like to become a filmmaker. The times you do see me outside would usually be in the pool (in summer of course). I love all sorts of TV shows (especially Friends). I love pizza, because who doesn’t? I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Goodreads @rubyraereads if you’d like to see more rambling. And you can check out my blog I also am part of a book club @toppingthetbr if you’d like to check us out. I absolutely love blogging and am so glad I started it.

2. What’s your blogging journey been like so far? pls inform this pesky, nosy, creature that is moi.

I love blogging. I started because I wanted an outlet and I’m too shy in front of a camera even though I want to be a filmmaker. Ironic, isn’t it. I started small and didn’t know many other bloggers. I wrote weekly tv reviews and some book reviews (i wasn’t reading so much at the time) and hoped people read them. Once those shows ended and life became easier, I had more and more ideas for blog posts and now I am where I am. It’s so fun (and time-consuming) but I love doing it.

3. what’s been one of your most surprising reads (in anyway) recently?

I recently read the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy by Jenny Han and it’d been so long since I’d fallen in love with a series and I had a great time. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is also a book I never thought I’d relate to so much. I loved those so much.

4. Do you prefer GR or WordPress for reviews?

I love WordPress for my reviews. I give lots of thoughts and I add more details. I like using Goodreads for my overall non-spoiler thoughts. And it’s the best way to see other people’s reviews. So I like both but prefer WordPress for my own reviews.

5. What are some of your childhood favourite books?

I adored The Famous Five and The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton. I read them one after the other and they were my absolute favourite at the time.

6. Favourite series? (I’m not mean enough for favourite book!)

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, obviously. I already mentioned that though, didn’t I? I also love The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare (and I can’t name just one series – they’re all amazing)

7. What kind of attitude do you try and bring to your blog? (Calm/chill. . . the intense books worm, or the one that’s read literally everyone ever, etc)

I’m very chill. I read when I want to. I write very casually and informally.

8. If you planned to take over the world, which mythical creature would be at your disposal?

I’d choose dragons. They’re awesome and great for taking over the world.

9. do you prefer discussions or reviews? (either reading or writing)

I love discussions. You can learn so much more from people. But I also love reviews, because we can all discuss certain things we like from that specific review. They’re both great.

10. 3 books that you would sacrifice happily to save the galaxies?

Sorry if I offend you.
I don’t like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is like 7 books or something, so …
That sums up Ruby’s interview. Thanks a bunch, again, for participating Ruby!!
If you want to be interviewed next month, just let me know 😀
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(also the featured image is from Canava. . . wish my photography was that good. . .)

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  1. Hey Luuuu I don’t know if I’m vv late for this but if you don’t have someone for this month, I’d loveeeee to do this interview post thing with you!!! And if you already have someone, I’d love to do it next month!

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