RANT || Things We Shouldn’t Say To Another Blogger|| We Get Hurt, Okay?


I think that over the internet, it’s difficult to remember that WE ARE ALL HUMANS, NOT JUST COMPUTERS / READING MACHINES, and we really do have feelings.

WE ARE FRAGILE AND EASILY CHIPPED. And sometimes, saying rude things can be like throwing a teapot (the blogger) against a wall and shattering them (and their emotions).

3 Bouquet.png

So let’s go through somethings that you SHOULDN’T be saying on the internet!

I think that sometimes we all forget that outside blogging, WE ALL HAVE THINGS GOING ON, and mean little comments can really effect someone. ESPECIALLY since so many bloggers are self-conscious of their BEAUTIFUL blogs and PEOPLE FORGET THIS.

*jk every post is a rant.


Don’t OVERLY Critique Their Posts / Design.

We GET that you’re trying to be helpful, and it’s feedback in order to TRY AND HELP, but what you don’t want to be doing is telling the blogger that they’re doing something WRONG and make them feel BAD.

For example:

“Cool post. But maybe divide your text up more. I got so bored reading that paragraph, and double check sentence length because you kinda rambled. Also, include more gifs to make it better and more exciting. And your featured image kinda sucks, so work on that too. Checkout my blog at http://www.HOWABOUTNO.wordpress.com” 

If someone left me that comment, I would genuinely boil like an egg. Like, what right do they have to just pop up only blog and critique everything?

What would be okay (if you’ve known the blogger and THEY ASK for your help): 

Maybe, include more dividers??  It could bring some more colour into your posts and make a really cool overall theme to your blog!” 

Isn’t that a bit nicer?? IMG_1882

“Your Blog Is SO dull!”

I couldn’t imagine EVER saying this to someone, let alone how RECEIVING this would make me feel!! LIKE!! HOW!! COULD!! SOMEONE!! SAY!! THIS!!



Don’t Just Leave Links To Your Blog!


Honestly, this makes people’s blood BOIL. We understand, we want to grow our blogs just like you do, BUT we are people??*


3 Bouquet.png

It’s kinda rude to just assume that people are gonna check out your blog. And, to be honest, if you just leave a link and don’t want to try and actually talk to me like I’m a real human and treat me nicely, there’s even more chance THAT I WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG.

Even comments that are like “Cool post. http://www.LinkToMyBlog.wordNO.com” sort of annoy me?? like?? DID you not really read my post?? YOU’RE LITERALLY JUST SAYING “COOL POST” TO BE A BIT NICER ABOUT IT. I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING.***

We are humans, treat us like we’re humans. thx.

*At least I think that I am? **NOT THAT DIFFICULT?? ***we notice these things!!!


Don’t Shame Someone For Having A Different Opinion To You.

OHHH look.

here is a world.

with lots of people.

they are all unique.

some have similar opinions.

some do not.

that is okay.




you ❤



Don’t Be Offensive!

This is a given really.

But don’t be racist, or homophobic or discriminatory, or “fat” shame, or ANYTHING. Like I see this, (not on my blog, but on twitter etc) and I get so sad. It’s just not okay. Ever. Just be a nice human pls.

AND. If you have a problem with what someone says, either DISCUSS in a POLITE way, or simply, virtually, walk away and UNFOLLOW.

3 Bouquet.png

Just try and avoid conflict??? This is a really lovely community and over the past few months I have seen FARRR too much drama, whether it’s on twitter, yt, or gr.

If you think that someone has said something that’s rude, don’t snap. Stay calm, don’t read into things and inadvertently cause an argument. Maybe they wrote it the wring way???? THIS HAPPENS SOMETIMES* Ask what they’re trying to say, and discuss it nicely with them. If they don’t STOP and are getting progressively rude. . . either block them, or ignore them and don’t provoke. 



Don’t Say That They Don’t Post Enough / Don’t Put In Enough Effort.

This is basically what you’re saying when you say that someone doesn’t post frequently enough: they aren’t living up to your standards, and they aren’t putting enough effort into their blog. 3 Bouquet.png

Firstly, no blogger is there to live up to YOUR expectations. So don’t pressure them. I—and so many other bloggers— know what it’s like to put pressure on yourself to post. So please please please don’t complain that they aren’t posting enough!!

And (2)  they may just really busy, so maybe, they’ll post less, but then that means that they have less pressure and then they can eventually come back to blogging when they feel ready to. And (3), they may be really struggling with blog ideas, so. .  . don’t just assume that they’re being really lazy with their blog.

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51 thoughts on “RANT || Things We Shouldn’t Say To Another Blogger|| We Get Hurt, Okay?”

  1. Girl you summed everything up! I had this woman, who i tried really hard to explain to her what bookstagram is! And then when i told to just check my acc and she will understand, she literally said:” oh so you post a quote in the caption of a book pic, is that all you got?”
    She literally said that, i was like You bitchhh! All i got? It took me hours to take this beautiful pic and hours to post a review on my blog.
    Okay i Honestly didn’t say all that i just ignored her and replied in my head. But the point is! I love you for writing this post! Uh you’re amazing Lu xo

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  2. Ugh these are awful for sure. I’ve not had most of them said to me (PHEW) but I had an anonymous survey once of like asking people what they’d like to see more of, asking if anything in my blog was hard to navigate, etc. A fair few people wrote LONG messages about how annoying and irritating and try-hard I was.😳It really really hurt! Like it was completely uncalled for!! If you hate a blogger, DON’T READ THEIR BLOG. PROBLEM SOLVED! Some people are scum. 😂😂

    And haha totally agree that we don’t even need to disagree half the time right?! If you don’t like someone’s opinion, don’t comment. The world won’t end.😂


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    1. Omg!! I get they yeah they were trying to be helpful, BUT A HUGE LIST OF THINGS TO IMPROVE = NOT NICE. Especially calling someone a “try-hard” like. . . mate I’M JUST NATURALLY FUNNY OK? I’m not surprised you were hurt, comments like that would honestly BREAK ME.

      Exactly: don’t like a blog? don’t follow!
      THE WORLD WONT COLLAPSE IN if you attack everyone with a different opinion and tell them they’re wrong😂



  3. This was so true!! It frustrates me so much when I see any comments like these! For me, the generic “Cool/great post! Check out my blog!” are the ones I see the most frequently around the blogosphere and they annoy me so much! I prefer not having one, but if you are going to leave a link at the end at least take the time to READ the post and make a comment on the actual content rather than just copy and pasting the same reply all the time. It’s so rude – I tend to just ignore those comments now haha.

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  4. Wow luckily no one has ever started critiquing my blog unwarranted! I would be pretty appalled! And at this point, whenever someone comments “cool post ” I just delete the comment, because I figure it took them zero effort to write it and I don’t care to have that “spam” on my page! What do you do with those types of comments?

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    1. “Cool post” comments frankly annoy the hell out me. I spent ALL this time putting all this EFFORT into my blog post. Did they even read it? Do they even know what it’s about? Are they trying to do do this for attention so I look at their blog??? I normally just leave it, or reply with “thank you” (which in my head is extremely sarcastic) and leave it at that. I put effort into comments because I KNOW how much effort THE BLOGGER put into their post. I’d personally prefer for others to do the same, however I understand if people don’t necessarily have the time to write a huge long comment on every post (and I really don’t expect that! )

      thank you for visiting my blog!!


  5. This is I post that I think every blogger should read! Ahhh Lu you made such incredible points, and girl how could people even find anything wrong with your blog?! Your posts are so amazing! Once again, everyone should read this post. Literally everyone.

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  6. Amen!

    Another one that might be added is “Don’t freaking post the same exact comment on a certain meme.”
    Like, I get that with WWW’s you’re bound to repeat yourself over and over again, but.. seriously? You could at least take the time to actually comment on what the person’s reading or has read instead of copy-pasting YOUR WWW everywhere..
    [I saw someone do this once and I got pissed because.. well.. put in a little effort, please?!]

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  7. Omggggg I was literally gonna write a post talking about this exact topic later this month (except in a lighter way — but now I can’t stop thinking about all these hurtful ways hahah)!! Lmaooo great minds think alike. 😂

    Anyways. YES. I’ve already complained about the whole “cool post i love your blog i’d love if you checked out mine xx” comment thing. Like yes, at least you commented, but 1) it’s not genuine and I’d honestly rather you not comment at all?? and 2) I know you want to promote your blog but at least show a little love to us if you want us to show a little love to you.

    Love this post! (Also idk if I said this before but I LOVE YOUR NEW WORDPRESS THEME!!!)

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    1. GREAT MINDS= LINKED. Obvs we’re the elite???

      omg those comments MAKE MY EYES BOIL OUT THE SOCKETS. Like, can people be genuine plssssss?????? Yessss!! LOVE on blogs is a two way thing sometimes???

      AWW thank you!! OMG MAY THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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  8. UGH THIS IS SO TRUE. People feel a lot more powerful and in control behind a screen, and so they think it’s okay to say things that would be unacceptable in real life. It really annoys me- if you wouldn’t say this to me face to face, then you sure as heck shouldn’t be saying it from behind a screen.

    I’m personally okay with bloggers leaving links, but I usually want them to interact a bit first and tell me what they thought of my post, and THEN maybe say, “would love it if you could check out my blog too”. I’m cool with that, but not with just leaving a link, cuz I won’t check your blog then!

    And honestly, everyone should follow this motto- “Spread what you love, don’t bash what you hate!”

    Great post!!!!

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    1. E X A C T L Y R H E A!!

      Yes!! I love getting links, BECAUSE IT’S EASIER, but dude, if they dont interact first?? I just want to scream, I HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO VISIT YOUR BLOG!!


      Thank you so much!!

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  9. Wow, and here I thought the book blogging would be less discriminating and would learn something from life as well as books. How someone could be that disrespectful is a mystery to me. I honestly believe that if you have a different view on a topic or a book, this is the place to discuss it but the key word is “discuss” not just tear someone down. Bloggers spent hours reading the book, preparing the review and writing it. Not to mention discussion posts and formatting… And how the hell can you tell someone that their blog design is shit? How many people who start a blog actually know how to code? And if you truly like the content the blogger is posting, it shouldn’t really matter what their blog looks like. Great discussion. I really hope I don’t ever have to deal with something like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW?? I could NEVER say anything like this to someone???? Exactly. We should DICUSS with each other rather than disagree.

      Honestly, I thank you can agree, FORMATTING TAKES SO LONG. And for someone to just be a bull and just barge in and be UNAPPRECIATIVE of all the TIME and EFFORT?? Like… I don’t want that person on my blog??? I DON’T WANT PEOPLE SPREADING NEGATIVITY!!

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  10. I don’t get why anyone would do this. Did their mums never tell them “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” ?? People should listen to their mums more often!

    Anyway, this is your blog, you do what you want! I think it’s perfect! ❤

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  11. I literally lose my mind when people just leave links to their blogs on my posts. Like I am way more inclined to check you out without the link if you’re a new person commenting than I am with the link. This was such a great post!

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  12. Ugh, sometimes I just can’t believe people would leave these kind of comments and lose their times just being SO mean to other people. I also hate self-promotion. I really love to interact with people and the blogging community, and obviously I’m thrilled whenever a comment I left on some other bloggers’ blog post brings him or her to my own blog again, BUT I’m not commenting for that. The goal here is to INTERACT, to make friends, to SCREAM ABOUT BOOKS?? And self-promoting comments “cool post, + URL of their blog” just annoys me so, so much. Blogging takes so much work, and taking some time to appreciate the bloggers’ work is always great and works way better if you want to promote your blog as well, ahah.
    WOW. look at me, I’m turning my comment into a full rant in your comment. sorry ahahaha.
    The blogging community is so welcoming, it’s so great to take time and leave thoughtful comments. No time for all the negativity, I agree that it really hurts when this happens.
    GREAT post!! ❤

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    1. THANK YOU!! ❤ ❤

      OMG nooo dont apologie for your rant!! I LOVE RANTING WITH PEOPLE!!!
      Yes, I cannot fathom whyyyy someone would want to spread negativity??? WE ARE HERE TO SCREAM ABOUT BOOKS AND BE NICE, not try and bring as many people as we can while not being sociable people!! I LOVE CHATTING WITH PEOPLE and if I find a new blog I don’t leave a link bc normally, when someone new comments, I CHECK OUT THIER BLOG BACK!!


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  13. you know some people are just terrible at socializing, and it makes my blood boil, but oh well it’s the internet. i’ve learnt to not let their actions affect me too much. well said lu, hope you haven’t actually encountered any of these terrible and badly mannered people?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well said Lara!! People that say these things really aren’t worth it!! I actually did, when I first started blogging. Someone was critiquing my blog a lot when I first started and it really hurt my feelings but I just ignored it after a while and did what I wanted to do! xxx

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  14. Whoaaa who hurt you *grabs pitchfork and casually sharpens knife*…just asking…

    I don’t understand people that do thissss. I literally cannot comprehend how someone can put in the time and effort just to leave a negative comment. If you’re going to bother to write something at least make it niceee?? We’re human beings after all even if you don’t see our face.
    Spread love not hate seriously ❤.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knowwwww!! So many people say things that could be seen as really mean. I just see it every now and then, ESPECIALLY TWITTER.
      And when I first started blogging I had a lifestyle blog, and then someone critiqued my ENTIRE POST and it went past “just trying to help” and actually really hurt, especially since I was new to blogging.

      Yessss spread love not hate ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Do people actually say things like things??? I’ve seen maybe 2-3 comments that really annoyed me in about 6 years of blogging, but they were mainly over content and then basically got to “And you’re a terrible person for posting this.” Kind of crazy–especially when the one person denied being rude/insulting when her previous comments of her being pretty directly rude/insulting were clearly visibly still posted. Largely, though, I haven’t had many problems.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah 😦 over the time that i’ve been blogging I’ve seen some really nasty things, and before making this a book blog I has a lifestyle blog thing and someone went through an critiqued my entire post past the point of being helpful, and it really hurt. (especially since they were new to blogging and as was I)
      OMG what a horrible thing to say to that blogger! Sounds like a nightmare!


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