My Reading In 2017 ft. Books I Never Got Around To Reading, And Lots Of Salt.

What. 2017. .  . where did you go???????




I’m finally done with my exams, my final one being TODAY and now I’m so hyped for reading again, BLOGGING again, and GUYS I can watch TV again!! ITS BEEN A MONTHHHH since I picked up a book properly and it’s been a month since I watched a TV show without feeling guilty. Honestly, it feels so odd sitting at my computer and not also having 458291 things to do!! Guys. I’M EXCITED.

I’ve already done a post like this, talking about how my reading has changed over time, which I will leave a link to here if it interests your perusal. . .


1. Omg my never-ending drama with contemporary books. . .

I’ve written/ranted A LOT about this topic. I’ve told this story soo many times, and if you want the whole reason that I wasn’t/aren’t a fan of contemporaries thatttt much, you can check out the post here.

Basically, I started reading fantasy and then I couldn’t stop and when I tried to go back to contemporaries I just couldn’t enjoy them as much??? 

BUT after like. IDEK how long, I’m slowly making my way back to them??? I KNOW. DANGEROUS WWWaaaaTTtttttEEEEeerrRRRSSSssssss. 

gotta be careful rn. 

2. I read arcs!!! like!! okay??

Sooo this happened??? I didn’t read that many arcs, but I was super grateful to get them and I really enjoyed them too. And I’m not sure, but I think that maybe next summer I might start requesting physical arcs too, like properly, since I thought about it this year, but contacted one publisher and then ran away scared. 

disclaimer: I’m not mentioning this to show off or anything???] 

3. I read more poetry!! yay!!

I read two poetry books: Milk and Honey, as well as, The Princess Saves Herself In This One and I loved them both. I know that I didn’t read loooooads of poetry, but it was something that I had wanted to do for ages and I’m really happy that I finally got around to reading some poetry. 

As well as this, it also made me more inspired me to write more poetry which I’m really enjoying and have shared on my blog!!!!! 

*runs away some more* 

4. I bought books. . . and forgot them. . . whoops . . . 

Literally. It was just… you may remember* that agesss ago I went to Hay-On-Wye and bought a haul of blue books (just coincidence I swear!) And well. . . Have I read all of them. . . NOPE. 

And then I went to go and buy MORE books. . . which I didn’t get to either. Let’s see what I’m still kicking myself over not reading yet. . . 

*you really will not, I barely remember myself. 


#NotBitter #HenceWhyIOnlyRead40Books. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent amount, I just wanted to read moooooooore. 

I wanted to read so much this year, especially during the summer. . . BUT SLUMPS. They killed me this year. I had one literally every. single. holiday. How convenient, am I right?

Like, ahgahgahg. WHY.

me @ slumps. ..  PLEASE DON’T HURT ME.


6.  I read 41 books!! which is the most I’ve ever read in a year!!

Yes, this is more than last year. Yes, 40 books is a good amount. Yesssss I liked the books that I read. And YES I’m really happy that I was able to read more than last year.  But, I WANT MOREEEEEEE. 

I wanted more like you always want more bluesy. I wanted more books like how you always want more cake than you really have. I wanted to read more like EVERY BOOKWORM WANTS MORE BOOKS. Am I greedy when it comes to books? Of course. AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. I’ll set my monsters on you if you pick a fight with me. Lu, avoiding confrontation since 506BC.

7. I read literally none of the books that I was hyped for. . .

#I’mAFailure. . . 

Honestly. LIKE. WHY NOT. 

These are some of the books that I really wanted to read but didn’t. . . 

Yeah. . . just a few. . . 


8. I completed my second Goodreads target!!



Screenshot 2017-11-25 11.12.57
this is an old photo. . . should be 41* but #lazy.


*throws confetti*

Despite the reoccurring slumps and rhbjsdnkgrbj moments, I actually achieved my Goodreads target?? My first attempt was last year, and I beat that one too!! And, tbh, Despite wanting to have read moreeeeee at the start of the year I didn’t think that I was going to reach this one (even though it was only 4 more than last year???) So yay!? 

9. I didn’t give a rating under 3 stars!!

It may not seem like a huge thing, but like. .. I’m really happy about it?? like??? I think that it shows that I’m really enjoying what I’m reading. . . despite all the slumps. . . . . #NOTBITTER #YES,I’MBITTER,OK? 


                 Just had to clear my throat real quick. 

But honestly, I think that it’s good that I loved what I read!! I think that 2017 was a really good reading year.. . APART FROM THE DARN SLUMPS!!!!

10. I think that I’ve started being more critical of my reviews??

not like literally picking the book apart, but not just letting myself go straight to “omgilovedit” and getting swept away with the hype. #beenThereDoneThatRealisedAfterThatTheBookWasMeh.

iDKKK though, because I didn’t read that many books that I felt “meh” literally all the time and well. .. IF I ENJOYED THEM… do I need to be that critical?? I kind of like that I’m not overly critical, but if there’s something I feel needs to be addressed, SURE I’LL RANT ABOUT THAT FOR DAYYYYS.

chat with me

Have you met your Goodreads target yet?? What have been your favourite reads of the year?? Can you pick a single favourite?? What books did you want to get to but. . . didn’t this year?? What was your most read genre? Let me know in the comments!!



37 thoughts on “My Reading In 2017 ft. Books I Never Got Around To Reading, And Lots Of Salt.”

  1. Now I’m like; you’re the perfect person to join my January Jam Jar with your whole list of books you wanted to read but didn’t get to, haha! I know your pain though.
    I’m already happy that a lot of the books I was anticipating are actually on my physical TBR by now! That’s like.. only one step away from picking them up! [Or so I try to tell myself..]

    Note: Daughter of the Pirate King is SO GOOD.

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  2. READ RADIO SILENCE/ A LIST OF CAGES / THE LUNAR CHRONICLES / SIMON VS. / TURTLES. Okay, I apologize for all the screaming but I hope you’ll read these books soon, they are all AMAZING.
    Congratulations on reading more and more and not givin horrible ratings to your books, this means you had a pretty great year, I guess? AM SO PROUD. ❤
    Oh, and welcome back, obviously, I have missed you! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t met my goodreads target yet, but I know I’m going to… I only need to read three or four more books, and I shouldn’t have any problem with that…
    I think my most read genre was fantasy, but i actually read a bunch of contemporary too… which was weird, because I don’t usually read much contemporary at all…They’ve actually all been pretty good though…

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  4. Oh I’m so glad your exams are over now, and that you have a chance to relax a little Lu, sounds like you deserve a break after what was probably a stressful few weeks! 😀 Congrats on completing your Goodreads goal, I completed mine a little while ago and it’s a pretty good feeling right? Also that’s a lot of hyped books you still have to get through, and so many of them are favourites of mine so I really hope you love them as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The issue with reviews is my biggest problem right not. Like, I’ll enjoy reading a book, but once I start writing a review I start being critical of the smallest things? Then by the end I’m left thinking a book was simply ‘meh’.
    Lovely post though Lu, congrats on hitting your Goodreads goal! (I umm, had to reduce mine last minute so it can be a bit more achievable.. oops)


    1. Ahhh I have the opposite?? I feel like I have to reflect more on the book to find things that I didn’t like even if I really enjoyed it because I feel like I should be more critical.
      Thank you so much!!!! And I hope that you reach your Goodreads target!!!

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  6. I actually met my Goodreads target for once!! I literally never have before😂 My target was only twenty books, but I think it’s pretty decent since I actually started my Goodreads target early summer!
    Favourite books of the year…THUG is one for definite. The Memory Book as well because it made me cry and I never cry at books, tv shows, movies, etc.
    Congrats on finishing exams and completing your Goodreads target😊

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      1. Thank youuuu😊 Same, it’s such an amazing book❤ You have to!! I remember it being a bit slow in the beginning but it quickly picks up, once it does it’s amazing and too sad for my lil heart😭😭
        Awe no problem😊

        Liked by 1 person

    (Also yayyyy u completed ur goodreads challenge and u finished ur exams but SHHH I’m not congratulating you until you finish those AMAZING books)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. oh, I still have like 6 more books to read to meet my Reading Challenge goal!! I’m one book behind, and exams are making it hard to find time to read, but after school lets out, I’ll DEFINITELY have way more time to read so I’m excited about that!! and omgggg LUUUUU those are so many books that you need to read! 😂 and omg yess I read three ARCs (physical ones too!) and it was so much fun?? except for that one beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside disappointment. *cries*

    HAHAHAH I actually WANT to get ratings below 3 stars??? (except not at the moment, because I’m in a slump and I JUST WANT TO LIKE BOOKS OKAY) because I’ve always been very lenient with my ratings (still kinda am) and I need to be more critical haha. except I can TOTALLY tell that my reading has been affected from reviewing books — both negatively and positively haha.

    great post!! ❤

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    1. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
      ahh nooo i hope that the exams go well!!! good luck!!!

      oH NO which one was it that you didn’t like??

      SNAP — im in a slump too!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m pretty lenient too with my ratings, it sort of varies with each book??? IDK my thought process is strange #I’mStrange.

      aw ww thank you so much ❤

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  9. CONGRATS ON SURVIVING EXAMS!! Eat some cake and relax you deserve it!!

    I ACTUALLY HAD MY LAST HARD FINAL TODAY TOO!!! …sigh watch me in English next week…WHY CANTERBURY TALES WHYYYY…yes I have tests next week too just…I’ll be over here…crying…sob.
    *sees 2 books you haven’t read are my top 2 this year* HIISSSSSSS. Jk. But please read Lord of Shadows it’s hilarious and don’t be intimidated by the size you actuallly breeze through!! (I feel like people don’t mention this enough and it makes me want to pick up big books lol)

    I’ve also read 40 books this year HIGH 5!!! Aren’t we just the best (I say as I’m glaring at my ever-growing TBR)??

    Liked by 1 person

      AHHHH I’m so glad that you have your hard final out of the way!! Good luck next week, and the next week!! I’m sure that you’re gonna smashhhhh ittttt!!

      I’m currently reading it nowwww and omg okay I just need to get into itttt!!

      OMG HIGHFIVE!!! SNAPPPP!!!! (literally same tho help)


      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

      SGBRKDFNGJB SO happy for youuuuuuuuu!! BUT omg good luck for English next week!!!
      i’M READING LOSSSS NOWWWW omg i cant wat but I’m still kind of slumpy??????????

      HIGHFIVEEEE!!!!!!!! (literally same tho aha)


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