Reasons Why I Would Follow / Unfollow A Blog ft. Why It’s Okay To Unfollow.

I’m really easy to charm with your blog. 

I follow blogs pretty easily* if I’m honest. But, I think that I also unfollow blogs due to many reasons. Also, if you do carry on reading this, WHICH I HOPE YOU DO, please remember that I am not calling any bloggers out, and I’m just stating my opinion.

I recently did a post where I mentioned some tips that I would give to new bloggers, so I thought that I would carry on the theme of “general blogging” rather than “book blogging” just to mix things up a bit.

*literally. . . I’m almost TOO click-happy. 


does what you post interest me? 

As I am a book blogger and am interested in books, and literally do NOTHING else in my spare time apart from blogging and reading, I’d mainly be interested in following book blogs.

Makes sense???? right?? 

If I’m being honest, as long as what you post interests me, I’d follow. And just because it’s not something that I’m interested in, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing to blog about.

These are a few things that I find interesting on a blog:

  • Book hauls (don’t have to be a book blog!!).
  • Book reviews.
  • Blogging rants.
  • Book rants.
  • Rants in general.
  • Cool photos.
  • Cake.

does your blog remain interesting to me?

Sometimes I feel that I end up not liking blogs as much as I did before. Sometimes, it’s because I change and I am no longer able to relate to the content. 

For example, I used to follow lifestyle blogs when I was a lifestyle blogger, and before I started book blogging, and now I follow maybe 3 lifestyle blogs????


I think that sometimes bloggers temporarily lose that “spark” that they once had, and I no longer feel like interacting? I no longer feel like commenting? I think that if I no longer really feel the need/want to comment on your posts over time, then that’s one of the biggest reasons that I will stop following your blog.


do you post consistently?

By this I mean, do you post often, but quality posts, not just the number of posts. Sometimes, if a blogger posts loads, sometimes I feel unable to keep up with all the posts that they publish, and it starts to pressure me.

But, I do actually check who I follow every 4 months or so. Personally, I unfollow a blogger if they haven’t posted for several months. I’m talking about 5 months? 6 months? But it’s not just about that. If I cannot remember your content anymore, then I will most probably stop following that blogger. This sort of links in with the “does your blog interest/remain interesting me?” thing. Consistency is the main reason I will unfollow your blog (I’m talking MONTHS without posting/twitter etc and I’m half convinced you disappeared into White London with Kel and that fabulous coat or maybe Crabeswater and that’s why you can’t post. (whO KnOwS ~ mYsTerY!!)

are you posts quality?

I don’t really mind if a blogger were to post once, or twice a week, or even once every few weeks, IT’S UP TO YOU. But if I’m taking the time to read your posts, I’d like it to actually be something that I can engage with and that looks really put together, and that will make me want to keep on visiting your blog, right?

  • Do you post short random posts? I understand that you can post poems or talk about your feelings, or have a blog dedicated to quotes, and such. But do you post, “so hi! Today was a good day I made a cake and then I ate it and I had an argument with my sister over who had the bigger slice” and then recount your day??  If you do do this, I’d most likely  1) not really care (no offence) 2) look for another post of yours 3) see if I can find something to interact with on your blog, if I can, then I’ll give you a follow, if not, then I won’t.
  • Do your posts about things that make me think? Personally, I really love posts that make me think about a topic, or that make me look at something from a different perspective, For example, posts that discuss topics such as diversity in books or a similar topic are often my favourites. If you’re just posting about our cake, while I really love cake, it’s not really going to make me think that much, so I don’t really follow. Also, does it make me want to interact with YOU? Do you show your personality on your posts? 
  • Does your blog look pretty? I wouldn’t say that this is a huge thing for me, but like almost everyone else, I like what I’m looking at on the screen to be nice to my precious eyes. (hence why I don’t read posts in the reader anymore!) Also, do you paragraph or is your post just a huge paragraph*** that I can’t follow along with? Important notes, 1) aesthetics is not everything for me, 2) don’t feel the need to get loads of fancy graphics straight away! Sometimes, the more simple it is, the never it is!
  • Are they well organised and contain lots of content? What I mean by this is, does your blog talk about multiple things in one post? Does it have a methodical order that makes sense? Is it well laid out? Does it have a clear message or provide insight into something? Does it express opinions about more than one thing?**
  • Is it how YOU want it to be? Okay, this is so contradictory*, but I think that there’s no wrong or right way to blog, and I think that what makes me want to follow a blog a lot of the time is whether or not the blogger seems confident with their content? Is the blogger enthusiastic about their posts?
*and not USEFUL AT ALL!! SORRY!!  **I realise that this is literally just questions here. . . ***or maybe 2?? idk. 

You may see that I’m being HELLA contradictory, and basically using questions A LOT. This is me trying not to trample on people’s feelings / destroying them with a hammer.

But remember, not every post needs to be 14332537%!! You do not need to have a “perfect” blog. We are all human and sometimes we don’t have the time, aren’t really motivated, or just feel like doing a small post rather than spending 4746538765 hours*!

This is a WHOLEEEEEE different discussion but!! Never pressure yourself when it comes to blogging because blogging is not your job and you should NOT be pressuring yourself to blog to a certain standard that you place on yourself, or feel is being put on you from others in the blogosphere!


*please never spend this long on a post. 


are you nice? do you interact back?

I’m not talking about a follow for follow back, (I personally don’t like them). I mean that if I comment on your post do you reply to it? Do you send more than just one reply? Do I see you commenting/ interacting with people on your posts?* Do I see you commenting on other people’s posts? Are you a positive person?

When finding a new blog, I sort of check out the person a bit?** And I kind of look for things? I mainly check out their “about” page/their comments to see if:

  1. they are a cool person.
  2. they have a cool sense of humour.
  3. they are sarcastic SARCASM IS LIFE. / witty.
  4. they like cake.
  5. are someone that I think I can get along with.

I like to see part of someone’s personality in their posts!!

*people may be legit busy tho (WE ALL KNOW THE STRUGGLES!) **SOUND LIKE A STALKER. SORRY. 

is your blog the definition of “formal”?

Each to their own, but for me, because blogging is my hobby, and I like being chilled* about blogging, unlike I am with books, I like to have pretty informal posts??? I just personally like it like that?? AND THAT’S MY OPINION. You may prefer to have more formal posts, AND THAT’S OKAY!! 

It’s completely up to you, but I prefer more chilled blogs BUT if I find that a blog isn’t pulling puns and witty I won’t just click off of it!! It’s just an added bonus for me.

*never am tho. 

you’re inactive for a long time (it’s okay to unfollow section). 

Already said this???? IDK

By this, it could be that you don’t really interact with others, not really commenting etc, or as I said earlier, you haven’t posted in 5,6,7+ months.

The first time that I checked who I was following, I saw that there were blogs I was following that hadn’t actually posted anything in over a year and a half and I couldn’t remember their posts (which sounds super bad, I’m sorry — AGAIN– trying not to trample on feelings / throw them into a firey pit here).

And when I did this, I realised how many blogs I followed and how I. COULD. NOT. keep up with all of them.

However, if you’re on a hiatus, and you’ve said that you’re gonna be back, but you don’t know when I’m still going to follow you and stick around until you return.

By doing this, I’ve actually lowered the number of blogs that I follow and I feel that I can be more active on the blogs that I’m really interested in and that I really feel like interacting with. There’s nothing wrong with unfollowing a blog.

Why it’s okay to unfollow a blog:

  • you have no reason to be “loyal” to a blog just because you used to follow it.
  • People can stop liking what they used to like and that’s okay!
  • Sometimes, the blog changes and you don’t enjoy it as much. That’s okay!!
  • Just because you followed before, doesn’t mean that you are tied to that blog FOREVER. 
  • You can do what you want.
  • You don’t always have the time to read/comment on 32248536523 blog posts a week!! you are human!! It’s okay to be human.
  • Unless you can be a dragon. Then be a dragon.
  • I personally love being a dragon. You get to burn things you don’t like. LIKE ALL THOSE SHIPS THAT SAILED THAT YOU WERE SO AGAINST!! 
  • Okay, this is so off topic, I apologise.
  • No one is forcing you to read that blog.
  • Better to not follow that be a ghost follower in my honest opinion!!

Truth be told, I only really unfollow blogs when it’s due to inconsistency?? 90% of the time I unfollow a blog because of them simply not posting anymore and they’ve fallen off of the face of the earth. 


do I gain something from your blog?

If your posts don’t necessarily make me interested or give me a reason to read it, then I won’t really feel like following?? By this I mean: is your post fun? Are there tips? Is there useful advice? informative? Is it a nice post? 

I like to gain from a post. Whether this is ganging form enjoying what’s there, or finding out new things in the bookish community, or do you share something that makes me think about it and get engaged? Did I enjoy reading it? 

do we have similar opinions/interests?

I like to be able to relate to what you say, to connect. For example, we like similar book genres or have the same opinion on certain books. I will still get along with/interact with bloggers that have different opinions to me!! It’s good to do that!! 

I will not always follow people because they have the same opinion as me. AND I think that it’s also important to follow people with different opinions since I like to know other people’s opinions because it’s good to do that and talk to people about opinions.

And I won’t only follow book blogs! I will follow lifestyle blogs, writing blogs and photography blogs, because I actually find them interesting and you can always learn something!

chat with me

Please remember that I am not saying that there is any right/wrong way to blog, and I really do encourage BLOGGING FOR YOURSELF. Please do not see this as me putting standards up for your blog!! This is not me telling people what to do and not what to do when it comes to blogging, this is just my personal opinion when it comes down to following a blog.  AGAIINNNN I DON’T MEAN TO SEEM OFFENSIVE / TRAMPLE ON FEELINGS sorry if I did!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Do you agree with anything on this post? What makes you want to follow a blog? What would make you want to unfollow it? Do you tend to unfollow blogs? What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to following a blog(aesthetics, the person, the voice they have, the type of blog ie: books) Do you think that it’s important to gain something from a post (laugh, learn, think)?? What do you think about consistency?? Let me know!! 


122 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Would Follow / Unfollow A Blog ft. Why It’s Okay To Unfollow.”

      1. I’ve been blogging only this month. First blog was published on 8th jan. I don’t know how I’m doing in the grand scheme of things.. 11 followers and 2 posts. Hopefully post another one shortly. How long have you been blogging?

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  1. This is such a nice post! I’m at work and basically having my browser minimized, so it’s like browser window for ants, but i really wanted to finish reading it, because i found it fascinating, because you pretty much summed up how i feel. ❤

    I remember following a blog because i thought it was pretty cool, but when i received 8 (!!!) emails per day only from that blog because they just kept posting and posting and none of it made sense… damn, it was pretty anxiety inducing.

    I personally rather have a smaller number of followers, who actually follow me because they are interested in what i have to say, than have a large base who then won't interact at all.

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  2. Yeah, I need consistent blogging as well! I was actually thinking lately about the fact that so many of my favorite bloggers last year have basically gone on super long hiatuses or seemed to just disappear, which really sucks, and I had to cut down my feed a lot! I also agree about having great content that I’m interested in. I find that if I’m struggling to find something to comment about, I probably shouldn’t be sticking around. And I definitely consider unfollowing a blog if I comment a lot, and said blogger never comments back or comments on my blog. It doesn’t really feel like we’re clicking if that’s not happening. 😝

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    1. Oh that sucks!!! I know that a lot of my blogging friends have had the same thing!! Yeah, I feel that since we made our blogs to connect with people about things that we’re interested in, it’s important to be able to connect with people. If you’re not having that connection/not clicking with them, then you’re probably right to unfollow!!

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  3. I haven’t actually… unfollowed someone in a really really long time??? But I follow, like A TON of blogs because I went a little too click-happy back when I started blogging haha. I just don’t read their posts? I’m just too lazy to unfollow them?? Also I would low-key feel guilty EVEN THOUGH I would 100% promote unfollowing blogs you’re not interested in reading anymore because, well, I mean if you don’t read their posts aren’t you technically not “following” their blog anyway? I agree on your ghost follower comment!! (Says me as I am probably a ghost follower for many many blogs oops I blame laziness okay.) I’ve seen many people mention unfollowing people for their inactivity, as well, and though I understand completely and I might’ve done so myself as well, I also.. don’t worry that much about it? For one I hardly clear out my blogs I follow list (though I really should), but also I myself have taken hiatuses abruptly and so I feel kind of bad if I unfollow a blog for something I did before? But I totally understand why people do it!! It makes sense, after all, to unfollow a blog that isn’t posting anything?

    And your reasons to follow list is totally on point as well, I agree with all of them!! I definitely care about book blogs the most? I don’t think I follow many blogs that aren’t blogging about books, and if I do, well I probably don’t read their posts. 😅

    I’m sorry, I really gotta stop attacking you with these long comments haha but this was a really great post! ❤

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    1. I always wait a longggg time for inactivity-caused-unfollowing?? I like to be really sure that they aren’t gonna be back?????? I mean, ,,, I don’t want to unfollow and then they come back ahaha.

      And I totally get the laziness thing??? I’m so lazy too???? I mean,, IDK 😅

      ahaha, I think that since I book blog myself, I think it’s best that I follow them too since I can relate more and connect with them (the whole point that I started a book blog)????

      OMG it’s totally fine, I love long comments!!

      Thank youuuuuuu ❤


  4. I’m big on following people because they post interesting content. That can be book reviews, discussions, etc., but usually I like blogs that are on the meatier side. If your discussion is 100 words, it’s probably not saying much, and I’m not really going to be interested in reading it. *shrug*

    I know a lot of people unfollow inactive bloggers, but I figure that if they’re really inactive, they won’t be in my feed, so I don’t worry too much about it. However, if you’re someone who posts like once a month, so just enough that you’re kind of in my feed but I can barely remember who you are each time your name comes up, I’ll probably unfollow unless you’re posting something really interesting once a month.

    As for too frequent posters, I just don’t read everything everyone posts. However, I know lots of posting is also a turn-off for many people, and my co-blogger and I actually post every day (unintentionally; we ended up being more prolific than planned the past several months), so um, sorry, to all our followers who feel pressured. I really don’t expect everyone to read everything I post, so I’m not offended if they don’t!

    Finally, I noticed a trend in the new year that a lot of blogs I were following made announcements that they were basically bored of book blogging and were going to shake things up by becoming like a make-up/food/book/hiking blog (or whatever), and I unfollowed every single one. Nothing personal, but I like following book blogs, so if you suddenly start posting about a wildly different topic, I might not be interested. I guess I’m kind of a believer in the “niche blog.” I mean, I am also a believer that people can blog about whatever they like and are passionate about and should do whatever motivates them to keep blogging, but I personally find it a bit odd to follow blogs that post about 3-5 seemingly unrelated topics. I think it might be more tenable to run two different blogs, a make-up blog and a book blog (if you have time), than to run a combo make-up and book blog.

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    1. Same here, I like the longer posts just bcause i feel i get get more involved??

      I get what you mean, sometimes i just end up posting more than three times a week or so, and i definitely don’t expect people to read all of them aha, especially because they’re following lots of other blogs too ahah!

      Ohhh yeah that really is a strange combo! I mean, as long as they’re happy??? Idk i would run two different blogs, TBH, it just seems more efficient??? And, also, if bloggers I followed were going to start blogging about something that I have no interest in, I would unfollow too!

      Thank you for stopping by!


  5. Ahh this is too real. I don’t want to unfollow people but it got to the point where I followed so many blogs I was getting close to a hundred posts in my inbox every day which was too many for me to keep up with. I think following blogs you are excited to read and communicate with is far more important that the quantity you are following.

    Also, am so shook by how official and nice your blog looks!!! You’re one of the big bloggers now and I’m kind of intimidated!

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    1. OH my yes that’s just TOO much pressure!! Exactly, I think it’s important to be engaged with the blogs that you’re following, rather than following lots and lots of blogs!

      OMG EMMA!!! THANK YOU?? OMG PLEASE DONT THINK IM INTIMIDATING *she says using caps to write it… sorryy!!* OMG thank you so much?????

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    Yessssssssssssssss! If a blog talks about cake or food or ice cream or waffles…I AM SO THERE? I mean why else do I even blog? FOR THE FOOD FANGIRLS OF COURSE. I swear I am hungry all the time…FOR CAKE.

    i kind of look for the same things as you? post consistently, engaging content, stuff i like, nice personalities, good design!

    But??? I AM NOT A POSITIVE PERSON WHY DO YOU FOLLOW ME YOU FAKE. Just kidding ahah! or am i. And your small text is so small I need a magnifiying glass please.and I’m actually getting back into blog hopping! ARE YOU PROUD OF ME LAMB.

    i need to go an unfollowing spree for blogs i don’t really like?? and then feel really bad afterwards??? i love myself?? i love you?? i love question marks??? goodbye???

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    1. IM SORRY???

      I am a food fangirl. Maybe I should start a food-fangirl blog???

      ERM ILSA. OBVS YOU’RE THE EXCEPTION?? I mean??? YOU’RE POSITIVE ABOUT STRANGER THINGS!! eyyyy I’m just starting to blog hop??? I AM PROUD OF YOU, ALWAYS!!!!!

      Don’t feel really bad??? people change??? I love myself too?? I love you?? I love ??? too ???



  7. Great post Lu, and totally don’t worry about being offensive
    1. your not
    2. everyone is allowed there own opinion!!

    i am also click follower happy, i tend to follow if the content is interesting and i enjoy reading it and its always a bonus if the blog is pretty 🙂

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes ahah! I think that a blog being pretty is a bonus ahha. Yeah, i think that the most important factor that will get me to read the book is that i enjoy reading the posts


    Also, i totally agree wth you about this whole following business. However, I always make sure I read 4-5 posts of a blog before following it. That just makes it easier for me.
    PS Are you done with Our dark Duet??

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  9. I totally agree with bloggers posting too much. If I love a blogger and they post loads and I’m super busy, I feel stressed because I can’t get to checking out their new posts.

    Haha, the funny thing is that I struggle with posting on time. I usually try to prepare things before school gets out of hand. But, right now, I feel in control because I already have 2 posts scheduled to go for this entire week. For some reason, it makes me feel calm and organized.

    What I’m really hoping to do with my blog is showing my personality. I don’t want my blog to be like anyone else’s because I know I’m different and just a little bit on the wild side. I really hope that I can express not only my love for books, but myself through my blog as well.

    I honestly am fine with the way my blog looks as of now. Mainly being because I have no clue how to add graphics nor do I have the time to search for them at the moment. I’ll probably do a make over once I feel comfortable with blogging. I can’t believe that my blog will be a month old. It’s weird because just a month ago I didn’t even have the idea to start a blog xD

    I saved a certain number of blogs that I feel like I can keep up with but I’ve mainly stuck to, like, three right now. I really need to start checking out more new content soon.

    I don’t think this post was offensive at all. You were just stating your opinion and even giving some tips for people who might want to know what they’re doing wrong with their blog. I found it helpful 🙂 Thanks

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    1. Exactly??? Like??? I’m really bad at reading posts (IM GETTING BETTER) so it really stresses me???


      yESSS!! You definitely show your personality and i try to show mine as well, BUT im pretty sure I just come across as a shouty person on the internet??

      DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GRAPHICS!! I only just started using graphics not that long ago and I’ve been blogging for over two years??? I think that it’s really important to get into blogging / find YOUR style before you get graphics because as you grow and your blog grows, you get more sense of what you want it to look like and will probably keep the design for longer??? (I say this because at first i was changing mine a lot and seeing how i liked it best????)

      Yeah, I’m starting to check out more blogs too, but I’m not gonna overwhelm myself???

      OKAY PHEW. I mean?? I’m always worried I’ll upset someone??? and that makes me so sad/ paranoid because i want ppl to be happy????

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      1. HONEY, I CONSTANTLY TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, EVEN ON MY POSTS. BEING A SHOUTY PERSON IS MY THING AND IT’S AWESOME THAT YOU’RE A SHOUTY PERSON, TOO!! I think I type in capital to make up for the fact that I can’t scream my excitement. I mean, I’m pretty loud in real life xD

        I’m totally not that worried about graphics. I want to see where my blog will go first. Then, later on, I will make it BEAUTIFUL!!

        IKR?? Having the pressure to check out tons of blogs stresses me out. Like, ALL THESE AMAZING BLOGGERS AND I WANT TO CHECK OUT ALL THEIR BLOGS BUT I BARELY HAVE TIME TO SLEEP!!

        I’m actually scared that I might offend someone with the kind of books that I read and the ones I prefer not to read. Then, I think WHHHHAAT?? WHY SHOULD I EVEN WORRY ABOUT THAT?? I READ WHAT I FEEL COMFORTABLE READING JUST AS ANYONE ELSE SHOULD!! I really hope to stay true to myself as a blogger. I’m not super big on certain genres or things in books. For example, I DNF a book because of the
        mature romantic content, the swearing, just weird stuff in general, etc.

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          If you DNF a book, that is up to you, and no one is forcing you to read it!! Everyone has their own reasons. Honestly, if ANYONE gives you trouble for that, SEND THEM MY WAY.

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  10. Great post!! don’t worry about coming off as offensive, it totally didn’t seem that way. 🙂

    In the end, I think unfollowing is totally up to the person. I haven’t unfollowed anyone yet due to pure laziness, but I think it’s inevitable, especially as you continue to meet more and more amazing bloggers. it must take a poopload of effort to follow hundreds of people at the same time.

    when it comes to following, I’m honestly a very shallow person, so I look at aesthetics too xD & people who share a similar sense of humor, ofc!

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    1. Thank you! Ahh that’s so good to hear because I was so worried!!

      YEs exactly! It actually is SO much effort that follow loads of blogs and now I’m trying to expand the circle and I’m worried about not being able to keep up with them all.

      Ahaha!! Tbh I’m not that concerned with aesthetics?? I think the content is more important however it looking nice is an up ahah 😂

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  11. Ok, blogging is important to me, but if Kell shows up, I’m flying away. #sorrynotsorry I might try to post to let you know, unless, you know, a murderer is on my tail. 😂
    This post is so GREAT! I think it’s important to follow blogs you enjoy and to know how to write content other people will enjoy. We shouldn’t feel entitled to followers, just because we have a URL.
    Blogging is hard work. I love following people who obviously spend time and energy writing relatable, engaging, and interesting content. Also, being funny helps.
    Great job, Lu!

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    1. oHHH keep me updated with you and Kell’s travels??? SOUNDS FUN!!!!!

      Thank you so much!! I was so worried people would scream at me that I was really offensive when i didn’t mean to be????

      OMg yes, I love to follow blogs where I can really enjoy reading it and SEE how much effort they put into it because I do too. OMG i love funny blogs!!

      Thank you so much ❤


  12. I love this post Lu, and I think it’s OK to unfollow blogs as well (she says despite not having unfollowed any blogs in a while, even those who have been inactive for several several months now!) For me the main reasons I would unfollow a blog is if that blog isn’t posting things that are relevant to me anymore. I mean I get that people can blog whatever they want, and I 100% support that because blogging is supposed to be enjoyable and we can’t enjoy it if we’re not posting what we want, but I am a YA fantasy book blog so those are the blogs I want to follow. And yeah if the blog has been inactive for a while. I’m in blogging for the interaction, and you can’t really interact with people who aren’t blogging.
    Again great post. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Exactly!! I definitely support people blogging about what they want, but i’d rather they have someone who THEY can interact with following their blog than someone (me) who ultimately won’t be able to relate???

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  13. This is an interesting post for someone that’s starting like me! And by the way: I LOVE cake too😍 chocolate and red velvet are my favorites but really I just eat any kind of cake😂

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  14. I love this post so, SO much, you perfectly summed up everything that makes me follow and unfollow a blog. I try and go through the list of blogs I follow every… I don’t know, 5-6 months maybe, it depends on my mood and whether I forgot to or not, and just… do a little cleaning-up. It’s nothing personal, you’re so right, it’s just, our interests might switch or we might have lost that little spark that made us follow the blog in the first place. and this has to be okay.
    I think what matters the most when I follow and want to keep on following a blog, is whether or not they… I don’t know, call out to me, in a way? Whether I feel like I could genuinly connect with them and their posts overall, their personalities and everything they write. I like following people that seem like they have the same taste in books than I do, or overall write interesting posts that make me thing, or all of the above. I also love it when I see that they are interacting with the people in their comments. Obviously, like you said, everyone has a life but it also matters to me whenever someone acknowledges their comments and appreciate them ❤
    Great post!! 🙂

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    1. i GET YOU!! If i cant really connect to a blog / relate I’ll probably unfollow??? I MEAN, i want to be able to connect?? That’s why i started blogging?????? and yessssss interest can change that mean we no longer connect to them and that it TOTALLY okay!!!
      And yes I think that showing personality is super important??? Like, right now, I’m a little behind on comments, (sorry!) but I’m trying to get to all of them from this post, and the one I posted before that because I APPRECIATE them SO SO MUCH and I want people to know that i do.

      Thank you so much ❤

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      1. I understand your feeling – I always want to do my best to acknowledge all the comments and all the people, I appreciate that SO MUCH as well. Also, you are doing a great job, no need to be sorry for anything YOU ARE AMAZING ❤ ❤

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  15. Take a shot every time you said opinion. Jk, jk. I loved this post! I think it’s a good reminder to everyone in the community, especially from someone who’s been at it for a while, that it’s okay to do certain things you may be afraid of. At the end of the day, no one’s holding anyone hostage (except for me because I forced my boyfriend to subscribe to my posts) and we should be able to do anything we want with our blogs.

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    1. I just don’t want people to get the wrong idea???? ahaha.
      Omg yes!! Totally!! It’s great to do it because we have blogs for a reason: to express our opinioin!!
      (omg that’s brilliant???? ahahha) Exactly!

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  16. I kinda feel a bit bad about unfollowing!! But that mostly due to 1. Me being a super shy-akward-nice person most of the time and 2. Haha I FORGET OK I’M SUPER BUSY AND NEED A LONG VACATION TO GET STUFF TOGETHER IN MY LIFE AT THIS POINT.

    I mostly follow back but it’s because most of the blogs that have followed me up until now are fellow bookish dorks!! If it’s something that doesn’t interest me (aka shady looking ominous quote sharing blog…why do I feel like everyone knows that ONE shady looking blog) I won’t follow…and probs never check again ever. The internet is scary and I nope quite quickly.

    OK I JUST NEED TO FOLLOW MORE CAKE BLOGS AND THAT IS A FACT U NEED MORE CAKE BLOGS IN MY LIFE LU. Does your blog count as a cake blog though? Because it always makes me hungry for cake?? So I’ll count you in with the cake community.

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    1. 1. same??? I feel so bad for unfollowing most of the time??? LIKE??? I hate doing it, but if i dont actually read the blog, and they dont know me at all then ????????

      yeahh… If they’re blogs that I would literally have no interest in (ie makeup) then i wouldn’t follow back???. like??? sorry???

      I mean??? IF YOU’RE FEELING LIKE EATING CAKE WHEN I POST??? I’m doing something right??? I MEAN??? I’M THE CAKE QUEEN???????? I AM THE CAKE COMMUNITY??????


  17. Recently, I’ve been unfollowing some people. I see some of the reasons here: inconsistent posting, not interested in their stuff anymore, or I just don’t even remember who they are anymore. 😂

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  18. I’ve been unfollowing blogs recently, simply because I follow too many! Blogs that I’m not too interested in any more and blogs that haven’t posted in a long time are the ones I tend to unfollow!
    Then again, sometimes I unfollow blogs that I don’t feel like I’m giving enough of my attention to. Like they deserve better- i’m just a ghost follower liking their posts and not saying a word and I feel bad for doing that! (Hope that made sense?)
    Great post x

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  19. I don’t think I’ve unfollowed a blog yet. I would feel bad about it. But I don’t look at everyone’s blogs every single day either. I just pick a handful of posts to read daily and it varies on who it is all the time. I totally don’t fault anyone for unfollowing though.

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      1. I totally get that. I think I just do it for the support for them, even if I don’t go to the blogs. But I read posts from my e-mail vs reader, so that probably makes a big difference. I just delete the e-mails for posts I’m not going to read for the day and then follow the links for the rest. I don’t fault anyone for unfollowing people. I’ve had a handful unfollow my blog and I’m totally fine with it.

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        1. Yeah, I don’t think that unfollowing is a bad thing, and I don’t take it personally?? Because people’s opinions change. I can’t read them from my inbox?? I sort of see who’s posted, make a list from there, delete the emails then check out my reader?? I mean, there’s no point me even having them in my inbox ahhah.

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  20. Oh yes! I wanted to read a post like this or I wanted to talk about a topic like this. You’re right. It’s not important to follow each and every blog we see. I mean unfollowing a blog doesn’t mean that their blog is bad or they can’t blog. I mean it’s our personal choice.

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    1. I tried to be polite about it, and this wasn’t me telling anyone how to blog or anything but also didn’t want to be all “I’ll follow anyone’s blog because why not!” Because in truth, I follow a lot of blogs, but I won’t follow anyyy blog. Ahhh I’m just so scared that everything that I’m saying sounds rude when I really don’t mean to be 🙈

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  21. Yes to all of this!!! One of the things that would make me consider unfollowing a blog is if they never reply to comments. It’s so rude to never reply to someone who took the time to read and comment on a post. I get that life, school, and work happens so taking a few days to reply is okay, but to never reply. Something that I look for when I’m following a blog is what does the sidebar look like? Is it simple and clean with only the necessities like a search bar, follow button, social media buttons? Or is it a cluttered mess and covered with nothing but advertisements and affiliate links. I’ve gotten so picky about the blogs I follow/follow back.

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    1. Exactly!! Or sometimes they will reply only once on your posts, but if you were to comment on theirs they would reply multiple times and I just find it a little unfair. Ohhh yes all the affiliate links and cluttered sidebars!! If I can’t find a follow button… I won’t be ABLE to follow ahaha!


            1. Exactly. And I wouldn’t want to follow someone and never be able to check it their content / check it out consistently. However, at the moment I am starting to follow more and expand the blogs that I check out consistently


              1. I’ve actually cut down on the blogs that I follow because I’ve gotten so picky about it. Like if someone doesn’t read the same books that I read and just posts blog tours, blitzes, cover reveals, memes, reviews, and no other content I’m not gonna follow them.

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    2. Great point. I didn’t know sidebars mattered so much!! I think mine is a cluttered mess (hint to check my blog and tell me!!!🙈)
      I find it so fascinating how different things appeal to different people!

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