The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards (Who Regretfully Left This To The Last Moment??? Oh.. ME!!) I.E I GUSH Over Blogs.

So here I am, leaving things to the last moment and typing faster than I ever have before.

So here I am, nominating some of my favourite book bloggers for the 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards!! 


And… if you haven’t already… you can find out all about this award here!! This is such a great way to show all the blogger love because all the bloggers out there are putting in so much effort and it’s so great to be recognised for that!!

Sorry that this is soooo nearly late!!! I’m the WORSTTTT. SORRRRY.

I also want to say a quick thank you to everyone showing support on my previous post, I appreciate it all so much ❤ thank you guys for being such a constant support system and being the amazing gems that you are even when I’m still being a poo about blogging ❤

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41


Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger 

Ioana from @ Dragon Waffles (what a smol name!!) so cute and lovely and just generally a bean that I want to hug and everyone needs to go and support her blog like RIGHT NOW OKAY. She’s just adorable and sweet and everyone needs her posts in their lives.

Best Adult Book Blogger

Emma from @Emma Reads Too Much is genuinely such a gem and deserves all the blogger love for being such a witty, lovely online presence. I’ve not known her for that long (EMMA HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN???) but I already appreciate her so much because she’s such a lovely person and she just shines in the community!!

Best Book Blogger from an Underrepresented/Minority Group

May from @ Forever and Everly is Thai and queer and is just an accumulation of amazingness and has such a wonderful personality and is so great with diversity in books and talks about why we need more in our lives all the time and it’s just amazing and such an inspiration for other bloggers. See some of her posts on diversity here and here.

Fadwa from @ Word Wonders is a lovely human being and does so much to promote diverse books and that is such a commendable thing, and is a great example of that great blogging can do!!

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41

The Master of Weekly Features (top 5 Wednesday, waiting on Wednesday, top 10 Tuesday, etc)

Beth from @ Reading Every Night is on this like a car bonnet. Honestly… TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. HOW DO YOU DO THIS. I literally have a mind blank every time that I see the prompt and have NOTHING to say… but Beth… She just knows okay?? SHE KNOWS. And I will continue to sit here in awe as she continues to slayyyyy.

Kristin from @ Kristin Kraves Reads is such a QUEEEEN at WWW posts. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, hell or high water,* there will be a WWW post from Kristin!! And I genuinely love her posts, she gives amazing recs too and is majorly contributing to the destruction of my hopes of ever finishing my TBR!! I thank you!!

*what are you saying?? ME??? DRAMATIC??? HOW DARE THEE IMPLY!!!

Prettiest Bookshelf

Cait from @ Paper Fury IS QUEEN AT KILLING US ALL NOT SOFTLY WITH THE BEAUTY OF HER SHELVES. SHE IS DRAGON QUEEN… Dare I say it… cake queen???? (Even though… *cough cough* that’s my name.. *cough cough*.) Cait is SO engaged in the community BUT HER SHELVES!!! HER SHELVES!!! ALL THE COLOURS. GO SEE HER AMAZING SHELVES ON HER INSTAGRAM HERE. Honestly, how are they that prettyyYYY?????????????

Best Book Recommendations

Ilsa from @ Whisper of Ink has amazing recommendations and recs books left right and centre and is honestly breaking my TBR. But, the recs are so great that she must be forgiven (ily). I think that there’s only been one rec from ilsa (yes name in all lowercase bc it looks smol that way) that I didn’t LOVE, but the rest, oh my, the restttt.

Ruby from @ Ruby Rae Reads. I have so many favourite books in common and her recs are so great and she’s just amazing and recommending books to people so YASS KEEP IT GOING.

Best Discussion Posts

Mikaela from @ The Well-Thumbed Reader writes SUCH insightful discussion posts and I just ADORE reading her opinions/ posts because they are such well-developed ideas and really thinks about other’s opinions too!! I also love how communicative she is in the comments, and how we can really discuss the matter that she has posted about, and be open and clear with our ideas. If you’re looking for a blog that’s all about discussion, check out Mikaela’s blog!

Most Engaged in the Community

Marieeee from @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books Honestly… I aspire to be as engaged as Marie in the blogging community because Marie is the Blog Hopping Queen and shows support to basically everyone and is such a sweet, lovely person and is honestly such an inspiration in the blogging community.

Michelle from @ The Writing Hufflepuff is another commenting QUEEN that just has to be acknowledged in this post. She’s so supportive of other people’s blogs, and of the people behind the blog and comes across as such a lovely, genuine person (bc she is!!) and dhgbkgbjes SHE IS JUST SO SUPPORTIVE OF EVERYONE OKAY LET ME GUSH.

Best personality / friendliest member of the community

Ju from @ Paper Blots is HILARIOUS and witty and so uplifting and I cannot even express how happy reading her posts makes me. Ju has such a positive blog and cares SO much about the blogging community and I just think that she’s a smol person that needs this recognition okay????

Jackie from @ Too Much Of  A Book Nerd  is incredibly sweet and compassionate and such a lovely presence in the community and so positive and cheerful and she’s one of those people that I just want to hug (okay yes, I want to hug everyone, BUT ESPECIALLY JACKIE OKAY!!) and I think that her blog is such a great online presence, and you can just tell what a genuine person she is ❤ ❤

Reah from @ Book Chanted is such a caring person and one of the friendliest bloggers on the planet and she’s been so amazing and supportive whenever I need (and for loads of other people too ) and is genuinely such a lovely presence here in the community and shows kindness to everyone so… GO FOLLOW HER OKAY.

  • Honourable mention: Cas from  @ Lovely Paranormal Books is such a lovely member of the community and deserves all the love too!! She so wonderfully kind and has such a great online presence!! I absolutely love talking to her and SHE’S JUST SO NICE LET ME RECOVER OK?!?!? 

Best New Book Blogger (created their blog after July 2017)

Han from @ Han Devours Books is such a lovely new addition to the book blogging community and is such a genuine person. She’s so bubbly and funny and YES she is on a hiatus and I MISS HER, but her blog is fabulous and deserves the recognition and has already achieved such a lovely online audience!!

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41


  •  Melanie @ Melanie Loves Fiction is such a precious smol bean and so supportive and I love herrrrr ❤ ❤
  • Mattie @Living Mattie Books is such a wonderful addition to the community who is so sweet and omg I just love her ❤ ❤
  • Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx Books is such a lovely blogger who shows so much support and just,… thank you so much for that ❤
  • Emma @ Reading Through The Night is just amazing I love her ❤ ❤
  • @ The Reader’s Bay is so lovely and kind and you just all need to go follow her ❤
  • Nada @ Early Bookish Birds is so lovely and sweet and her blog is so positive and makes me so happy ❤ ❤
  • Kathhhyyyyyy @ Books and Munches is such a great human being and I love talking to her about the amazingness of book mail as we flail over the little time that we have to read ahaha!!

Even if you weren’t mentioned here, I still love your blog and think that all bloggers need recognition for all the hard work they put in and the dedication they have to their blogs ❤ ❤ sorry that I couldn’t mention everyone here 😦 but keep spreading the blogger love people ❤ ❤

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Luuuuu x

25 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards (Who Regretfully Left This To The Last Moment??? Oh.. ME!!) I.E I GUSH Over Blogs.”

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you’re way too sweet thank you so, so much for your sweet words and the nomination, that means the world to me ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. i’m like…freaking out. you’re straight up my #1 blogger crush and just like even being in a mutual with you is insane but this??? this is a whole new level. holy sh*t. IT HAS BEEN NO TIME AT ALL BUT IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was mentioned.. what is this???? EEEEEEK thank you! These posts just spread all the love and I’m living for it, great choices Lu! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. AAAHHH LUUUUU I love you so much thank you thank you thank you!!! I follow and love so many of the bloggers in this post (Ilsa, Ju, Jackie, Marie, Beth, Emma, Mikaela, Fadwa, Michelle…) and I wholeheartedly agree with all of their nominations (except for maybe Ilsa because I have a habit of hating everything she likes oops). Also HELL YEAH for posting this on time, even if I’m sad you won’t be posting this next month!!! But you take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing of all ❤

    (also just wanted to mention that I don't identify as strictly gay/lesbian, and tho I'm fine with the term gay — I literally use it all the time lmao — queer would be a better label to describe my orientation, in case others were looking for a specifically lesbian blogger and thought it was me!!! 💕💕)



      (I may find some time for some posts, IDK?? maybe post something soon like this weekend since i will need a smol break for a bit) aww thank youuuu ❤ ❤

      (i will change it now, sorryyyyy, just to avoid any confusionnnnnn xxx)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. AHHH LU THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE THE SWEETEST 😭❤️ I’m having so much trouble engaging with the blogging community lately because school, life, mental health and all that jazz so this means so much ❤️❤️❤️
    You’ve nominated sooo many lovely people, a few I don’t know yet but I’m definitely going to check them out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU’RE WELCOMEEEE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      Oh my gosh,,, i'm so sorry that things are so down for you at the moment, but i hope that they improve for you soon, and if you ever need to talk, i am here!! ❤

      omgg yass totally check them out once you have a bit of time on your handssss

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  6. I love this post Lu, and I love seeing the bloggers other bloggers who have taken part in this award have chosen to feature! 🙂 I really really want to take part myself but I’ve left it way too late and I know I probably won’t get the time, but I’m going to remember for next year because there are so many bloggers out there I want to feature. 🙂
    Also thanks so so much for picking my blog, it really does mean so much to me (also I draft my TTT posts way ahead of time, that’s my secret! I draft all my posts way ahead of time if not I wouldn’t have the time to blog at all.) 😀
    Great post, and again thanks so so much for nominating me. You’re amazing! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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