June Wrap-Up: I Actually Read Books, All The Pride, Bye Bye Exams/School, Prom & Lack Of Cakes.

It’s time to scream (a lot) about the past month and the lack of cake even though it hasn’t ended yet. 

So you know when you talk about cake and then you want a slice a whole cake really bad? Yeah, I have that. But that’s not that relevant. I MEAN IT IS, BECAUSE I REALLY WANT SOME CAKE, DAMMIT. BUT. OH, I GIVE UP.

I feel like this month has actually been so long. I think that it was the exams that quadrupled the length of this month even though they only lasted 2 weeks of this month.

I feel like this month was actually quite good?? I mean, I’ve been an emotional mess and have cried at practically everything, but let’s just blame that on the exams.

I’m so happy because now though because I’m done with school!! No more high school!! Wooooooo. Now I can just eat cake, and potatoes, and read, and be happy rule over the universe again.  😉

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41


I read!! WOO!! In total, I read 6 books, which is an okay amount, if I’m honest. I got some ARCs read too, which I am really happy about because I find reading them so hard??

BUT 6 books!! PLUS, I reread the last book in the All For The Game trilogy because I’m absolute trash for it and it’s amazing. Butttttt I’m not counting it as a read because I’ve already registered it twice as a read on my Goodreads so I feel a tad cheeky registering it as three reads!

I feel way better about my reading than last month where I was just screaming in pain from book withdrawal.

    • A Thousand Perfect Notes. ★★★★★ This book!! I think that I read this in an afternoon?? IT WAS SPECTACULAR. My expectations??? BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER. Honestly, I was a mess. The abuse rep was so horrible and painful to read and so so so heartbreaking. My new favourite character?? Joey. Bless her. She was just so amazing and there was so MUCH FOOD in this book, which I am all here for!! “Joey’s collapsed in a food coma on the floor” FURTHER PROOF SHES AMAZING AND SMOL AND JUST. RELATABLE
    • Queens of Geek. ★★★★½ this fluff!! Bi Asian mc!! Aside lesbian character who is amazing!! A fat character that is on the autism spectrum and anxiety!! Fangirls!! Fanboys!! HUGE INTERNET PEOPLE REP!! F/F romance!! I thought that the f/f romance was a little fast?? but saying that, I still really enjoyed it overall “There’s no one way to be a girl, Tay. You don’t need to fit yourself into what society tells us a girl should be. Girls can be whoever they want.” Sorry I just needed to share that quote with y’all.

    • Full Circle. ★★★ this book was an ARC that I was sent by the author but didn’t quite sit right with me. The characters were really well developed, and it spoke a lot about Islamaphobiawhich I think is fantastic!! I think that the plot was good and this really was just a heartbreaking story with a great message!
    • Prodigy Prince. ★★★ This was another ARC that I was sent by the author and while I think that it was a great plot, with lots of characters (strong female characters!!) and it had a fast pace, there was an eating disorder that was just completely swept under the rug/brushed aside?? I feel like the end was left very unanswered?? so I was very confused, but it was a fun read!
    • Ramona Blue. ★★★★½ ADORED THIS BOOK. It has a lesbian character who learns about the fluidity of her sexuality and it wasn’t like she was being “fixed” and that was fantastic!! I feel like it could have been a little more “plotty” (there was a smol cliché part 😦 ). Can we scream about the amazing side characters??? Saul (e.g Queen of All Things Fun) was amazing, (quotes ” …my gay dreams are coming true” “Ramona dear, bring the straight one”) and his sister Ruth who is also gay (Homoromantic Demisexual) were so well developed!! And FREDDIE!! THE SWEETEST SMOL HUMAN WHO IS A POC!!
    • Obsidio. ★★★★ So I started this book THREE MONTHS AGO??!?! But I only got about halfway through. BUT I FINISHED IT AND!! PACHOW!! Can we all just pause and talk about how much I adore Nik Malikov? Thank you very much. I love the format of these books so much and!! THE WIT AND THE ACTION AND!! Just everything is so kickass. BUT I felt like the ending was a bit unrealistic, and really??? would they do that??? no??? BUT A FANTASTIC READ.

I did plan to read more PRIDE books, but!! time!! BUT I want to read more EVERY month so that’ll be my aim for every month from now on to read at least ONE book with some PRIDE rep!!Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41

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Unlike most wrap-ups, I actually have something to write here!!

  • So exams ended!!!
  • *parties forever* I NEVER HAVE TO DO CHEMISTRY, OR BIOLOGY, OR MATHS, OR GEOGRAPHY, OR PHYSICS, OR PE, OR GRAPHICS AGAIN!!! (A-levels: English Lit&Lang, French, History)
  • I fell down like half a flight of stairs??? Whoops. 
  • Which was PAINFUL and I cut up my hands and looked like a mess with these huge bandages on them,, fun!!
  • I relaxed, A LOT.
  • Can I put “a lot of reading” here or is that too obvious?? I just like all the bullet points and want it to look like I have a life. Being able to read guilt-free is an amazing experience.
  • What was also great was the number of fanfics that I’ve read over the past few months. (obviously AFTG related). I read a few fanfics that were over 500,000 words and??? how??? I’m really not sure??? but ever since exams ended I’ve been reading even moreeeee fanfics.
  • Fanfics aren’t even realistic sometimes and a bit OOC at times, but I find them so much easier to read than physical books and they’re really funny??????????
  • I’m trash for them.
  • I broke up from school!!
  • So!!
  • Change!! IS!! SCARY!!  
  • I went to my Prom, which was an experience…
  • NGL dresses aren’t really my thing, but it was a lot of fun!!
  • I had my Leaver’s Day at school, (got yearbooks, thanked teachers, got Leaver’s Hoodies and took photos with friends, had a brunch!!) and GUYS. EMOTIONS WERE OCCURRING BC THAT’S IT. 
  • THAT’S IT.
  • *isn’t melodramatic in the slightest…* 
  • I went to a trial day at my college, a “taster” type thing which was really nice & reassuring, but also!! new!! people!! no!! thanks!!
  • Also!! I have plans for the London Pride next month!! (7th July!!) Which I am so excited about!!
  • Tbh I thought that I had more to write here than I actually do.
  • I had ONE cupcake this month. Personally, I am offended. The Cake-Gods really should be treating me better than this. This, in my humble opinion, is a grave insult.
  • I shall never forget this… betrayal.
  • BUT!! I had a lot of potatoes… so that kind of makes up for the lack of cake?? BUT I would have preferred to have copious amounts of both cake and potato —tbh these are the important things about the month. Yes, I totally have my priorities in the right order, don’t even question it.Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41

next month goals/plans

  1. Go to pride!!
  2. Finish physical TBR!! (A Gathering of Shadows(!!!) Strange the Dreamer, an ARC, All The Crooked Saints, Nevernight +more!!)
  3. Go to Cornwall!!
  4. Relax!!

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14 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up: I Actually Read Books, All The Pride, Bye Bye Exams/School, Prom & Lack Of Cakes.”

  1. Congratulations on being done with school, yay!!
    I am so glad you loved A Thousand Perfect Notes and Queens of Geek! Read that second one and I loved it so, very much – haven’t read Cait’s book just yet, but I can’t wait to do so, especially after all of your praise ❤ ❤
    I hope you'll have a wonderful July! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so happy for you Lu, and no good you didn’t have cake. Ramona blue popping up again, it’s high time I read it. Have fun at pride and relax next month, you deserve it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. some of your code is showing in your life section!! ❤ but OML FALLING DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS ACTUALLY SOUNDS SO PAINFUL WHAT. At least you read a lot of books tho!!! School ended this month for me as well and I'm so freaking hyped for these months and I'm going to blog so much more than normally?? It's great

    Liked by 1 person

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