October Wrap Up: Books Read, Posts Written, NaNoWriMo (??), Life Updates, And More!

whAT a MoNtH. 

So I said that I was back???! and then I didn’t post again until now so that was semi-FAKE NEWS. 

Anyway, I’m here now (obviously you all missed me greatly). October was… a time. And while I had a nice ol break towards the end of the month, I still feel like a zombie, but… nothing new there.

so hello. let’s whine about October together.

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(ie the one post that i posted last month)


I actually really enjoyed writing this post and screaming about what I haven’t read yet!! I’ve really missed blogging and talking to you guys!!!!!!!

Because I still have no inspiration for posts, I’m still welcome to prompts:


Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41


I read nothing!!

fun!! So literally all I’ve been reading is Never Let Me Go and Frankenstein for English Lit and some poetry…

YES, I am ashamed at myself.

no, I don’t really care that much???? It was actually really nice (at first) to take a bit of a break, and just relax, but because it’s been going on for literally two and a half months now, I’m getting a teensy bit FED UP.


(guys, future me: it’s dead!!!!!!)

I’ve also bought no books??? not since August??? which has been great for my bank account,,, not so much for my book-buying obsessed brain.

I can never decide what to buy??? And then I end up adding 7 books to my basket and???????? I CAN’T GET THAT MANY but I. CAN’T. EVER. NARROW. IT. DOWN.

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41



story time: last year I didn’t participate even though I REALLY wanted to. So this year I’m going to do a mini-test-run thing. I’ve basically got this Sport Wip THING that I’ve been working on for a bit,,, so I’ve decided that I’M going to work on that as much as I can this month rather than doing nano really seriously and see if I can get around 50k because, with my Ghost Wip that I’ve been writing, I’ve reached about 25k.

future me: f*ck the Sport wip thing, GHOSTS ALL THE WAY!!!

That Ghost Wip is my child and I FREAKING LOVE IT EVEN THOUGH IT’S ALL A MESS.

I really want to do Nano but it’s just SO HARD!! and I know that I’ll be flimsy as a crisp and crumble under all the pressure and be a waste of a potato. Honestly, guys. I’m compactly built, ie small, & I can’t handle things. I’m an Anger-Smol, not an Able-To-Cope-With-Pressure-Smol. 


main points:

  • a town called Blackwater
  • massacres (in the past!!)
  • Ghosts!!
  • 4 smol tol boys.
  • Aldred Buckley III, Lars Driscoll, Joshua Williams, Grant Mac Ghabhann. <– my sons.
  • angry ghosts!! (grant’s a ghost but not an angry one!!)
  • town!! funky lake that channels death!! deaths!! angst!!
  • I’m great at describing my wip!!
  • I think it’s clear I have no clue what’s going on in this wip.
  • basically angry ghosts take over and kill some people and 3 boys Figure Shit Out with the help of GRANT, a smol-ghost-boy who is an angle.
  • that’s basically it with a load of freaky shit in between.
  • be warned: lots of gay.

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41


  1. So it was my birthday on the 15th October, which was fun!! I am another year older and not another year wiser! It was also Marie’s birthday on the 15th!! Which I was elated to hear about!!
  2. I came out to everyone that was at my birthday gathering thing. and more people gradually at college.
  3. why is life a constant coming out tho urgh.
  4. I went to see LANY in London and if!! you!! don’t!! know!! who!! they!! are!! go!! listen!! to!! my!! darlings!! asap!!
  5. I dyed my hair PINK. you can see that on my twitter here
  6. I had a break from college that was NOT LONG ENOUGH.
  7. oh gosh, there was so much drama/beef at college I needed that break.
  8. I came back from my hiatus for ONE post and then retreated back into a cave that had no internet.
  9. I was basically a???? idek??? something really unuseful. I was a spork (sorry to all the sporks out there).
  10. I don’t even know what happened in October, tbh. *shrug*

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41


  1. read at least three books!!
  2. post at least once per week!!
  3. get to at least 40k on my ghost wip (that’s very optimistic!!)


Screenshot 2018-06-02 14.37.45

How was your October? Were you as unproductive as me??? What books did you read? Are you participating in NaNo this month? if so tell me about your wip (if you want)!! CHAT WITH ME!!! 


20 thoughts on “October Wrap Up: Books Read, Posts Written, NaNoWriMo (??), Life Updates, And More!”

  1. Oh yes let’s whine about October and possibly November together because SO MUCH WORKLOAD XD I’m sad, we need a break. Like, longg breaks. I’m currently on a semi hiatus too because I just CAN’T and just come back to pop in here and there. I was pretty anxious at first but now, I think I might even extend my hiatus 😀


    1. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry that Oct sucked for you too!
      I think that it’s great that you’re comfortable in going away for a hiatus because honestly, every now and then, THEY’RE NEEDED!! I honestly cannot explain how much the hiatus i just returned from helped me relax!


  2. I usually.. hate pink? But your hair isn’t PINKpink so I’m actually loving it?

    I’m sooo sorry you can’t seem to have awesome months lately? Like.. I’m starting to think this is a sickness going around because you’re not the only one? [I so don’t want to join the group so keep those germs away from me though – sorrynotsorry. :’)]

    As for.. NaNo.. I’ve never even THOUGHT about participating because I don’t feel like a writer at ALL. I sometimes have this idea for something and then work through it for a couple of days before.. forgetting all about it and letting it disappear into the void of useless files on my computer? Oopsie?

    I’m now going to send you a whole ton of random topics because I’m feeling like it and over half will probably be useless as hell but who knows.. maybe something inspires you or something. :’)


    1. MWHAHAHAHA I AM EVIL. (thank you!!)
      honestly, something evil is taking over the world, why are we all feeling so shit?

      AHHHH yes i used to be that person too ahahah and then this wip JUST STUCK.

      Thank you for your prompts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m honestly starting to blame the upcoming Christmas-holidays and the weather that goes with it at this point? I’ve been feeling all bleh and meh these past two days myself and I’m hating it. It actually started freezing here at night so.. that is NOT helping either. :’)

        That’s awesome! Maybe I’ll eventually have one like that as well, haha. Who knows.

        You’re welcooome! [And it’s totally fine if you don’t do anything with them btw! No need to feel bad / guilty about that!]

        Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG THE SLUMP IS DEAD??? CONGRATULATIONS!!! there is no better feeling on earth, probably.

    agsdhjsaghjd your wip sounds…amaze. no surprise, since you’re amazing and therefore all things that spring from you are too, but still. so. amazing.


    & please never leave me again you’re tearing my heart to shreds (except if you need or want to take a hiatus obviously do so. i’m just a selfish being who misses your posts when you’re not here)

    Liked by 1 person


      Honestly the WIP is a mess BUT THANK YOU! *subtle hairflick*

      (This reply is literally a massive thanks)
      I MISSED YOU TOOO!!! I just!!! DONT KNOW WHAT TO POSTTTTT :((((( tho I think I’ll be doing more WIP-y stuff soon!!!!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh I’m sorry your October was unproductive Lu, and that you’re still in a slump-y mood. 🙂 Hopefully November will be better for you and I’ll keep my fingers crossed you manage to cross off all your goals too.
    I’m taking part in NaNo this year too, I’m a little behind at the moment but I’m hoping to be able to catch up soon. It’s a lot, trying to write 50k words in a month and I’m constantly being distracted by another WIP in my mind (I get it, there’s always one WIP that’s your child isn’t there?) You ghost WIP sounds really amazing, I’d love to learn more about it if you want to post more about your NaNo journey this year!
    Great post, and I hope you have a good November too. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much ❤ the slump is… kind of.. dead now!! thank the lord!!!
      omg good luck with NaNo!! OMg yes that's SUCH a stuggle. any time that i try and develop more ideas i ALWAYS turn back to the Ghost Wip and it's a STRUGGLE!! I hope that you have a great november ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Best of luck for your writing and NaNoWriMo, I hope you’ll be able to write lots and that you’ll feel inspired!! ❤ I'm also doing NaNoWriMo even if I am not trying to stress myself out too much, it's good to write a little bit. Anyway, you can do this! ❤ ❤ I really really really like your WIP's description, YAY it sounds Soooooooooo very cool. I love it already!! ❤
    I hope you're having a lovely November so far xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy birthday!
    And congrats on coming out! How did it go? 🙂

    I’m not doing Nano this year either, mostly because I forgot and wasn’t prepared… *sigh* maybe next year… My WIP is just currently… somewhat (okay majorly) non-existent. I know all the unhelpful details, but nothing else… (oops).

    Okay, but YOUR WIP is amazing! And now I’m thinking about it again and want to know what happens… If you decide you need readers again for the rest of it, let me know! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad it went well!

        And I’d really love to see more of it, so when you need readers again just let me know! (You probably still have my email??)

        Liked by 1 person

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