[REVIEW] To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Unpopular Opinions? Ooops?

Whoa, I finally read this, what a shocker. 

So I know, It’s been a while, even though I said that I was “””back””” from my hiatus. To be honest, I’m just going to take blogging slowly, and focus more on reading rather than always having something to talk about on my blog, and just blog when I feel like it. 

Anyway, this book. I started it this summer, read forty/fifty pages, out it down because of that hideous SLUMP that took over my brain, and then I picked it up again and read the rest in one sitting. To be honest, I think that the ending saved the book. 

More on that later. I’m probably giving it 4 stars out of five, just for the ending and the character arc of Lara Jean and the general plot. While I was reading it I was thinking, ohh this is probably going to be a three star read, maybe 3.5, even though I couldn’t put it down. 

I don’t think that I’ve disliked a group of characters more?



I think that the main reason that I’m not rating this book VERY high is due to the characters. If I’m honest, I didn’t like them all thatttt much (apart from kitty) and I kind of just wanted them to shush for a minute while reading it. 

While I thought that Lara Jean was perfectly nice, sometimes I was thinking, just please shut up. But, I think that her character grew A LOT in the book because by the end of it her perspective was a lot more mature and not infuriating to read. Towards the end, I didn’t really understand?????????? why she wouldn’t just talk about it, but then, if I’m honest, I think that the ending leads really nicely onto the next book (which, yes, i really want to read even though the characters in this book weren’t my faves).

So what I think my main issue with Lara Jean was that this book was in the first person. I don’t think that it would have worked in 3rd, but I ALWAYS find the first person a bit nagging, and this book was no exception. 

Saying that, she did grow a lot and she was a really conscientious person and it’s obvious that she cares a lot about her family, which redeems her annoying narrative A LOT. 

I also really didn’t like Margot until the end??????? I thought that she was far too pressuring and bossy, frankly quite mean, until we got her perspective later on. And only then did I really start to understand, but still, think that she was unnecessarily harsh.

ALSO KITTY: I really liked her character, and I just wanted more SASS from her because some of the things that she said were HILARIOUS. 

Peter K. I had mixed feelings about the entire time. Sometimes, he could be a great guy, and increasingly was towards the end of the book, but at the start, he was a real jerk that I wanted to run over with his own Audi. He did start to Step Up towards the end of the book and had a very pleasing character arc. I really liked the dynamic between him and Lara Jean tho, because a lot of it was really fun to read. THOUGH GOSH HE COULD BE ANNOYING. 

josh. i don’t like him. simple. i just don’t get him. he was good at the start, but towards the end… no. just no. he’s not worthy of capital letters. he was so against everything that Lara Jean did even though it was approximately 0% of his business and goshhhh can he just be quiet. i kind of feel bad for him, because it was all super crazy, but he handled everything like a jackass and was super negative and goddd those of you who’ve read it know which part i’m talking about when i say: he’s gross and needs to know when to back off he was dating margot ffs.


So while the characters were annoying, (apart from kitty my child) I REALLY enjoyed the plot. I couldn’t put it down. As I said, I read it in one sitting. 

I thought that maybe it was a little bit slow in the beginning before all the things really started to happen. I loved how fast paced it got and how it was just such an easy read to get lost in, which always shows that it’s a good book. 

I thought that it was totally dramatic and I loved it. I was just fun to read and had some heart-warming moments between the infuriating characters and I really liked most of the dynamic between Peter and Lara Jean. 

I REALLY liked the amount of family that was in this book because you don’t see a lot of that in YA these days, it’s all parties or something and I like how this book had a balance

NO, I can’t wait to read the next book. If my ship doesn’t stay together I’m calling a formal protest, alright? and let’s pray that they’re not really annoying in this book. I have no idea where this series is going to go, but I can’t wait to find out. So, thinking about it now, I’m probably going to stick with 3.5/5 stars, just because of how much many of the characters annoyed me (josh in particular) but I will say: it was fun and had such a crazy plot that I couldn’t put it down! 

have you read this book? what did you think of it? how high/low did you rate it? have you read the rest of the trilogy? does it get better (i need to know this)??? do you prefer first or third person? did you prefer the movie? Let me know!!!!

18 thoughts on “[REVIEW] To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Unpopular Opinions? Ooops?”

  1. i suuuuper didn’t like this book?? and i hated the second book in the series….but then i liked the third fine?? anyway in the end i thought the movie was better because i’m the world’s worst bookworm

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    1. is it bad if i say… same???? (about the movie??) i tbink that they missed out some cute moments… but overall??? it was just???? a bit more polished story-wise? and lara jean didnt piss me off nearly as much ahaha

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  2. I actually reread the whole trilogy this year and liked it a lot more the second time around, but the first time I read TATBILB, I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of it. I found Lara Jean really annoying, though this time I found her rather charming. I hope you end up liking the other books in the trilogy 🙂

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  3. I completely agree with all of this! (I AM rather fond of Lara Jean and Peter, but I also sort of agree with everything you said about them, I just… like them anyways.) It’s like, I LIKED the book. It was super FUN. Quick, easy, bingeable. It just wasn’t anything special is all.

    And agreed, Kitty is the absolute best! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

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  4. Honestly, I thought the book was kind of “meh” and mostly forgot about it, but I watched the Netflix movie after the rave reviews and really liked it. I guess I personally like these kinds of stories better as movies than books, so it might just be a “me” thing, but I do think the film deserved the hype and the book is forgettable.

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    1. Yeah me too??? the movie WAS AMAZING. i loced it so much adn i’ve seen it so many times. the book was…. a let down (i saw the movie first, whoopsies). i was kind of upset they missed out soem of the cute moments in the movie?? but??? it was so good overall!!

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  5. Ahh, this is a great review! 🙂 I really liked this book, but I also read it like two years ago so I don’t really recall all the details (the movie is way more fresh in my mind). I remember disliking Josh, though (I don’t really remember why but ugh he just gives me bad vibes when I think of him?!). I’ve read the rest of the trilogy, and the third book was my favorite! I didn’t really like the second one too much but hopefully you’ll enjoy it more than me.

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  6. Hi Lu! I’ve recently finished the book. Just like you, I rate it 4 out of 5. I just started reading it’s sequel. I’m not sure yet if it’s gonna be good or not because I’m only on the third chapter. Anyway, just like others that I’ve talked to, I also prefer the book more than the movie. There were a lot of sweet and romantic parts that were left out. And it makes me sad. Nice review by the way!

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    1. I hope that you enjoy it!!!! I really liked the movie adaption, but I agree they missed out so many cute moments (eg all the Halloween stuff and when they were buying the chairs) that I really would have liked to have seen! But, I think that the characters were better in the movie, ie josh and I think that the family dynamic was really well presented too

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  7. I am in TOTAL AGREEMENT about Josh. I hated him, and yes, I know EXACTLYYY what scene you’re talking about that put him on my shit list always & forever (heh). Interestingly enough, he’s so much more likable in the movie.

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