November Wrap Up: Where I’ve Been (I’m Alive I Promise!!), Books, College Life, NaNo (SNIPPETS GALORE!) and More!

I know, I know, THIS IS LATE. 

I’m pretty sure that even though I said I was back… i just kinda… forgot??? to blog?? (don’t hate me pls). SO HELLO, RARE CREATURE THAT STILL READS MY POSTS!! 

I’m SO aware that I’ve been super distant from everyone on here recently and I feel SO bad for that. Just know that I love you guys and I’m hoping to try and get back into the habit of being online more often in the new year!! (gah it feels so strange to say ‘new year’!!)

So without further ado, I’m just going to fling myself into this (super super late) wrap up! 

books i actually read: 


OK. so the characters annoyed me a LOT but the character ARCs were SO there and I was SO there for that. I found Lara Jean the taddest bit naive at the start, but, as i said, character arcs!! THERE WAS SO MUCH BANTER AND WIT! And! So many cute moments too that wasn’t cheesy!!!! I kind of what to read the next one??? But I’m not 1000% sure (at the moment)       


what a FABULOUS read. This temporarily ended my slump and I read it in LITERALLY TWO SITTINGS??!?! That has not happened in FOREVER. I was so worried that this book wouldn’t live up to my expectations because the last book was so good BUT I WAS NOT LET DOWN IN THE LEAST!!! I was getting whiplash from all the plot-twists!

i know that I haven’t read a lot but i really liked these books!! I still have to read 4 books to get to my end of year goal of 40 books, which I don’t think that I’m going to make because there are only two/three weeks to go!!! 40 IS NOT A LOT for many people, but tbh it’ll be a miracle if I make it ahahaa bc of not reading anything in October or anything for the latter part of November! (I think that poetry collections are going to save me on this one aha)

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life stuff: 

  • So it’s coming up for the end of the first term/semester of college and, boy am I tired. 
  • makeup doesn’t exist anymore, I can’t be bothered. some days I want to go to class still wrapped in my duvet and I wouldn’t regret it. 
  • I’ve barely had time to read anything, tbf. 
  • I went to the bonfire night in my town though, which was super nice! 
  • but there was friend drama so it was also kinda blergch. 
  • I had a games night with my friends where we ate pizza and played monopoly of all things!! It was so competitive. I think I was shouting PRIVATE DEAL!!! the entire time. 
  • I lost. 
  • I had Benchmark assessments and I got A, A & C/B in my results which I’m super happy with apart from the last grade ahah. (but I have more tests next week so… fabulous). 
  • Can we also talk about the wordpress update that I don’t know if I love or hate? 
  • My cat had surgery!
  • We all know her here: 
^^miss grump^^
  • She’s alright now, apart from the fact that we found out that she is legitimately blind. 
  • *makes cooing noises bc she’s just so cute and fat* 
  • I ate food? I drank alcohol water? 
  • I functioned as an alien a human being? 
  • That’s about it lads. 
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So I SLIGHTLY underestimated the amount of work and lack of free time that I would get in November. I did plan to write about 40k and I only wrote 30k BUT. 

I think that NaNo actually went really well for me and I’d consider it a ‘win’ even though it’s technically a ‘fail’ b/c I didn’t get to 50k/my goal. BUT. I think that it’s a win because I actually went back, changed a lot of my story and it’s so much better now. It’s way more thought out, there’s better pacing, and I just generally feel like it’s improved. 

It’s nowhere near finished, or perfect, but I can personally see development and that was my MAIN goal for nano. Yes, it sucks that I didn’t have enough time to write loads more but I’m really happy that I was able to get a beginning that I’m much more proud of!! 

 snippets? whoa! lots of them? double whoa!

unrealistic aims for (the rest of) december: 

  • finish reading challenge (not going to happen matey)
  • blog??? i know, how unrealistic. i actually have a few post ideas! (watch out for those!) 
  • add more to my wip! maybe just like a little bit everyday of the holidays? 

how were your novembers? (this is such a late question to ask!!) what have been your plans for december? have you already read some amazing books?? CHAT WITH ME ABOUT THINGS!! 

18 thoughts on “November Wrap Up: Where I’ve Been (I’m Alive I Promise!!), Books, College Life, NaNo (SNIPPETS GALORE!) and More!”

  1. Ahhhh good luck on you reading challenge! You can do it! I believe in you! (But also short stories and webcomics are a lifesaver when it comes to reading challenges, soooo… if it comes to that, that would be totally fair :P)

    Also I know I’ve commented on most of them before, but I just love all those snippets so much?! How is your writing so GOOD?!!

    And oooh, I read Wildcard a few months ago and it was just so good! I feel like t’s been getting a lot of bad reviews but like… I loved it! And I just absolutely could NOT put it down.

    Liked by 1 person

      thank you so much!!! YOURE A QUEEN!!!
      Same here, SUCH AN ADDICTIVE READ!! I think that I liked Warcross a teeensy bit more than Wildcard tho?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! Congrats!

        And yeah I definitely liked Warcross slightly more but like… Wildcard was still awesome!


  2. Haha 30K words is not something to beat yourself up about! I’m sure you did great and you WIP will be coming along nicely 🙂 To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was a re-read for me recently, such a good winter book to read! I hope you manage to get more time in December to read and chill out, I’m hoping to wrap-up some more book series before the end of the year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah i’m actually really happy about 30k??? like, it was the “achievable” goal, yk??? thank you!! yeah it was such a cute book for winter!! i hope that you manage to get around to reading them all & love them!!


      1. You should definitely be happy with that! It’s a huge chunk of book written 🙂 Thank you! I’m cracking on with my reading challenge, Mr. Gingersnap set me 120 books to read for the year and I’m at 118, so wish me luck!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. AHHH congrats on nano!!! only u could be like “i am dying i am so busy i am absolutely killing it when it comes to school/exams/grades and also i manage to be social and also i read a bit and also i wrote literally 30k words.” like who are you. teach me your ways, magical queen of doing everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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