6 Books I’d Kill (settle down, lu) For This Christmas: New Releases and Ones I’ve Yet To Read.

this is what Christmas time is all about right? Demanding for the books that you want? 

Well, if it weren’t before, it is now. I’m making it a thing. 

There are a lot of books that I haven’t got around to reading this year. i think that this has—by far!—been the worst year for me considering reading slumps, and then college came at me like a bus out of nowhere and stole all my free time and any energy that I had. 

But who’s bitter? Not me! Ha. 

Anyways. I’m just going to get along with demanding books. 

Beware, this post is about to be huge self-depreciation about how I suck(!!) at(!!) reading(!!) new(!!) releases(!!). 

anger is a gift

Speaking of gifts at Christmas… what a perfect example! this book has been on my TBR since before it was released, but have I read it yet? despite all the amazing reviews and my burning NEED to read it? No! Why? Because I am a sucky bookworm!!

Anger is a gift sounds like the love-child of THUG and Dear Martin, two books that I LOVED THOROUGHLY.. 

So NATURALLY, I require this book to be in my grabby hands the second Christmas commences, if not I’m starting a formal protest and stopping Christmas until this demand is met. Simple.

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THIS BOOK!!! I am in NEED of it. I read CARAVAL last year and read it in one sitting!! it was captivating, amazing, beautiful, funny, everything!! 

Obviously, I’m bummed that I haven’t got around to reading this book yet. I feel like a failure as a Stephanie Garber fan. (no surprise there). 


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radio silence 


CAN I HAVE THIS SOONER?? it is one of my life ambitions to finally get around to reading this book, that’s how long it’s taking me to get to this book. I will be on my deathbed, confessing all the things I did wrong, being bitter about what I didn’t get to do, and not reading this book will still, somehow, manage to be on that list. 


vicious // vengeful 

These books!! JUST V.E SCHWAB IN GENERAL?? She is?? A Queen? I’m so disappointed that I haven’t read these books (adn city of ghosts) yet. I’m making it my mission next year to hopefully read them ALL and finish ACOL! I just cannot WAIT to read them and I did actually add them to my Christmas list! So hopefully??? maybe???

I would be SO GRATEFUL to receive these for Christmas, you have no idea!!  

What books would you LOVE to get this holiday season? What are some of the books that you’ve yet to read this year / new releases that you can’t wait to read? Do you celebrate Christmas? 

13 thoughts on “6 Books I’d Kill (settle down, lu) For This Christmas: New Releases and Ones I’ve Yet To Read.”

  1. RADIO SILENCE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Sorry. But RADIO SILENCE AHH THIS BOOK. I just love this book so, so, so, soooooo very much and I hope you’ll be able to read it soon! ❤ ❤

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  2. LEGENDARY LEGENDARY LEGENDARY COME ON LU. I swear you will love it’s so magical and I couldn’t put it down and it’s dark and sinister and enchanting and SO PLOT TWISTY and good. PLEASE READ IT. and Like how long has radio silence been on your TBR, it’s FANTASTIC. and I really want to read Vicious and Anger is A gift, especially the latter because I heard it makes you CRY and i WANT TO CRY. I mean..what.

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  3. I haven’t read Lord of Shadows yet, or Lady Midnight either tbh, but I’d still love to see Queen of Air and Darkness waiting for me under my Christmas tree! 🙂
    Legendary is an amazing read Lu, if you loved Caraval I’m sure you’ll love that one too. I read it during the summer and in my opinion it was even better than Caraval. Hopefully you’ll be able to get around to it soon.
    Great post, I hope you get all these books and more for Christmas! 🙂 ❤️

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    1. ah that’s so great to hear!! I’m a little.. hestitant to read it??? I hope that you et around to reading LM, LOS + QOOAD soon because the first two (just finishing LOS) are totally woth the read!!


  4. Aawh! I really hope you get all of these ASAP so you can read them!!

    I haven’t even made a bookish wish list because I.. kind of bought the bulk of my wish list myself? [The benefit of having a boyfriend who has NO CLUE what else to get me and simply allows me a giant splurge, haha. You should find one of those unicorns yourself someday! 😛 ]

    But.. If it’s actual wishwishwish that I couldn’t even justify buying myself.. I’d say I need hardcover copies of Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifices. I have The Mortal Instruments in hardcover but all others in paperback and it doesn’t look right?

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