Books I’m Hoarding But Haven’t Actually Read (or finished!!) Yet / Being A Bad Reader. You’ve Been Warned: This Is A Horror.

come shout at me about all the books I’m just not reading. 

this ought to be fun!!

(ALSO CAN WE APPRECIATE THAT THIS IS MY SECOND POST OF THE MONTH? I’ve actually sceduled this in advance??? I’m actually getting my sh*t together??? can we all just.. scream (chill tho) for a mo???)

so yes, there’s this thing called ‘college’ and… it’s kind of sucking up all my time, which i don’t like, and therefore…. books are not being read by yours truly.

now, there’s this other thing, called the BOOK BUYING IMPULSE that does not seem to recognise that (i) college exists (ii) i’m not reading books and (iii) I HAVE BOOKS THAT ARE UNREAD AT HOME ALREADY.

So naturally, I keep buying books until this happens.

(I’m just going to show you a snippet because this is truly pathetic/tragic/saddening)

can someone please hype me for these books so that I actually read them please.


Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41

so there are some books that I’ve already started and then… forgotten about. 

For example:

A Conjuring of Light

i dont know why, okay? it was going to well. I’m like 1/3 of the way through.

Girl Made of Stars

okay this book was just killing me and I’d just read a bunch of other really sad books so I gave myself a break… and that break never ended.

that ‘break’ is still happening. this book will be on my nightstand for eternity, i think.


Norse Mythology (Niel Gaiman) 

this was so funny I have no reason for putting it down apart from it being a tad… slow. because you know… it’s norse mythology.

Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41

… and then there are books that I put on my shelves and they’ve remained there eversince…

This is where the post gets truly depressing.

internally screaming
me @ the thought of reading all these books + college + sleep.

You’ve been warned.

children of blood and bone

so I bought this while on holiday and was so hyped then didn’t have enought time to read it, got back home and promptly forgot about it.

that was last summer. I know.

crimes of grinderwald 

I KNOW. But I actually have a reason for this!! I haven’t seen the film yet and as it’s a SCREENPLAY I’d kind of like to see the movie first yeah?? ya feel me?Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41

p.s i still love you 

this I will read soon!! i think??? So I loved the movie of the first book, then read the first book… so this time I REALLY want to read the book before the second film comes out so that I’m more hyped??? but then I don’t want the dilemma of the film not meeting a standard or vice versa.

://// confusion :///// what do i do :////

the cruel prince


I really want to read and I look at it EVERYDAY feeling like I’m letting it down (i am) BECAUSE I’m so excited to read it but then i feel like ‘WHAT IF IT DOENS’T MEET THE HYPE?’ and then I can’t deal and shut down and put of reading the book again.

all the crooked saints 

yeah. I don’t know where the hype went for this book, if I’m honest. It just kind of… vanished. Screenshot 2017-09-29 18.15.41

A song of ice and fire (GAME OF THRONES) series

I started the first book but it just didn’t grab me… but I was given the whole series as a gift so I know that I need to read it all eventually AND I REALLY want to!!! but it’s just all very intimidating.

I am a small frightened creature ok?

basically all the percy jackson books 

DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THESE BOOKS. I wanted to read them so much beacuse I really want to read the magnus chase books or the oppolo books or whatever they’re called (THE NEW ONES BASICALLY) so i thought, fab i’ll jsut whizz through these books but GOSH they annoyed me at the start. it was meant to be funny… but it just fell flat for me?? someone motivate me to read the last 3/4???

the latter half of the harry potter books 

I don’t think that I’m ever going to finish them

I’m going to end this here because I can feel everyone’s childhood dying.

Screenshot 2018-06-02 14.37.45

which books are you hoarding but not reading? any of these on your list? Have you read any of these books? if so: PLEASE HYPE ME FOR THESE BOOKS???!!???!?! 

39 thoughts on “Books I’m Hoarding But Haven’t Actually Read (or finished!!) Yet / Being A Bad Reader. You’ve Been Warned: This Is A Horror.”

  1. lol i still haven’t read children of blood and bone. we can be failiures together!! even though i didn’t like girl made of stars, i think you’d really like it and It’s incredibly easy to get into so if ur in a slump, that book is the way to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!!!! Yeah gmos is soemtjing that I knowwww I’d love but just 🤷🏼‍♀️ don’t have any motivation to read 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


  2. I’m also soo behind–I’ve had Children of Blood and Bone for four months now but haven’t picked it up, and I’ve had all of The Mortal Instruments books and I’ve been meaning to finish the series for YEARS but I just never have

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lu, I’m so disappointed, haha! How could Percy Jackson fall flat??? ANNABETH IS LIFE! also, the rest of the HP books? but like, I understand about a Conjuring of Light because this is the fifth time I’ve checked it out from the Library and STILL HAVEN’T READ IT! opps @ me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SORRY????

      Also ACOL sounds amazing and the 30% that I have read IS SO GOOD but I just want to skip to the happily ever after and have all my ships sail already 😩😩😩


  4. omg I thought the same thing about Girl Made of Stars and recently I started A List of Cages and :/ It really has me bawling :/ Everywhere :/ Which I normally wouldn’t mind :/ But now I can’t get anything done :/

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My heart is kinda hurt that you didn’t like Percy Jackson that much. I still encourage you to continue on! If you want to read Magnus Chase, you don’t *technically* need to read the previous books, since it’s a separate series with a different mythology. Some of the Percy Jackson characters make cameos in the Magnus Chase series, but it’s not exactly required to read the previous two series. I do hope you enjoy Magnus Chase more, because it’s an amazingly diverse series!
    And I do hope you enjoy P.S I Still Love You too! I’m super hyped for the movie – if it’s as good as the first one, then I’ll be for sure having a field day! 🤩
    Wishing you luck on college and hopefully you’ll be able to find time to get to all these books before the end of 2019!

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  6. A CONJURING OF LIGHT AHHHHH. I hope you’ll get back to that one, I found that it was an amazing finale to the series, really 🙂
    I personally wasn’t as in love with ps, I still love you than I was with the first book in the series, but it was still a really good read, I hope you’ll give it a try soon!! ❤ ❤

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  7. I got a court of thorns and roses for Christmas and Idk, mixed reviews, new releases, and other books have stopped me from getting round to it BUT I started it yesterday so hopefully I can cross it off the TBR! 🤞


          1. I know what you mean!
            I probably wouldn’t buy the second one but if I see it in the library I’ll definitely make sure to pick it up! 💕

            Liked by 1 person

  8. 😂 😂 This is awesome! There are so many books that I need to read (anything my Sarah J. Maas) so I get you! Tho you do have some good ones one here! (*cough* Cruel Prince *cough*)


  9. I know exactly what you mean about not reading The Crimes of Grindelwald Screenplay until you’ve seen the movie because I was the same way. I didn’t read it until after I saw the movie because I didn’t want to be spoiled.


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