Things that are actually HARD about blogging [give yourself a pat on the back peoples]

bloggers don’t give themselves enough credit. it’s just a fact.

there are MANY things about blogging that are actually hard, but we just kind of carry on, plodding on from post to post.

if you’re new here, or forgot, I’m a sucky blogger. I take unannounced 6000 year hiatuses, and then return for about 3 seconds then off I go again. So, if there’s anyone that you should trust on this, it’s me.

a quick list to get us started:

  1. Getting started!
  2. reading and commenting on others post / building connections with other bloggers
  3. maintaining it even when there aren’t results!
  4. keeping yourself motivated / coming up with fresh content every time!!
  5. juggling blogging with everything else in their lives (clearly I suck at this) and all the other bloody things, like a twitter account for example!
  6. THE HOURS it can take to plan / write / refine just ONE post.


THIS IS AWFUL. this is hard. this is daunting. this is the worst thing ever and takes so long.

you have no clue what you’re doing. you know absolutely no-one, you’re just. eh-ing along, hoping for the best and trying not to sob under your duvet with confusion and fear.

it’s an all-round 0/10 from me.

it’s simply awful.

I think what makes this truly horrific is the fact that you don’t know anyone? because not only are you totally, utterly, alone, but there’s no-one there telling you how to do things! there’s no one you can ask a quick question to, or bounce ideas off of. you’re. just. alone.

and it sucks.


you know why this is sucky? because we have no idea where to start. we’re like Bambi trying to walk. shaky trepidation trying not t get our heads bitten off by these other troll-gremlins on the internet.

oh did that sound too pathetic? ohh should I not have said that? did I use too many explanation marks????!!?!!?!? did I sound like a robot? was I too formal? was I too informal?

all these stupid things.

quite frankly, I’m over it. 187% DONE.

If I’m being honest, becoming friends with other bloggers can be EASY. but the thing is, most of the time, you’re both awful to some degree of actually communicating with each other frequently because the internet is a big place??? with many citizens?? so the best approach to blogging: be laid back!!! boy, if I knew that at the start…


yes, stats mean nothing blahhh bla blah you shouldn’t look at them blahhhhhhh.

Well, Susan, when you’re new at blogging YEAH ITS HARD TO IGNORE THEM!! When you’re trying to pursue something and these stats are glaring you in the face like you just stole their hash brown and orange juice, like some breakfast-thief, yeah it makes you feel a little bad!!!

it’s demotivating! its gross! it makes you feel like you’re bad and have no internet people that like you!

but also, when you’ve been blogging for a while, and a post that you spent so long on gets like 1 view? 0.5 likes? yeah that equally sucks sometimes because we all want to do well at things.

that’s human. shocking, I know, we’re not all actually troll-gremlins with 0.5 emotions.


urgh, being ‘unique’…

Let’s tackle motivation first because I just cannot with this ‘uniqueness’ thing right now.

staying motivated is like trying to set something alight with water. I mean yeah, some elements will do that and make pretty blue flames, but we’re not elements, people. we’re troll-gremlins and it’s hard!! we can’t just spontaneously combust with motivation.

yet? we keep plodding along, take breaks when we need (or in my case for 8 months of the year) and then come back to it, fresh as a (dead) daisy and ready to blog again!

like yes, we’re all deflated on the inside, but we carry!! on!!

okay, this unique thing. totally overrated, imo.

sometimes you just scroll through that ‘reader’ thing and see all these posts that you never thought of doing before and think ‘I suck’ and yeah, you know what, we all suck at blogging at some point of another. don’t even contest this. we all get those moments where it’s the last thing we want to do, owe have no ideas of what to do, or we think of writing a post and we want to break our laptop screens. totally normal. (ish.)

but equally! we keep trying to make our posts better and better, sprinkle in our personality and 250g of flour, and 75g of butter. bush bash bosh put it in the oven and people love it. and then you have to do it again and again and againnnn. and you know what? being unique is hard work! I totally recommend just being a carcass of a human being like me, it conserves wayyyy more energy.


I’m talking school, uni, work, family, friends, hobbies, you know, life things. I don’t have much of a life and I still struggle??? Like i really don’t do a lot? yet i still struggle?

I got a job and blogging just got chucked out of the window, really. well, I was doing 60 hour weeks, so I think I’m excused! but I don’t know how people do it???? I couldn’t manage blogging and a-levels???

but the thing is, it’s not EASY to do that. so everyone that can???? I take my hat off to you, mate. give yourself a pat on that back from you to you because literally, oh my.


this post for example, is taking me AGES to write! I haven’t even finished yet and it had taken me hourrrrrrs. ARRRRGJJKKKKKK.

And as i said before, this can be really tough when you start out and you spend soooo long on a post and it doesn’t get the attention/recognition/likes/comments that you thought it would. it makes starting to blog really hard! but hey ho its all part of it i guess. some posts do well, and some just don’t and that’s hard to understand at the start!!

there’s a good side to this though: it keeps us BUSY. It gives us something to DO. Hence, why i started blogging again because I have the time (but not necessarily the motivation) to write super long, rambling posts!

did i miss anything? what do you guys find REALLY hard about blogging?


35 thoughts on “Things that are actually HARD about blogging [give yourself a pat on the back peoples]”

  1. This is so accurate on so many levels! But to be fair, your blog is one of the most unique ones out there, and we really must applaud all bloggers for their determination and discipline in maintaining their posting schedules and time management.


    1. THANK YOU SM!! yeah my stats are no where NEARRRR what they used to be, but rn I’m just doing this as a hobby so u try not to let it bother me so much!!

      WHY DO POSTS TAKE SO LONG THO?!?!? it doesn’t make sense to meEeeeEEEEeeeeeEE

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  2. as i was feeling bad for taking so long to get to this post, it’s ironic that you said what we should be doing is actually giving ourselves a pat in the back.
    i actually don’t find commenting daunting, but when you have over 20 tabs open of posts to read and comment, it can be overwhelming to start. however, replying to comments is so scary to me for some reason, hahah. talking to people? sure. having people actually TALK BACK TO ME? *brain malfunction*.
    i think another thing that is hard about blogging is the “need” to be in multiple platforms. because it’s not just that you’re here in wordpress, but you also have to keep an updated instagram and twitter and interact with people there as well. i don’t have any other social medias so i am always confused as to how people do this so well, hahah.

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    1. TOTALLY relate. i find that i hardly have the time (motivation rly) to write posts (I have NO ideas) so reading other people’s is like???/ because I want to read/comment on them but there are SO many.

      OH MY GOSH YES. Having a twitter account for my blog is… now it’s not very useful considering how LITTLE I blog. but even when I was more active I didn’t find it that useful??? and Instagram… i used to have a pretty active ‘bookstagram’ account… which is actually how I got into blogging??? but I found REALLY QUICK that I could NOT balance the two,, and just stuck to blogging (kind of!!).

      hope you’re okay,
      lu ❤


  3. This is like, what, 300% relatable??!!!
    Ohmy gosh its honestly about time someone said this out loud but blogging sometimes sucks biggg time😂😂✌

    I wish I could leave it. But I honestly Can’t. I have 0 patience level, when I post something and wait for someone to read it. That’s CRUELTY😳

    0.5 likes? Seriously?😂😂✌❤

    LOVED THE POST. I should like to do it sometime😁💕

    Liked by 1 person


      yeah sometimes you just sit and watch how well (or not well) a post does and its a HORRID feeling! luckily I forget about blogging a lot so its always a surprise when someone reads my posts haha!!

      that’s so lovely to hear, thank you so much for the comment ❤


      1. Haha yesss. Well lucky you! I sometimes keep checking my notifications each minute but I’m going to take you as a motivation and forget about blogging😂😎❤

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        1. YES DON’T BE LIKE ME!!! i do the exact same thing when I first publish a post (like rn) where keep thinking, what if no-one likes it? what if its rubbish despite spending sm time on it? what if this what if that???


          1. Haha now dont I always think that too!?😯😂 Especially the part about wondering if its rubbish. I mean who was I kidding😬😂

            And “like rn” was a clue for me that you’ve posted something eee😂🤗

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  4. I never related so much as in this period. Since last year and the start of 2019, my blog has been a mess. I started greatly every month, only to ruin my schedule and motivation after the second weel. It makes me feel terrible, because my blog is something I’m proud of, but I’m not obtaining back half of I want for myself.

    And.. sorry! I wish I could make something nice and positive in the comment but I ranted away. I just want me and all my fellow bloggers to keep up and be great

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahha!!! im glad people are relating (in a sense!) don’t worry about ranting that’s fine, that’s all my posts are aha. I totally get what you mean, I always have burst of energy to write posts.. and then nothing… and then I feel bad. BUT, you know what, we’re doing a good job, we shouldn’t feel bad about not wanting / not being able to do EVERYTHING allllll the time ❤

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  5. I relate to pretty much everything you said because well.. I’ve been through it all? It’s really hard to put so much effort into a post only to have it not do well, because even though “stats don’t matter” they still do!!!
    (and as a new blogger i was very not good and for some reason thought i was the only teen blogger :/)
    I just always am trying to find new ways to stay motivated and to keep loving it, because if I really love this then it will make all this 100x better.


  6. Yes you are spot on there’s so much to a blog that I don’t think any of us realise until we try to get started haha, but I think overall blogging has been a really positive experience for me because I’ve learnt so much from it in terms of motivation, organisation, etc?

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    1. Yeah!! Totally agree – I think it’s helped sm in terms of being able to express myself /my opinions and also just learning to keep working at stuff and how to stay motivated even when I don’t rly want to aha!

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  7. stop insulting yourself :((((( you’re great!!
    also yes all of this sow (hence why I almost never blog anymore uhhhhhh)

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    1. thank you!! yeah i found that it was so hard to balance school and blogging and separating the two in the right way (not spending too long on blogging, but also making time to actually write posts!!)

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  8. I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years and I still find it hard, especially since I’ve started my blog over from scratch so now I’m back to 0 for everything. I’ve always had low stats and never been a very “popular” blogger, so I’m happy to get even one comment on a post, but it still can be really demotivating. And I think a huge problem of blogging for so long is that I often feel like I’ve completely run out of ideas for posts, but hopefully having a fresh start will get rid of that problem.

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    1. yeah i feel like looking at stats is so demoralising because we all work so hard!! i hope you get some new ideas soon, I know that I am also struggling with ideas at the moment aha


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