books to read at the moment (while locked in your house) | specific recs and also… not? ft. classic diversity rants.

[forewarning, this post is a mess. it’s like diversity rants and recommendations all in one]

okay so i hadn’t read a book all year up until this past week, so naturally i am the most qualified to help you.

i know, it’s horrible and disgusting and who have I become? But don’t worry, all is well, the error has been rectified. I’m still a GLARINGLY OBVIOUS 3 1 books behind my goodreads year target, but quite frankly, GR can just get in the bin. So if you’re like me, and have NO CLUE what to read, then don’t worry, i’m here to give you ideas.

{i’m also very concerned about the fact that i have no idea what the ‘new’ releases are so that’s a very big obstacle for me in terms of finding new books to read — GIVE ME SOME RECS IN THE COMMENTS}

 A book u hated…. 

I know that this seems a little… weird. I did this because 1) i wanted to test it out 2) i wanted to reevaluate my opinions on it/see where i stood 3) i was incredibly bored and didn’t feel like picking up a new book because i’m an odd creature like that.

you could choose: a book you hated, or a book which you used to like, but have since reading it changed your opinion on it. or maybe on that you DNF’ed if you didn’t burn it?

I read ACOMAF (brave choice tbh)… a book which I, admittedly, did like when I first read it… then realised how PROBLEMATIC it was in so many ways. 


Previously, i did include a whole rant about this book and the utter lack of diversity, which i will be posting separately in a fit of uncontrolled rage, but i felt that in this post it made it even more of a hot mess. plus, i didn’t want to shove that rant at you without enough forewarning.

Reread books that you’ve already read and love. 

  • I Wish You All The Best‘ – a heartbreaking story that’s VERY important – is one that I plan to reread [FUTURE ME: i’ve finished it, i read it in a day (again) it was amazing, again]. I love it sm. It’s about someone that is non-binary and to quote the inside sleeve, a “celebration of life, friendship, and love and a shining example of hope in the face of adversity”
  • in summation, you should all be reading it.
  • I waited a YEAR AND A HALF for this book to come out and GUYS IT DID NOT LET ME DOWN AT ALL.

Similar recs for this ‘category’: Autoboyography, The raven boys (all four, yes) Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (a book i loved and forgot about recently??? oml now i really want tot reread that one too. oh God.. oh GOD I REALLY WANT TO. OK OK AFTER IWYATB!!!!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!! )

All those Ebooks that you keep forgetting about. 

i don’t know why i keep forgetting about them. well.. maybe it’s because they’re not staring me in the face like all my other unread books which are facing me from my bookshelf. but STILL. these are books that i’ve wanted to read and keep forgetting that I actually POSESS?

Mine are: ‘ace of spades’, ‘summer bird blue’, and ‘what if its us’


PLUS: on days like this, where its grey outside, and it’s a little cold, and i’m all cozy, i like the feeling of an actual BOOK in my hands.

Honestly this is such a problem, i just forget that they exist, I’m so sorry my e-book-babies xo.

If you made it here, thank you so much for reading my rambling recommendations. If you’ve read any of these already share your thoughts in the comments so we can SCREAM together about them, or if you have any recs for me (PLEASE) also leave them in the comments.

12 thoughts on “books to read at the moment (while locked in your house) | specific recs and also… not? ft. classic diversity rants.”

  1. Ohh I keep bloody forgetting about ebooks too😂 I just discovered I had 3 ebooks and I was literally turning the house upside down doing a book-search all these days😂😶
    Love the rant😂✌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i missed your rambly posts SOoo much! sksks and I TRIED to read the foxhole court but got like 10% book and i was so BORED. i will try to read them again because i feel like i would maybe love it if i stuck with it and pushed through! and i’m planning on reading autobiography soon and i hope i love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I missed you too! Yeah it took me a while the first time I read it bc I was like? What is this? But then totally fell in love with it aha. WKKK AUTOBOYOGRAPHY!!! I hope you love itttttttttt (we all know how much I rant and rave about it 😂😂😂)

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  3. Me: omg hold up a post from lu?? is this real?? it must be a fever dream…

    Hi hello as you can see I still have a slight sense of humour. Maybe. Debatable.

    Freaking love reading a book you hate wow!!! That’s called guts my friend.

    I should read the All For The Game trilogy then right?? I have TRIED but have never been in the right mood welp. But also ahhh ebooks are a freaking lifesaver. Idk bout you but I FLY THROUGH them. My new knight-in-shining-armour right there. EBOOK APPRECIATE POST COMMENCE.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah what is this MADNESS?? yeah it was… somewhat awful in every sense. YOU SHOULD!! honestly I flew through them, they were so good I literally read them in whatever mood bc it just FITS. e-books are so easy to read for me too, when I REALLY get into them. (PLUS THEY’RE SM CHEAPERRRRR SOMETIMES)

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