May Wrap-Up: Asian Heritage Month Wrap-Up + Thoughts // All The Things I Did to Keep Busy + I Read Lots of Books… (for once??)


God this is so sad because I’ve missed doing these, but I know that once I’m at uni I probably won’t have the time anymore, so these posts/this summer is kind of bittersweet bc I love blogging sm *tears*

oh well, enough of those emotions. MAY WAS HERE AND NOW IT’S GONE AND I SWEAR IT LASTED 0.3 SECONDS? Excuse me, this is noT okay.

I hope that everyone had a great month, and did lots of good things despite the CHAOS around us. Anyway, let’s talk about me now. (this is a joke I promise I’m not that self-absorbed)

forewarning: this post is pretty long so. yeah. sorry. makes me sad :/


i planned a tbr for this month bc it was Asian Heritage Month… now.. i was not optimitic about this at all. BUT!!! I did it… sort of (i DID dnf one of them but it was so bad i just could not continue reading it at all.. and i promise that’s not how i usually feel about books….) I don’t think I’ve ever read so many books in a month??? it’s probs not a lot in comparison to some book bloggers, but 9 books in comparison to the FOUR books I’d previously read THIS YEAR, is pretty good for me!!


Summer Bird Blue (eh) – this just did NOT live up to my expectations at all. it was very sad, which i did expect, but there was more of the character just being angry with other people and repeating that she wanted to finish the song, but then not doing that on repeat until she eventually does. Basically, there was no real plot, and there was NO relationship with the main character and yeah. just. i think the whole book could have been the whole book. i did like the ace rep tho! (more here in my review)

P.s I Still Love you (DNF) – God. i hated this more than i disliked Summer Bird Blue, and I NEVER HATE A BOOK. BUT, HERE WE ARE. I had to DNF this one, it was just…. i read the first book and thought that the immaturity was relatively under control (and would hopefully go away in the second book as she, you know, grew up), but this book BLEW THAT OUT OF THE WATER. I couldn’t handle it at all. Lara-jean just is not a character for me, at all. I’m gonna save you and end this rant here.

Emergency Contact – I was so skeptical going into this book, i have to admit. The first 100 pages were kind of make-or-break. There wasn’t a lot happening, and i wasn’t gripped. BUT THEN I WAS ATTACHED AND NEVER LETTING GO. This book unexpectedly stole my heart and i couldn’t be happier about it. (see the rest of my raving adorations here)

Like a love story – I didn’t end up reading this book, which was actually the book i was most looking forward to reading… I’m such a mood reader and i just didn’t want to read this book so i just couldn’t,, i read the first 40 pages but i was just NOT in the mood to cry and be sad sooooo. i decided to wait until i really really felt like reading it, rather than force myself to read it and end up hating it :/

and some more…

I wish you all the best (reread) – i will always love this book. it’s such a comfort read for me and i just love it. it has such important messages and i just want to hold this book forever and give it all the love. i cannot put into words my love for this book. (#ownvoices)

This is Kind of an Epic Love Story – i.. eh… liked this book!! i loved the hard-of-hearing-rep. I wasn’t sobbing and melting over it like i wanted to!! the REP AS GREAT… the ship was m/m, they’re both black, the mc is bi and his bf is gay and hard of hearing. What i didn’t like about this book was that (SPOILER ALERT) the mc was cheated on, by his best-friend-turned-gf and they remained friends after and she kind of expected him to get over it like it was no biggie, and hang out with her and her gf, even though he was really hurt, which i thought was really unfair (end of spoiler) i felt like a lot of this book was just centred around the messy lives of teenagers and that a lot of it could have been avoided! but i’m not angered by this book either aha. it didn’t FULLY meet my expectations, but oh well.

You Asked For Perfect – can i just say 1) that this author knows what they’re doing!!! i felt all the stresses of the main character, i felt like i was living in the situ with him (this book stressed me out sm), felt the same irritation from the friends at the time (to the point where i didn’t like them but then realised that i felt this way bc i sympathised with the character sm) and 2) i absolutely ADORED the Jewish rep!!! it was like a cake-load of Jewish rep, with some Muslim rep too. (and of course m/m)

Red White Royal Blue (reread) – i forgot how much i adored Nora????? she’s great!!! i love the dynamic between June, Nora and Alex, and all of them eventually ajbfksjenjksgjse. let’s move on. I forgot what a Bi!disaster Alex is and honestly??? he’s a mess??? but i love that bby. okay we’re moving on. IT’S JUST SO GOOD.

Date Me, Bryson Keller, – I read this in UNDER FOUR HOURS ON THE DAY IT ARRIVED AT MY HOUSE. It was the lara-jean story that i always wanted (and actually liked). totally SQUISHED MY HEART. Sweet, funny and sad all at the same time. can we also appreciate the no-friends-drama, the supportive-bfs who actually talk to one another and amazing sibling relationships ❤ a v! important! #ownvoices novel ❤ (warning: outed character, religion/homophobia, bullying) — im going to leave my original thoughts HOWEVER: I’ve found out that this is basically a replica of a comic series, Seven Days, by Tachibana Venio (author) and Takarai Rihito (illustrator). also I’ve seen a lot of reviews that are calling this book out for bi-erasure, as there is only one casual mentioning of bisexuality which does not sit well with me at all.

Simon Vs (reread) – honestly, i forgot about how dark this book actually was? like blackmailing? outing? like bruh. thing is, i still love nearly everything about this book. i love the comments on society that Albertalli just weaves in. the only thing i dislike is Leah*shrug* but by the end, i find her tolerable. but i still think she was plain RUDE at the start of the novel, when there was really no need for that :/

Only Mostly Devastated – ok i just read this in an afternoon and i really enjoyed it. It was WAY sadder than I thought it was going to be!! But i thought that it was really adorable and THE LITTLE COUSINS WERE SO CUTE I JUST WANTED TO SMUSH THEM. It also really respectfully handled what it’s like to have a loved one with a terminal illness while also being about what it’s like to be queer and closeted all at the same time. the character arc was actually really good??? I just think that he was a really well-done character. don’t go into this book expecting greatness!! but it’s a good tear-jerker if you just want a book about a high school romance thing.

watch out to all those people who read like 300 books a year, i’m coming for your brand

i wish ^ *sobs*

posts that i really liked from others:

  1. Marie’s post about what she want’s to see more in books.
  2. Cait’s attempt at killing all of our TBRs.
  3. Rhi talks about how she rates her books (with great recs too!!)
  4. I loved reading Ash’s reviews of the Henna Wars and I Love You So Mochi
  5. Ashia Monet’s post about how the recent trend of writing LGBT+ love interest of colour might be more harmful than you’d think from ages ago, but i just found it through twitter!!
  6. Faith’s really thought-provoking post about blogging voice is a must-read.
  7. Wordy and Whimsical wrote a post about falling out of love with writing reviews and i just,,, relate sm
  8. Sofi’s post about consumerism in the book community just ,, yes.

i wrote an… alarming number of posts this month…

some of the best ones (debatable)… click on the images to read them 🙂

…and as per people have been stalking my archives…

Things I did apart from blogging/reading: 

  • I revisited my WIP from last year – making some little edits here and there to keep me busy. I’m lowkey tempted to do a huge-rewrite and change lots of things. hmmmm we shall see… (future me: challenge started)
  • Did A LOT of yoga & completed the 30 Day ‘Home’ Yoga challenge on Yoga With Adriene’s YT channel. I really enjoyed it. I did yoga every. single. day until the end of the month after the challenge ended, and I’m starting another challenge next month!!
  • guys!! i finally managed to do the crow pose(!!) it’s not perfect but i finally got there!!
  • I did too many some Joe Wicks workouts to keep me moving (somewhat). Still couldn’t make myself go on a run. That’s just… too much. 
  • I hung up the fairy lights in my room, which doesn’t sound like that much but they’re LONG and they were wound around my bed and it took HOURS to undo. Now they’re around the perimeter of my ceiling and look basic but pretty.
  • Lots and lots of Netflix. I nearly re-watched all of Friends in a week (8 seasons in one week is pretty…. Erm… not good for my health) started Modern Family, and HOLLYWOOD
  • The PJO disney+ adaption was announced and I think I was the only person on the face of the earth to NOT flip my shit on twitter and breakdown into a ball of tears. 
  • i went to a garden centre (#gasp) (i had not left the house for more than a walk in 8 weeks) and i found two new plant babies, who are now lovingly living in my bedroom and will be coming to uni with me (if uni even happens)
  • i met up with one (1) friend and we were two (2) metres apart the entire time. i promptly got a sunburn on my forehead and nose that made my head hurt for dayssss.
  • I then proceeded to keep sunbathing anyway.
  • I had wotsits for the first time in years and it was fantastic. i GOBBLED them up so fast.
  • and thats it.

incase you didn’t know: i was meant to be sitting my a-levels this year, hence why i didn’t blog in SO long, but due to the pandemic the exams were cancelled and my school was shut and they weren’t meant to keep setting us work… so I’ve been doing nothing at home for the past ten weeks so i’ve had to start finding things to do because my work is also closed!! rn I’m just happy that I’m healthy and my family is healthy & so are my friends!! I hope you and your loved ones are okay too!!

How was YOUR May? how are YOU? what did you read? What did you post (link them!!)?? how did you keep bust this month?

16 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up: Asian Heritage Month Wrap-Up + Thoughts // All The Things I Did to Keep Busy + I Read Lots of Books… (for once??)”

  1. you read so many books in may aahh!! i’m sad u didn’t love summer bird blue, but i’m really happy you enjoyed emergency contact! there are so many differing opinions about that one so i’m glad there’s a positive one to add 😎 and yay for doing some yoga!! i feel like some kind of mindful thing like that would help me out but i just can’t commit to doing it lmao. and aahh revisiting wips is always so embarrassing but exciting!! good luck on it if you continue ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg so not like me at all??? (Lol this month is not the same at all aha)
      Omg yeah SBB was just not it for me which I was SO sad about!! YOGA! I’m on day 60 something now? (Too lazy to go look at my tracker🥺😭) honestly didn’t think I could commit to it either tbh!!
      Ahhh thank you sm 🥺🥰 (tho I completely forgot about my WIP 🥴)

      Liked by 1 person

    anyways. congrats on reading so many books!! i read like four max oop. I’ve been wanting to read TATBILB since it’s very popular but seeing that the sequel was a disappointment is a little sad 😦
    “I think I was the only person on the face of the earth to NOT flip my shit on twitter and breakdown into a ball of tears.” I THINK YOU WERE TOO- I FLIPPED MY SHIT SO BAD. I went literally crazy XD because this is one of my favorite series!
    i loved reading this post 🙂 have an awesome June! (where did May even go?!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg thank you sm ❤

      omg yeah i've just never been a fan of PJO?? I just couldn't get into the books. But maybe I'll try reading it again???

      thank you so much, you too (omg ikr??)



    Idk, I think the book gods have been on our side these past few months because I also manage to read a ton?? Amazing.

    There’s always time to reread RW&RB ugh love that book.

    The fact that you’re loving Date Me Bryson Keller and Only Mostly Devastated makes me SO EXCITED. Also apparently Kevin Van Whye is a local author for me and the fact that I didn’t know that?? Shocking I know.

    Also omg I need to get my hands on Emergency Contact. There were some terrible reviews when it came out which put me off, but now everyone’s loving again. Idk weird man. It actually just sounds SO GOOD!!

    I,,, am petrified to reread To All The Boys. I loved them at the time but even when I reread book one for the movie I realised it was hecka corny. But oof the second book? Never LOVED it. I love the films but eh don’t think I’d reread them.

    also yay yoga!! I,,, should exercise.. whoops.

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  4. I’m so incredibly excited for Date Me, Bryson Keller!! I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about it, and I *know* I’ll love it. I adored Only Mostly Devastated, but I feel like, the cover and the marketing didn’t really indicate how sad it would be at parts? I knew what to expect from reviews, so there was that at least. I also love I Wish You All the Best and Simon vs. and I want to read Like a Love Story.

    Congrats on the yoga! I’m so excited for Hollywood, is it good? 🙂 Hope your June will be great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you love it!! yeah OMD was not clear enough on how said it was going to be, it sounded like something sad had ALREADY happened, not in the process of happening. same here, the reviews really helped me out!!

      ahh I hope you get to read them soon!!

      thank you sm, Hollywood is really weird, I haven’t really made up my mind about it yet!!

      thank you, have a great June ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved this wrap-up and hearing all your thoughts on the books you’ve read. I read Emergency Contact last year and I really enjoyed it, it was one I wasn’t sure I was loving but then I couldn’t put it down. so in the end it was a great read for me as well !!
    Only Mostly Devastated and Date Me Bryson Keller both sound like great reads and hearing you talk about them just made me want to pick them up ASAP !!
    Congrats on the yoga challenge and doing some Joe Wicks, I wish I was better at doing exercise but my sister does Joe Wicks and am literally sitting in the other room eating cake. An exercise video came up on my YT feed the other day and I was so confused haha !!
    Wotsits are great but I never have them !! *sad face*
    Thank you so much for sharing my post, I’m so glad you enjoyed it !! ❤ I hope you have a great June !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you soooo much!! omg literally had the same experience with it!!
      Only Mostly Devastated was good, not great!! but def see if it’d be your kind of thing!
      ahh thank you so much, I’ve enjoyed it smm!! oh my gosh that’s so relatable ahah. OH MY GOSH TRY WOTSIT THEY’RE AMAZING. No worries.

      You’re welcome, it was a great post!! thank you & you too!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. i’m so glad you had a good reading month! i haven’t read most of the books you mentioned (apart from ps i still love you, which i love but seeing the negative reviews is making me love it less, & simon which i’ll always adore). you asked for perfect & red, white and royal blue have been on my tbr for so long though! you asked for perfect i am a bit wary about because i don’t need anymore second hand stress haha. like radio silence was amazing but then i was feeling the mcs a-level stress + my own (frances was so!! relatable though).

    also YES to yoga with adriene!! i’ve been doing her yogas and meditations daily for about two years now i think and it does wonders for my anxiety & mental health. i literally refuse to do anyone else’s yogas haha. i’ve never done a challenge though so i might try the june one! but, like i’m a mood reader, i also seem to be a mood yogi?? like i’ll genuinely find myself dnf’ing a yoga and doing a different one because i’m not in the mood for it?

    loved reading this post as always!💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww thank you!! i hope your reading month was good too!! I’m sooooorrrrryyy i just :/// disagree with that book ;//// which is not a common feeling!!!
      AHHH I REALLY WANT TO READ RADIO SILENCE!! (maybe this month if I can get around to it 😉 i keep forgetting to read it!) oh gosh i totally get your concerns tho, it really stressed me out, but at the same time, it was short, so the stress didn’t last long!!

      oh my gosh TWO YEARS?? wow that’s amazingggggggg ❤ yeah I've never clicked with yoga on yt before??? she's so CALMING. ahaha mood yogi ahah!! yeah try the yoga calendars!! the challenge was honestly great, some mutuals i have on IG popped up saying that the 'home' challenge was their favourite one so far — so i definitely recommend that one! you can always give it a go and ditch it if it's not for you!! i really want to start another oneeeeee, can't wait 🙂

      thank you so much, you're so sweet!!<3

      Liked by 1 person

  7. bryson keller!! i’m so looking forward to that!! and YES to Alex being a bi!disaster but we love him 🥺 and omg thank u for mentioning me!! (my pingbacks have stuffed up really badly lately so i no longer get notified/it doesn’t show as a comment and i’m totally not freaking out!!) also CONGRATS for reading nine books it’s an achievement always. and my mum and i tried doing the 30 day yoga home challenge too!! except… we do it like once a week whoops. 🥰🥰🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES!!
      (thats so strange????) thank you smmmm I’ve never read that many books in a month??? ahhhh are you also doing the Adriene challenge?? I mean, ANY YOGA IS GOOD YOGA!! I just,, got really intense about it really fast aha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. (well looking back now it popped up like 5 hours after the post but the other one i know of still hasn’t??)
        omg congrats even MORE then!!! we were?? like my phys ed teacher told us to do it for 7 days and then she joined me for that and we said we would continue but. we are only on day 17 two months later (3??).
        also. what do you think of modern family i have seen all 11 seasons. it’s a family thing 😉 also also!! you are not the only one not freaking out about pjo!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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