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OMIGOSH BOOKS. If you’re looking for anything else from a blog, this might not be the blog for you. This is about BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS.


I think that it’s best to just get that across now.

I am a fabulous, book and CAKE devouring bookworm and am also incredibly obsessed with . . . well. . . just books and CAKE really. . .  But seriously now, why can’t I just have all the books ever? I mean,,, I’m pretty sure I could fit them all on my shelves #I’mKidding I’m doomed because MY SHELVES ARE TOO SMALL AND ARE EXPLODING ALREADY. Why why why can’t I just rob a bank so I can get all the books ever?

I think that it’s also worth while for you to know that I use hashtags ironically and generally hate them yet find them funny. Each time you see one of these bad boys (#) just imagine me laughing.

ugh this is meant to be about me.

ugh me. I’m really not that interesting.

what. can. I. say. about. me.



They actually make up my whole life. I’m not even kidding. I LOVEEEEEE books so dang much. Can someone just buy me loads of books???? thankssssssss.

This blog is basically my attempt at making people laugh while I scream about books on the internet and fail miserably like all these rebellions from the earls against William in the 11th Century, (Hiyaaaa to the other history people out there!) Hopefully this blog provides discussion topics and 100% contains someone FANHUMAN-ING (idk why but my computer keeps changing it to “FINGERLING” AND THAT SOUNDS WEIRD) over nearly everything at you with LOTS of gifs in there.

See yaaaaaaaaaaaa,





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