The Caraval Book Tag

I literally LOVE this book so much so when I saw this tag from thrice read I just HADDDDD to do it myself! Invitation Letter | A Book Release That You Have Waited Patiently For For A Very Long Time ERM........ I waited ages for ACOWAR, but like,, not even that long, I’m just WAIT… Continue reading The Caraval Book Tag

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award.

I want to thank Angelica the wonderful MAYA for nominating me for this award. Everyone please go check her blog out, she’s so lovey! “This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the… Continue reading The Black Cat Blue Sea Award.

Mystery Blogger Award!

Hey everyone, how are you? I was nominated by the lovely Riana for this tag. You can go and visit her blog here. The Mystery Blogger Award was created Okoto Enigma and you can find a link to that blog here. This is, no lie, one of my favourite tags to do, so thanks for… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award!

The Mystery Blogger Award // Rapid Fire Book Tag.

Hello everyone. As you can see, I’m still catching up on tags. MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD! The lovely IceBreaker694 nominated me for The Mystery Blogger Award absolutely ages ago (sorry it took so long for me to get round to it!) Thank you so much! THE RULES: 1. Put the award logo/image on your blog. 2. List the… Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award // Rapid Fire Book Tag.

Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag // Mystery Blogger Award.

Helloooooo. So I know that I’m still on a hiatus—but not really, at the same time—but I am so behind on tags and had this urge to complete some of them! I was tagged by SAM for “the secret life of a book blogger tag” absolutely ages ago and I am so annoyed at myself for taking… Continue reading Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag // Mystery Blogger Award.

Celebrating The Little Things Tag // The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger

Hello! Only two full days until Christmas! I think that time has just flown by and it has dawned on me that tomorrow is one year of my Bookstagram! Which is crazy! Anyways, moving on with the tags. . . Maya nominated me for Celebrating the little things tag, and you really need to go and check… Continue reading Celebrating The Little Things Tag // The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger

The Entertainer Blogger Award // The Christmas Tag.

Hello and Happy Monday everyone! I’m feeling really positive about this week (it’s my last full week before the holidays) and really feeling the Christmas vibes. I’m trying to get back to my old posting habits, and get into reading everyone’s posts, but I’m being swamped in work and having to catch up on all… Continue reading The Entertainer Blogger Award // The Christmas Tag.

The Bookish Book Lover Tag // The Literary Questions Tag!

Hello Book Lovers, Currently, I am in a really positive mood, dispite a day full of clumsiness and failures (that I’m laughing at now) and felt like some rapid-fire-q&a-ness! Sorry my post is coming much later than it usually does, I had Latin until 4:15 and didn’t get home until 5:15 (I was buying Fantastic… Continue reading The Bookish Book Lover Tag // The Literary Questions Tag!