Autumn – Whoo!

Hello, everyone. I know its been autumn for ages, I am loving autumn right now, this morning I woke up, and realised how much so. When I woke up, my window was fogged, the tiles on my bedroom floor were freezing to the touch, and I couldn't stay warm without a cardigan, slippers, and two… Continue reading Autumn – Whoo!

Positive Post | Things To Be Happy About :) 

Welcome back!  I said I was only going to do just the one post today, but I'm laying in bed, thinking "let's share some positivity!"  Things to be happy about (not in any specific order):  Family.  Friends/other loved ones. Kindness. Those really caring people. SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO IS CARING RIGHT NOW!! 🙂  BOOKS. … Continue reading Positive Post | Things To Be Happy About 🙂