Why We Should Read On Whims ft. Marvellous Books I’ve Read Via Whim.

Taking a break from my highly opinionated posts. . .  Today I will be discussing the beauty of whims. Whimsical writing is by far my favourite writing styles, but reading on a whim? EVEN BETTER, yet, I hardly pick up books on a complete whim anymore, but recently, I've started to do it more!! Kristin did a post a while… Continue reading Why We Should Read On Whims ft. Marvellous Books I’ve Read Via Whim.

Lady Midnight Review.

I AM SO SLOW AT READING BOOKS I SWEAR!! I PURCHASED THIS BOOK LAST FRICKING YEARRR AND I ONLY STARTED IT THIS MONTH?? WHY DID I WAIT THIS LONG?? IM DERANGED, BUT THATS OK. Anyway, not I’ve got that ^ out of my system I can proceed to actually be normal... wait,,, who am I kidding… Continue reading Lady Midnight Review.

A Court Of Mist And Fury…

Hello, I know I havent posted in a while, I feel so horrible for not doing so, but I have been completely wrapped up by this book in my spare time (which I have had very little of the past couple of days since returning to school). So I can hardly function right now. This… Continue reading A Court Of Mist And Fury…

A Reader’s confession tag

So, I know Ive been doing loads of tags at the moment, and not so many reviews, but here's another tag! I think that they're a good way to mix up my blog, and make things a little more interesting for you guys! I was tagged by the wonderful Zoe and Annike @twintalesbookreviews I love these… Continue reading A Reader’s confession tag

Clockwork Angel Re-read reveiw. 

  Fristly, I would just really like to apologise for not posting ... again ... And I'm not going to come up with some excuse why I didn't post ... I just didn't.   So, moving on with the review. As you know (by the title,) this is a re-read. This series —well, all Cassandra… Continue reading Clockwork Angel Re-read reveiw.