Lies bookworms will tell you – the new year scares us, okay?

Tis the season to be lying... falalalalaaaa la la...  Okay, I should just stop with the Christmas songs. IT'S NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS ANYMORE WHAT AM I DOING?!?!??!?!* ALSO, GUYS I'VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR TWO YEARRRRRSSSSSS!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STICKING AROUND!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure everyone knows that bookworms occasionally tell a small fib or two.… Continue reading Lies bookworms will tell you – the new year scares us, okay?

Mystery Blogger Award!

Hey everyone, how are you? I was nominated by the lovely Riana for this tag. You can go and visit her blog here. The Mystery Blogger Award was created Okoto Enigma and you can find a link to that blog here. This is, no lie, one of my favourite tags to do, so thanks for… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award!

Dream Crate Announcement

Hello Bookworms! Today I am announcing a wonderful opportunity from Loot Crate. Loot Crate, the crate subscription service for geeks and gamers, is putting together a really great project called 'Dream Crate' where you design a loot Crate of your own, and you can be as out-there as you'd like! And that’s not the best… Continue reading Dream Crate Announcement

Basically Me Fangirling About Buying Books. . .

Hi, everyone! This is a super odd post, but today I'm going to talk about the feeling when you buy books that you've wanted to buy for ages. Feeling one: Looking through Amazon/ a Bookshop / Book Depo for your book, knowing you can finally buy it. And admit it, you feel that twang of excitement.… Continue reading Basically Me Fangirling About Buying Books. . .

Three Truths And A Lie Tag.

Hello, again! A while ago, I was tagged by Closet readers for the three truths and a lie tag. you can all find a link tho their blog here. Their blog is amazing and you should definite;y check it out! I nominate: Twin Tales  Megan Littlebookynook Bailey My truths and a lie: I have climbed… Continue reading Three Truths And A Lie Tag.

The Book Stationary Tag! 

A another tag! I love doing tags, and this tag, I find, is so unique! Thank you so much Jasmine @howusefulitis !!!  The Rules: * Thank the creator: Sam @ RiverMooseReads * Answer the questions. * Add pictures! (If you want to) * Tag (about) 5 people. On with the tag...  Pencils -  Favorite MG or… Continue reading The Book Stationary Tag!