Hello! So, I know I’ve not been posting much apart from on Mondays, and I will explain everything eventually, but today I’m answering all the questions that I received on my Q&A! (I will answer questions in the comments too, if you wish!) Kayla @ http://www.Kdrewkthebookworm.wordpress.com My question is: What is the biggest struggle you’ve… Continue reading Q&A

The Entertainment Blogger Award.

I am so happy to be awarded this, it actually astounds me that people find my blog entertaining, ( I hope it makes you giggle in public to make you seem strange by laughing at your phone 😉😂) and just the thought of my blog making people cheerier make me really happy! So, thank you… Continue reading The Entertainment Blogger Award.

The Book Stationary Tag! 

A another tag! I love doing tags, and this tag, I find, is so unique! Thank you so much Jasmine @howusefulitis !!!  The Rules: * Thank the creator: Sam @ RiverMooseReads * Answer the questions. * Add pictures! (If you want to) * Tag (about) 5 people. On with the tag...  Pencils -  Favorite MG or… Continue reading The Book Stationary Tag!