You Were Nosy And Here Are My Answers!

HELLO MY CHERUBS. SO BLOODY AGES AGO (like a week but shush) I ASKED YOU TO ASK ME QUESTIONS AND YOU DID!! YAY IT WASN’T A COMPLETE FAILUREEEE #thankyou. SO I ACTUALLY—hang on why am I in caps??—love Q&A things because even though I post,,, quite a bit now,,, I’m still not sure how well… Continue reading You Were Nosy And Here Are My Answers!

800 Followers // Q & A

Hello human beings of all the realms! I’ve reached 800 followers on my blog, and I would like to say a mwahusive thank you to everyone. While I believe that follower count doesn’t determine how good a blog is, I still cannot believe that 800 people would actually want to hear me rambling on and… Continue reading 800 Followers // Q & A


Hello! So, I know I’ve not been posting much apart from on Mondays, and I will explain everything eventually, but today I’m answering all the questions that I received on my Q&A! (I will answer questions in the comments too, if you wish!) Kayla @ My question is: What is the biggest struggle you’ve… Continue reading Q&A