ACOWAR Review!

Hello people of wherever you come from. *brain shuts down* *cries for a thousand years* *but is also so frigging happy* I finished this book about two hours ago, and I spent three hours finishing this book and crying the entire time. I was sobbing so damn much, I had about a billion zillion tissues… Continue reading ACOWAR Review!

Empire of Storms Review.

*Disclaimer: I doubt that this post will make much sense.* But, hi anyways. OKAY OKAY OKAY. KEEP CALM, LU. So... number five. finished. done and dusted. case closed. (by the way I will be doing a spoiler section at the end, so be careful if you haven’t read it yet!) I don’t think that May… Continue reading Empire of Storms Review.

Queen of Shadows Review.

Hellooooo. Okay, so yes, I’ve finished all the SJM books that I own, it’s a sad day. This books just perfect, and I just.can. not. deal. By the way, I will be doing a spoiler section below, so watch out for that if you haven’t  read it yet! Honestly I can’t. I mean, this book… Continue reading Queen of Shadows Review.

A Court Of Mist And Fury…

Hello, I know I havent posted in a while, I feel so horrible for not doing so, but I have been completely wrapped up by this book in my spare time (which I have had very little of the past couple of days since returning to school). So I can hardly function right now. This… Continue reading A Court Of Mist And Fury…