6 Books I’d Kill (settle down, lu) For This Christmas: New Releases and Ones I’ve Yet To Read.

this is what Christmas time is all about right? Demanding for the books that you want?  Well, if it weren't before, it is now. I'm making it a thing.  There are a lot of books that I haven't got around to reading this year. i think that this has—by far!—been the worst year for me… Continue reading 6 Books I’d Kill (settle down, lu) For This Christmas: New Releases and Ones I’ve Yet To Read.


Hellloooo!! So this month I went through a slump, broke up from school and that was basically it. I actually BOUGHT books though! I got: The Raven Boys (review here) Outlander. Dragonfly in Amber. The books that I read this month is a pitiful list. Well you can hardly call it a list. The Raven… Continue reading JULY WRAP-UP / HELLO AUGUST.

Hello February! TBR & Aspirations.

Hiiii... So. February. Already? February is going to be a very busy month for me. I’ve got exams, exams, and some more exams. As well as a load of my own personal goals. The goals I’m setting aren’t HUGEEEEEE per se, but they’re basically a reiteration of “get my shit together” and random to-do’s. Aspirations: … Continue reading Hello February! TBR & Aspirations.

Hello December: TBR And Other Things!

Happy December! It is 24 days until christmas, and I plan for December to be a merry month! So what am I going to read? My True Love Gave To Me A Monster Calls Fantastic Beasts The Sun Is Also A Star Crooked Kingdom Other Aspirations: › Bake a lot,(maybe share some recipes?). I love… Continue reading Hello December: TBR And Other Things!

Series That I Need To Read. . .

‘Ello, I saw this post over at Little Fantasy Land, (you can find her post here ) and figured that I would share the “popular”/hyped series&trilogies that I have on my TBR! The Young Elites Trilogy. . . This series has been on my TBR since the beginning of this year, though, I’m glad I’ve waiter for… Continue reading Series That I Need To Read. . .

Hello October: TBR’s, aspirations, and other things… 

As it's the first of October, I wanted to do a post where I share the things I want to do most in October! My TBR's:  Dracula - with my reading club we have decided on Dracula and I think that it's perfect for October! At the moment I'm not reallly in the mood for… Continue reading Hello October: TBR’s, aspirations, and other things…