Things that are actually HARD about blogging [give yourself a pat on the back peoples]

bloggers don’t give themselves enough credit. it’s just a fact. there are MANY things about blogging that are actually hard, but we just kind of carry on, plodding on from post to post. if you’re new here, or forgot, I’m a sucky blogger. I take unannounced 6000 year hiatuses, and then return for about 3… Continue reading Things that are actually HARD about blogging [give yourself a pat on the back peoples]

Hello, it’s been a while everyone…

*covers face in shame* I don’t even want to think about how long its been since I last posted. I actually feel AWFUL about it, but I also don’t regret it because of how much dedication I’ve been able to put into my A-Levels (which are now cancelled). But what I do regret is not… Continue reading Hello, it’s been a while everyone…


Helloooo! Now let’s just set something straight, it didn’t take two years to write this. It’s taken me two years to get around to actually reading this book and all I can think now is: WHY? Why didn’t I read this sooner? Why did I not just buy all these books at once and binge… Continue reading IT TOOK TWO YEARS: ‘THE RAVEN BOYS’ REVIEW.

The Upside of Unrequited Review.

I have a problem with books... but we all knew that already. The Upside of Unrequited is a contemporary, and I know, I don’t read many as fantasy has low-key taken over my life. Howeverrrrrr, Becky Albertalli is so hyped and I’d heard loads of things about her new book so I thought,, why not?… Continue reading The Upside of Unrequited Review.

Illuminae Review

hello hello helloooooooooooooooooo, It has taken me farfarfarfarfar too long to read this book. (I’ve been saying that a lot recently?) BUT back on track, ILLUMINAE!!! SUPERSUPERSUPER happy I’ve read this now. I want the second one desperately. So if anyone per chance knows my full address and just has a random copy of Gemina lying… Continue reading Illuminae Review

A Reader’s confession tag

So, I know Ive been doing loads of tags at the moment, and not so many reviews, but here's another tag! I think that they're a good way to mix up my blog, and make things a little more interesting for you guys! I was tagged by the wonderful Zoe and Annike @twintalesbookreviews I love these… Continue reading A Reader’s confession tag

An Ember In The Ashes 

WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH THIS REVIEW?! I've been "collecting", let's say, my thoughts on this book over the past couple of days, because if I hadn't, this review would consist of way too many "Ahhh"'s and "OMG"'s instead of actual sentences. But, let's all face it, it's me, so it'll probably happen anyway!… Continue reading An Ember In The Ashes 

The Unexpected Everything

I really don't know about this book... Whether I just about liked it, or LOVED it. Let me explain...  I read this book because I am part of an online book club @teatimereaders on Instagram with my #bookstagram account. This was NOT the book I voted for August, however, I stuck with it.  And at… Continue reading The Unexpected Everything