I know what you’re thinking, but let me explain:

(by the way these aren’t in any order whatsoever!)

  • Gemina / lluminae: these two go together, but out of the two, I have to say that Gemina was my favourite because there were more feels, I felt more heart break, and I felt that the world building was so much stronger in this book. Also Nik. I fell in love with him so fast because go how much he loveeeeed her and it was so cute and he’s so smol.
  • Our Dark Duet / This Savage Song: again, ODD has to be my favourite because YES, TSS blew me away, but ODD shattered me into a million grains of sand and then scattered me across the world. I just felt so much pain in the second book, I loved it.
  • Eliza and Her Monsters: I know what you’re thinking: “OMG A CONTEMPORARY??” but yes. a contemporary. I loved this book so much. I wasn’t blown away, but it still made my heart ache and there were so many fuzzy feeling moments and it wasn’t filled with drama and pettiness and was generally lovely.
  • ACOMAF: I think that if I read it now, I wouldn’t like it to the extent that I did before, but at the time of reading it, I was absolutely dumbfounded and this book captivated me for the entire reading experience and I reread it over and over. And because of the love that I had for it before, I couldn’t not include it here.
  • THE RAVEN BOYS!!!!!!!! (books 1-3): this series. MY NEW FAVOURITE. Honestly. The first book, was nothing. LITERALLY. THIS SERIES HAS TAKEN SUCH A TURN. I DID NOT EXPECT THIS. AND I LOVE IT TO PIECES. I’m currently reading the last instalment *sobs* and I’m crying on every other page, both happy and sad crying. And I just don’t want it to end.
  • Lady Midnight: Yes, I’m ashamed at me too. I just want to sob and eat cake because WHAT WAS I DOING not reading this last year?? I BOUGHT IT LAST YEAR. I JUST NEVER PICKED IT UP??!?!? WHY?!?!? IDK. But it killed me, shoved Cortana through my heart and left me to burn in the sun, because yes, I am a vampire. AND OMG LOS IS DARK ALREADY (currently reading it because I’m really behind okay???!?! *takes a deep breath*
  • Starfish: this book was so sweet, but tackled so many stereotypes at the same time, and had a lovely message!! I just adored it, even if the romance was a little fast.
  • Warcross: a few quibbles, but the WORLD. THE WORLD. SO FREAKING AMAZING.
  • Outlander: rjgbukdfgbdjgnkr all the feels!!!!!!!! JAMIE!!!!!!!! I adore Scotland so much. I can’t even begin. This was the largest book that I read, and before, it had intimidated me sooooo much!! And, now, The next book is even longer (1200pg) and I’m scaredddddddd. . . *runs away*
  • And number ten is. . .  *RUNS AWAY!!* Guys I seriously cannot pick. this is too difficult. I’m going to keep this spot open because WHAT IF I FINISH A BOOK AND THEN REALLY LOVE IT MORE THAN A BOOK ALREADY ON THIS LIST??? SO I’LL JUST LEAVE THIS ONE EMPTY JUST IN CASE. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING. I’M NOT PANICKED, STOP SAYING THAT!!!