Audio Books? Whoop Whoop! 

Hello world! You may not believe this, but I’ve never listened to an audio book before. 

I’m currently listening to Dracula, as I was really enjoying the book at first, but then I read Dreamology, and I couldn’t get back into it. 

I’d never thought of listening to it! And now that I’ve started listening to it, I am way more into it. 

And also, because it is a classic, I find that I understand that book was better/easier and did that I actually take in the information being read much easier. 

Today, while talking on bookstagram, Fiona (who I’m reading A Torch Against The Night with,) told Tilda ( the person who I am also buddy reading with) about this app! And I am thankful. It’s free too. And a new person reads each chapter! 

Currently I’m listening to chapter three and thinking of listening to A Christmas Carol too, before I read it in class. 

I am so happy that I now have access to these audio books! 

Do you listen to audio books? 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!! 



9 thoughts on “Audio Books? Whoop Whoop! 

  1. I’ve never listened to an audio book before but I’m seriously considering taking the plunge and trying one out 🙂 I think they’ll be good for when I’m doing more mundane tasks, like housework.

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