6 Comfort Reads: The Books I Constantly Re-Read With Zero Shame and You Should Do The Same.

right now, in this crazy world, we need some time for self-care and relaxation. So why not make yourself uncontrollably SOB? if that’s not self-care, i don’t know what is. 

And of course, rather than reading all the new books I haven’t read, I’ll reread all of these for the millionth time because… that common sense isn’t it?? 

And will I aim to read all of these books during lockdown? absolutely!! (And I didn’t realise but all of these books are LGBTQ+ in someway!!

I wish you all the best 

I waited soooo long tor read this book, and it absolutely did not disappoint! I reread this book all the time, and no matter how many times i reread it, I still get all those mushy-sad-happy feelings that I got the first time. I think that this is also a SUPER important book that just squishes my heart in all the best of ways. I cannot properly express my love for this book in a short paragraph, it’s just that good.

simon vs the homo sapien’s agenda 

ahhh this cute, fluffy book!!! (BUT ALSO MAKES ME CRY)

I cannot wait to reread this, maybe once i’ve tackled ‘The Cruel Prince’ which has been sat on my shelf for YEARS unread and lonely : ( But honestly, I loved this book so much, I thought that it was adorable and wholesome and is so easy to keep going back to whenever you feel like it. when you’re sad? when you’re happy? when you’re stressed? when you’re sleepy? when you can’t be arsed to really pay attention to a book but you want to read nonetheless? yes yes yes yes yes. I ADORE THIS BOOK.

(ALSO: on the day of writing this post I just found and #ownvoices book very much like this one but a few stomps on the heart more painful: ‘date me, bryson keller’)

Red White Royal Blue 

I JUST RE-READ THIS. Oh my heart. I keep forgetting what a bi!disaster the mc is, but every time i read it i get reminded instantly. Honestly, this book is top-notch quality humour, sass, and sarcasm and I absolutely ADORE IT. I think it’s a great book, in all the times I’ve read it (a lot) I’ve never read it and thought ‘ehh‘ at a single thing written, got bored while reading it and wanted to give up on it, or anything. And while it is, arguably, about politics and stuff and reelection, it’s not overwhelmingly about politics, it’s not confusing or dull! You could literally know nothing about the U.S and this book would still make sense.

Emergency Contact

This is a recent-read but WHERE has this been all my life? I’ve heard about this book for YEARS, possessed it for YEARS and I’ve only jut read it? This book, while taking a moment for me to get really attached to, was so easy to get through and i loved every thing ❤ Sam is such a smol son who needs all the love in the world (and then some!!) & the anxiety rep was *chef-kiss*

I hadn’t read a duo-pov in a while and this justtttttt. was so good. i loved having two povs!!

Totally underestimated my love for this book, and i will absolutely be reading this book of sweetness again SOON. (and you better be too)

All For The Game

i meant the whole trilogy but could only be bothered to put one cover for the *aesthetic*

(is this even a post by me if this isn’t mentioned?)

GAH. I reread these books so many times last year and i’ve missed themmmmmm. This is a stressful trilogy, somehow about the MAFIA AND SPORT? because those go together??? but it works!!!! the SHIP. THE SHIP. THE SHIP.

Honestly, there isn’t anything that i dislike about this trilogy apart from the fact that there’s no more books to read after it’s finished. I just want INFINITE books on these pairings, but alas, there isn’t so I’ll just have to reread it over and over again.

Honestly, what was i doing before i read these books?

(warning for: ableist language, a lot of violence, torture)

Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe

SORRY BUT. THIS BOOK IS PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING? Historical fiction + lgbtq + AOC + not!! white!! characters!! like can we just. can we just hold and love this book forever.

this book has such a UNIQUE writing style, I sobbed at every page almost by about 1/4 of the way through and have no regrets whatsoever. Just you tryyyy and snatch this out of my hands. i DARE you. can we just love this book forever? any objections? no? perfect.

close calls: 

(autoboyography is in the close calls category ONLY because i don’t JUST sob when i read that book. it DESTROYS ME. it smashes my heart into a gazillion pieces and… i need time to prepare for that) 

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have you read any of these? what are YOUR comfort reads? let me knowwwww

25 thoughts on “6 Comfort Reads: The Books I Constantly Re-Read With Zero Shame and You Should Do The Same.”

  1. omg ok my heart, this is too relatable. especially aftg?! I was just saying to someone i want to reread it SO BAD even though i’ve already reread this year. But rereads are perfect because you know you’re in for the perfect read 🥺I also reread RW&RB and fajsdkald the absolute queer disaster levels there is everything.

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  2. the fact that pretty much all but one of these titles are gay, though? we love comforting queer reads!
    as much as i love ari & dante, i don’t know if i’d consider a comfort read necessarily, because it does feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest every time i read it. i think that’s the same way i felt about the raven cycle sometimes, too.
    but i completely agree with carry on, though! this book is SO sweet and laugh-out-loud, plus really easy to go through, even if fantasy is not my genre.
    amazing list, lu!

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    1. ahaah i didn’t even think about that until I was going over it at the end?!?!?

      Yeah i feel like fantasy isn’t really my genre anymore? but CARRY ON is a book i will always be able to return to.

      Ahhh the raven cycleeeee i feel like that just fits all my moods? i could read it at any time!! fair enough about ari and dante, i think i cried at every page at some point but *shrugs* i love it.

      thank you sm ❤

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  3. Ok first off I love that your title rhymes!!
    Second of all I feel so bad saying that I’ve literally read one book on this list which is terrible. Simon VS is 100% a comfort read for me as well, I absolutely adore it and have read it so many times. I haven’t seen the film though but I definitely need to.
    Other than that though, the rest are on my tbr:))) Especially RW&RB, Emergency Contact & I Wish You All The Best.
    I’d say my other comfort reads are The Hate U Give (even though it’s quite a tense read??), Since You’ve Been Gone (which I am SO in the mood to reread) and Harry Potter. The book I’m rereading at the moment (Yes, No, Maybe So) also has a lot of potential because Maya and Jamie are adorable.
    Loved reading this post!💗


    1. ahhh thank you!! i honestly didn’t realise until someone else pointed it out in the comments!!

      AHHHH SIMON VSSSSSSS… i can’t wait to read it again… I’m gonna have to indulge and read it asap! GAHHH THE FILM WAS CUTE AF.

      ahhh please read them soon, they’re so good!!

      Oh my gosh I’ve heard so much about Yes, No, Maybe so and I’ve heard so much about it — was so tempted to buy it when i last did a book haul!!
      thank you sm ❤

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  4. omg so i only read aftg this month but i’m already Very Obsessed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the!!! romance!!!! (‘a lot of violence’ sums it up) everything!!! i will be just dying it’s fine!!! i’m not over it!!!

    ari and dante is amazing!!! i read it end of march but debating rereading for Pride… should i??? autoboyography is a def comfort for me- i love it so much fff guaranteed crying every time.

    you asked for perfect and carry on MIGHT be on there??? close to comfort??? but the raven cycle oh boy that series is the love of my life in this essay i will

    i am very sorry for the long comment but i needed to express my love for everything ❤

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    1. the!! romance!! sorryyyyy everyone but it’s the most wholesome thing???? violent boys being soft *melts*


      THE RAVEN CYCLE…. oh lord words do not explain well enough…


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  5. i am just marvelling at your title that rhymes…. iconic

    Omg okay so I need to read Date Me Bryson Keller then? I got approved for an eARC 👀

    we won’t talk about how many times i just lazily page through rw&rb when i feel sad. okay therapy session oVeR nOw Lu

    aghhh i MUST read Emergency Contact nowwwwwww

    yes ignore the fact that I haven’t gotten to AFTG yet. i’m bad at books okay, stop calling me out with your dang posts

    Liked by 2 people

    1. lol i didn’t even mean for it to :/ guess I’m just that amazing.

      ERRR YES U DO. Oh god rwrb is just.. jtseukthske. NORAAAA.

      ffs just read it it takes like three seconds!!! they’re so short and solo good and dgnjdngjg the SHIPS.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Nice list! I very much NEED to read emergency contact! It’s on my shelves and everything.. 😅 one of my next ones for sure (got a blog tour first..) — and i still have red, white & royal blue on my virtual wanna read. Altough at first I wasnt interested because I saw « politics »… y’all sold it to me xd

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks!! oh my gosh yessssss, it’s great, not what I expected at all! THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO HEAR!! Honestly, the politics is not scary intense at all, and I hope that you get around to reading it soon & love it when you do ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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