Discussion: What Makes Me Comment On A Post, Commenting Expectations (watch me sob) & All The Appreciation for them.


I used to really suck at this. and now i’ve been commenting a lot more — because (for once) i have the time. i still suck at this. just not as much

I’m still looking for more blogs to follow (link some of your faves below) because i really do have that much time on my hands right now.

But, i think it’s really interesting to see the reasons I would/wouldn’t comment on a post?? there are some trends I’ve been noticing??? So I’d like to point them out, and see if others feel the same!

also: id like to encourage everyone to still take the time to keep educating yourselves about BLM, much like i am at the moment, so we can be the best allies we can be ❤


having the time to blog wasn’t exactly something I had during the school year. I barely had enough time to read and blog, and finding/reading/commenting is a LONG process sometimes.

Plus, being stressed with school, and general life, doesn’t exactly make it easy, and I’m 1000% sure that others feel the same. you HAVE to prioritise your mental health over something that you feel you “have” to do — like commenting which is, really, something you don’t “have to” do it at all.

If I’m feeling eh and all ghghghhsh inside? I probably won’t even look at any posts that day because i want to be excited with people and if i know I won’t be? I’d rather save the posts and catch up when i’m in a good mood!!

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Are YOU shown in your post? Your personality can make ALLL the difference. are you excited???

me, actually reacting to posts where ppl are excited as i am about a book ^

I read some posts and I get so HAPPY because the person who wrote them was passionate and excited!! If you’re enthusiastic it makes it way easier for 1) people to get excited with you 2) you’re approachable!! 

For example, showing some personality and engaging with readers can make a TTT/WWW post (which i personally find that I don’t comment on as frequently) really exciting to read and make me want to comment.

  • also, it’s super nice to get a sense of the person BEHIND the screen, because then it’s kind of like talking to someone that you know? you know? and you’re more likely to go back to the blog / engage with the posts in the future!!

this??? is how i show my personality??? and lots of (these) (bad) (boys) because I’m (very) chaotic and don’t make (that much) sense and have (a lot of) things to say (all) at once. and i very frequently just chuck in the occasional sjkgnksjdgjksdngjkgnj because why not?

also can we take a time to talk about passionate reviews??? i LOVE reading those reviews. They 1) make me excited for the blogger 2) make me want to scream with them if i’ve read it too or 3) read the book (and tell them that they’ve made me want to read it!!)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2017-09-29-18-15-41.png


kinda similar to the last one!!

ie: its a review about a book I want to read and their thoughts intrigue me / they’re my friend (tho pretty sure no one remembers me bc I was gone so long) I relate to what they’re saying, or…

I JUST WANT TO SAY SOMETHING because their post evokes similar feelings for me.

again: using a TTT or WWW post: if they mention books that i LOVE and talk about them and get excited and all srgbkjesgnjskdgjksgjn????


BUT on the other hand, if for example, there’s a review (i keep talking about reviews *shrug*) on a book that i didn’t know about, or maybe discussing something that i HADN’T considered before, this can equally capture my attention and make me comment…

as long as other criteria are being met (engaging, excitement, maybe some discussion prompts) i’ll feel like I can comment!! if anything — these are the best ones!!!

because!! it’s telling you something that you didn’t know before!! and that!! is FAR more interesting than hearing something you already knew 1000x before!!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2017-09-29-18-15-41.png


is your post tackling a subject/theme that I can ACTIVELY leave a comment on, rather than saying “ i loved this review *screams about the book*”? (tho those comments are also v appreciated)

As long as these posts aren’t too word-heavy and blocky, I’ll be able to follow along and probably want to continue to read your opinions on a matter and then share mine with you!! I LOVE PEOPLE SHARING OPINIONS.

(read: please don’t have have really long paragraphs more than 4-5 lines on the reader because my attention span is this big [ ] and won’t cope. make it colourful and

like this

so it’s

easier to pay attention)

[maybe not exactly like that b’/c its

super annoying for you to read

isn’t it]

Also: even on regular posts (not discussion posts) if the blogger leaves QUESTIONS at the end of their post, it sometimes makes it way easier to formulate a response to them, and to think of what I want to say.

  • FOR EXAMPLE: I will probably 9.8 times out of 10 leave questions at the end of my posts!!
  • for me, it’s just a habit now, but i GENUINELY want to read responses to them and talk to people in the comments!!
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sometimes, it’s just a nice thing to comment on someone’s post, expecting nothing in return. it’s nice just leaving a comment on someone’s blog, telling them that you liked what you read/you like their blog etc. comments like these can acc really make someone’s day because writing posts takes sm time!!

and it means that their efforts get recognised!! you don’t always have to leave an essay in the comments!!

Commenting doesn’t/should not have strings attached. commenting is not a ‘i commented on your post so now you have to comment on mine‘ situation. like i said with point one, no blogger should feel the ‘need’ to do anything.


The expectation that we put on ourselves is to read every post in our reader, while finding new blogs and reading their posts, and leaving lots of lovely comments, while also talking to bloggers on OTHER platforms, while writing posts and reading books (which takes a lot of time, hello!)

those ^ are expectations that no human can sustain. like,,, we just can’t “networking” and doing all that ^^^^ takes hours. and we have school. or uni. and JOBS. and commitments. and people to see. and stuff to do. like at a m i n i m u m .

we cannot expect everyone who reads our posts to comment all the time.

blogging is a totally personal experience and we should all take into consideration the situations of others!!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2018-06-02-14-37-45.png

What makes you comment on a post? are there specific topics/posts that you seem to comment on more frequently? do you enjoy having discussions in the comments? do you find it easy to comment on discussion posts? do you also have these expectations about how many comments you should be leaving?

34 thoughts on “Discussion: What Makes Me Comment On A Post, Commenting Expectations (watch me sob) & All The Appreciation for them.”

  1. Oh gosh I agree about having time and mental energy- as much as I’d love to comment on everything, that’s not always possible. And I do especially like to comment on discussions (and when it’s an opportunity to fangirl 😉 ) Great discussion!

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  2. Time and my mental headspace is definitely a big contributor about why I (don’t) comment. I used to be so super active and these past months I’ve just been slacking MASSIVELY. But you perfectly captured the reasons why I would definitely make the effort. I appreciate it so much when people make their posts engaging and easy to interact with. Readability is also key, especially when it’s something super long and obviously, I always want to support my friends and people I admire. GREAT POST! ❤

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  3. Aww LUUUU! You are back! SOO SOO HAPPYYYY!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘

    And this post – agree with you completely – especially the excitement and authenticity part! 😇

    Loved this post and SOO SOO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE BACK AGAIN! Don’t go a-wandering now! 🤣🤣

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  4. i relate a lot to this post! i’ve definitely found that having the time/energy is a big thing for me, especially with school but even outside of school (like rn lol)! mental health is a factor for me as well — sometimes i just can’t make myself do anything in a day, and that includes commenting. though it’s strange because once i get into it, i find that i feel better lmao! one day i really want to just visit random blogs and leave a few comments on their posts for no reason other than the fact that i just wanna show them some love haha!! ❤

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    1. Yeah i feel the same??? for the past month I just haven’t had the mental energy to do anything related to reading or blogging but now that I’m responding to comments I feel a bit better??? HUMANS ARE STRANGE

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  5. You raise a lot of good points here! It’s funny, I don’t actually end up responding to the questions at the end of blog posts people leave that much, yet I write my own? I think it’s a thing that really depends on the person. Personality is super important and you’re totally right, I’m more likely to comment on a post if I can have a discussion about something in it rather than just being like great post.


  6. I love this post so, so much. That n°1 is a MOOD and something it took me, like, YEARS to come to terms with, because I just always wanted to support people as best as I could, but sometimes… well I just can’t. I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, I’m just not feeling it and commenting shouldn’t be something you force, but something you want to do when you can, have the time and energy to scream about everything with others. And yeeeeeeees to the excitment! I love it when I can FEEL the passion in someone’s post, it really shows and it just makes me want to engage even more with them! 😀

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  7. *sighs* I used to be so good at commenting on everyone’s posts but now I’m so busy that I normally don’t have the time or energy to formulate a comment 😔 I try tho & as soon as I’m caught up on posts I’m gonna try harder 😂

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  8. I feel this post. Especially point number one. Usually, I don’t really need that the post I target for commenting (aka the one that seems interesting and I want to read) have to bring around some specific mark, as I like when the blogger write down something that makes my mind engage somehow? But also very funny chaotic post are good too, as word-vomit always leave some stuff I’m interested into.

    But turning back to point one? Omg yes. Sometimes there are posts I really like and I would love to say something but my brain just goes *puddle puddle* and I stare at the words, ending up just liking the post. And that’s my max when I’m not feeling in my blogging game.

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    1. omg i do love funny chaotic word – vomit posts!! they’re so good to read.

      omg yes, some posts i LOVE but then when i go to write a comment there’s just *crickets*


  9. honestly my comments a) make no sense, and b) only really go to like 7 blogs that i read and interact with. i am not good at blog hopping.
    ranting about books you both had Strong Feelings about is the best!! i need to start promoting different books because it would probably make things easier… oops? (it’s my brand i can’t help it)
    great discussion lu!! (also brackets. lots and lots of brackets.)

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  10. I’ve been commenting on posts more because I have always been shy to in the past. Also, I don’t receive many comments on my posts and I feel that commenting is a two-way street, so if I start then I can build engagement with other bloggers.
    I read the part about active engagement with questions at the end of blog posts. I stopped doing that because I didn’t receive replies and felt bad for asking people to comment. But I might do it more if that’s what people look for 🥰
    Thank you for writing this post, it has helped boost my confidence in commenting on people’s posts and what to add in my own posts to make them more appealing xx

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    1. I’m so glad that this post was helpful!! I remembered being soooo shy when I first started my blog (and even now tbh!!) I think a lot of it is trial and error and just seeing what works for you!! ❤

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  11. Number one is probably my biggest criteria. There are some days where I just have no energy, and even if I really want to, I never force myself to comment. I love commenting, and so I want to comment when it will be an enjoyable experience for me! Of course, whatever else I have going on makes a really big impact as well. When I was in school it was so much more difficult to comment and blog hop, but now that my semester is over and I’m on vacation, I’ve been commenting on blogs I follow, AND blog hopping to 10+ new blogs, almost every day!

    I definitely have criteria for the posts that I comment on though, especially while blog hopping. I think it’s easier to comment on blogs that I already follow, since I only follow blogs that have the kind of posts and formats that I like commenting on. For me that means lots of discussion posts, and no blocks of text! I need a gif, or a font change, or a color shade. SOMETHING needs to change every once in a while. I also very rarely comment on reviews unless it’s a book I love or one that I want to learn more about. But again, it can’t just all be text, and I want to have something to comment on by the end of it. I like leaving detailed comments (like this one), not just “Great post!”.

    I always love supporting people and just showing them how much their content meant to me. I think that’s why I leave such lengthy comments. If their posts inspired me to think a different way or I want to share my own experiences, now that a blogger has shared theirs, I think it’s worth my time to tell them how much I loved each and every detail of their post.

    And while I totally agree that no one is required to come visit my blog and comment once I’ve commented on their blog, it’s always nice when that happens! Because I also love responding to comments on my own posts, so it always makes me happy when someone takes the time to reciprocate, and start a discussion with me on my platform!

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    1. oh my gosh yes after school finishing I spent sm time blogging and commenting because it gave me something to do and was so enjoyable. I get what you mean as well, the past two weeks i haven’t been commenting as much because i didn’t really have the energy and i really wanted to focus on educating myself on what’s happening around the world at the moment.

      yess omg i find it so hard to follow and comment on posts that have huge paragraphsssss. (how i read books i have no clue) and omg yes i love leaving long comments too!! yes it’s solo nice when you reply to a comment and they respond!! i think it’s so good to get to know other bloggers.

      yeah, i think that reciprocating comments is lovely but at the same time i also understand that everyone has their own lives and gets busy ahah!! ❤ ❤

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  12. Someone who gets it! Honestly, reading your post has made me feel so much better. I actually stopped posting for over a year because I had gone back to university to do a post grad course and I was ashamed that I didn’t have the time or mental energy to interact with other bloggers as much as I used to. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers do have this ‘I comment on yours, you comment on mine’ attitude and it’s so toxic. Blogging should be an enjoyable experience. Great post ❤

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    1. omg JAZZ!!
      I’m so glad this post made you feel better!! i totally get what you mean, I did the same thing for my last year of a-levels, I just didn’t have the time available that i wanted to commit to interacting with others. thank you sm ❤


  13. I’m most likely to leave a comment if somebody mentioned a book/topic that I have FEELINGS about. Or just want to jabber at them. I almost never comment on posts with next to no text, and have stopped reading TTT completely because so many people just post pictures and titles of 10 books. Like, what am I going to say to that?

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  14. Myself, the first thing that gets me to comment is high readability on the Reader. Which means a headline I’m interested in and a great first two lines (which your post did, because I’m here, lol).

    And your point #4 is so important. If I have nothing to reply to, I’ll just move on.

    This was a pretty interesting topic, so thanks for sharing!

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