Welcome, welcome, welcome!!

If you’re looking for anything else from a blog, this might not be the blog for you.

I think that it’s best to just get that across now.

i had to update this because 16 year old me wrote the last one and i forgot how AWFUL it was. i want to burn the memory of it from my brain with the heat of 1009 suns.

i am a self-proclaimed cake and rereading Queen and that needs to be accepted here and now and that’s the end of that.


(18 years old when writing this)

(english and french)

(doesn’t like rude people)

(if you’re serious this blog might not be for you)

95 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Oh my god you are like my,, SISTER IN ANOTHER WORLD??? I found your blog (through the lovely Ilsa <3) and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Ahahhaha I'm definitely a # user as well, AND GIFS. MY ONE TRUE LOVE. Besides books. And mangoes. So excited to see what you'll be posting, Lu!

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  2. […] It’s Lu Again is forever going to be one of the blogs that entertain me the most. Lu’s rants are hilarious and I love her writing style. I can legitimately hear her shouting at me through the screen whenever she goes all out and uses capitals (which is a lot, I must say). Also, the GIFS ARE LIFE. […]


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