Amy & Rodger’s Epic Detour Review. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

I really enjoyed this book, it’s definitely my kind of genre and it was so cute. I found it a little cliché in some parts, but it was still a good read. What I really liked aswell was the flash backs into Amy’s memories. I think that it really added to her character  and you could really understand her point of view/ emotions. In general I think that both characters were really well developed as they both had interesting backgrounds that made an interesting story even more interesting! 

I haven’t read much since reading this book, I think it may have given me a bit of a book-hangover. It was one of those books that I really wanted to read and finish yet to never end all the same! You know those books that pull you in so stringly that you want to stay within the pages all the time? This book is one of those books. And I know I say that about ALOT of books, but it is so incredibly true with this book for me! 

What I think made me like this book so much is the road trip. I love books that are in multiple places and where the characters travel around and find new places, so this book was perfect to meet that criteria. 

The only thing that i would have preferred is for it to be a little longer and a little  more descriptive about the palces that they went so it didn’t seem like such a quick read. But apart  from that — I loved this book and I would totally recommend it as I haven’t come across that many people who have read it yet!! Tell me if you have, and whether you liked it!

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