The Bookish Book Lover Tag 

Happy Friday evening everyone, it’s finally the weekend *whole world breaks into a dance* 

I was tagged by @OneBookishGirl for the Bookish Book Lover Tag yesterday! Thank you so so much!everyone go checkout her blog! 

Firstly, the rules: 

  • Use the banner. 
  • Answer the questions with lots of book covers! 
  • Tag your bookish friends. 

On with the questions: 

1. Books you are currently reading? 

I am currently reading…Dracula!

2. The last book you finished? 

Six of Crows! 

I absolutely loved this book, it was amazing! 

3. Your favourite read this year?

An Ember In The Ashes! I can’t even put into words how perfect I found this book! 

4. The genre that you’ve read most this year? 

Contemporary YA, just because that’s what I automatically read, but I’m trying to mix it up! I think Fantasy is very close behind! 

5. The genre you’ve least read this year? 

Non- fiction. 

6. A genre you’d like to read more of? 

FANTASY!!! I’ve got into it loads this year and I am so gripped by the genre as a whole! 

7. How many books have you read this year? And what’s your goal? 

My goal was 30 books, and I’ve read 22 or 23? I’m hoping to read a lot more this month and November. 

8. The last book you bought? 

Six of Crows/ An Ember In The Ashes, I bought them both on the same day.

9. Book your saving up to but next? 

Crooked Kingdom! I need to know what happens next after Six of Crows!!! 

10. How many books did you last check out of the library? 

I don’t have a library card, but I really need to get one! 

11. A book you can’t wait to read? 

A Torch Against The Night!!!!! 


12. A series that you recommend to everyone? 

The Mortal Instruments!!! I love this series!!! 

Also The Infernal Devices, also a great read!

13. An author you hope will right more? 

Jennifer Niven! I absolutely loved All The Bright Places and I want her to write more so badly! 

14. A few books your heart adored? 

  • Harry Potter and the cursed child, Scorpius made my heart melt with his absolute amazingness and I love him! 
  • An Ember In The Ashes, Elias and Laia were so cute, and would be great together! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book! 

15.  A series conclusion that made you sad? 

None really, I’ve loved all of the series that I’ve read so far! I mostly read stand alones, anyway. 

16. Books on your wish list? 

  • P.S I like you 
  • On the fence 
  • Crooked Kingdom 
  • Passenger 

And many more!! I posted a TBR lately, feel free to check it out ☺️. 

I tag: 

Feel free to participate! I would tag more people, but my WordPress is acting up today 😬. 

Thank you for reading, 

As always,


38 thoughts on “The Bookish Book Lover Tag ”

  1. Crooked Kingdom and A Torch Against The Night are literally everything ❤ I was the same too, I only got into fantasy last December and haven't gone back since 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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