100th Post | Looking Back & Looking Forwards!


OMG. I made it to 100 posts, and it is crazy.

So instead of saying “OMG” for the entire post, like I usually do when I’m happy/overly excited, I though that I would look back on blogging so far, and look to the future.

I started blogging around January this year, and I was a really lazy blogger. I don’t think that I posted for weeks at a time, and even went a whole month without blogging. Personally, I don’t know how I could have don’t that as blogging is literally my life now. I can’t go a day without it.

I picked up blogging again in august, with a review for Red Queen, and the response to that was the largest response that I had ever received. I carried on blogging through September, making a few posts a week, then BOOM. I set October goals, read more books that I enjoyed, and posted wayyyy more.

In the half-term I went a bit posting-crazy, as I was posting 2-4 times a day.

Which leads up to now. When I’m at my 100th post, and not really realising that I’ve written that many. Obviously, 100 isn’t that many, but the shock of realising, “wow this is my 100th post” was really unexpected.

Looking forwards:

I obviously want to keep blogging, and keep blogging regularly, even if school work is consuming me. I’d love to post once a day every day, but I want to be realistic. Next year, when my work load increases, I won’t be able to do that, unless I am scheduling posts like crazy. I definitely want to be able to continue NoBloPoMo, and am already coming up with posts for December.







20 thoughts on “100th Post | Looking Back & Looking Forwards!”

  1. Congratulations! You can’t go a day without blogging and I can’t go a day without reading your blog! You make reading 10x more fun and I can’t wait to see what is buzzing around in your mind next! haha. Here are to another 100 posts!


    1. Thanks! I wrote A LOT in October, and I’ve been blogging for around 11 months now.
      I’m sure you’ll be writing loads more blog posts in the future 🙂

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