Slump. Slump. Slump. Or Am I Being Lazy?

So hellooooo.

It feels like I haven’t posted in agesss. I sowwyyyyy.

I don’t know what it is, I think that I’m just in a reading and blogging slump. Do they even exist? Well now they do.

I’ve been revising for my exams in two weeks — eekkkkkkkkk, and am in a bit of a reading slump, as I think all the SJM books have finally hit me and now I’m slowly going insane over them. And then I’m just tired and have no motivation to write.

And I don’t really know why, I think it’s a combination of lots of work, being tired and hungry 24/7, but today I was just feeling so meh about everything. And it wasn’t happy, it wasn’t sad, it was just so. . . neutral.

And I just feel like all the revision, and extra work is draining the life out of me—hopefully not literally—and it’s not just me, but also my peers at school, who are feeling like this. And as a result? NO INSPIRATION. NO MOTIVATION. Even getting through the school day, walking home, completing the work is too much. It’s all just a little bit TOO much.

So, over the holiday I plan to have one weekend of no work. And I am so excited for the no work. I do not even intend to open a school related book for two days, and just give myself a break. After two weeks of studying everyday, I think that I need a break. Would you not agree?

Then, the following week, I plan to get my shit together and study for about 2 hours per day, spread out, and relaxed. So I don’t stress out like I did the last time.

So you know in school there’s always that one person who goes crazy with revision and goes a bit mad and sleep-deprived? From the sounds of it, everyone thinks that it’s me? And it seems that people haven’t started revising yet, or only just begun and now I’m worried that I actually seem mad(der) than usual.

So basically what I could have said apart from all of that is: I’m in a slump, and I’m drowning in school work. Byeeeeee. . .

And my phone just died when I was replying on snapchat. . . and now I seem rude.


Lu X


21 thoughts on “Slump. Slump. Slump. Or Am I Being Lazy?”

  1. I’m so so sorry for not commenting for ages. I think you need to concentrate on YOURSELF: blogging comes second to looking after you. Give yourself a break, and don’t worry; I think you need to take things slowly and a little bit at a time xx

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    1. Don’t apologise, it’s absolutely fineeeeeeee. Aw, thank you for this. I think that I struggle with not putting blogging first, and then stress about everything else. Thank you again for this xx

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  2. I can relate. I’m doing so much revision at the moment by the time it comes to reading I’m too exhausted to do it. Taking a break sounds lick a great idea though. Good luck with your exams😊

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  3. I wish you the best of luck with your work! It is okay to be in a slump, I don’t think you’re being lazy at all! Go with it. Give your body and mind the chance to relax into it free of guilt and pressure. And now this blog will be there when you can devote your time and creative energy into it!

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  4. I think this is a great idea: relaxing is important, especially around exam time, and you have to keep your mental health steady. Well done for recognising what is best for you — good luck! X

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