Lies bookworms will tell you – the new year scares us, okay?

Tis the season to be lying… falalalalaaaa la la..

Okay, I should just stop with the Christmas songs. IT’S NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS ANYMORE WHAT AM I DOING?!?!??!?!*


3 Bouquet

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that bookworms occasionally tell a small fib or two. . .Or maybe just… They lie all the time. . . But hang on, we have valid reasons for lying. People lie to us all the time and now we have trust issues which lead to us lying to you. All we lie to you just because we don’t want to hear your judgement when we read “too many books” kind of normal, whatever that may mean. Hey, everyone does it! Shussh, we know that you judge ussssssss. Don’t even try denying it. . .

The new year also brings a lot of lies for bookworms, it’s just a thing, okay?

*I ask myself this daily…


1. My TBR hasn’t grown by 10045

We all know this dread. The dread that our TBR will grow to an, even more,* unconquerable pile and then we will die with a pile of unread books scattered around us and we will be buried with the shame on display for all to see.


awwwwww leooooooooo!!!! (also literally me 98% of the time when a book doesn’t arrive)


Honestly, the new year has terrified me. I haven’t read anything this year, but I’ve added about 3757235283 books to my TBR and. they. will. not. get. read. Like, ever.

Can I just please cry now.**

*this is awful English.**i may.

2. My Goodreads goal is totally achievable… *scoff*

Oh, I’m too scared to even SET a Goodreads goal. WHAT IF I NEVER REACH IT. I want to be able to set it at 50 books since I read 45 this year, BUT I CAN’T DO IT.

I’ll just keep lying to myself: I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

We like to think we can do things, and we lie to ourselves in order to try and REMAIN “OPTIMISTIC” but we just don’t even know that word’s meaning. We are not “optimistic” creatures, ok?

3. I’ve already read 3756 books this year *they say on January 4th* *pfft*


GUYS I HAVE READ NOTHING. I have genuinely read NOTHING this year. I haven’t even opened a book yet and that terrifies me.

The thought of reading terrifies me.

What has happened to me!!!!!!!!!! GUYS I’M ACTUALLY GOING MAD!!!!

reasons why I should read. a. damn. book 1) I love reading, 2) erm not reading leaves me with “nothing” to read, 3) not reading is weird for me, 4) I’M PANICKING THAT I ALREADY WON’T MEET MY GOODREADS.


4. I will defeat my TBR this year!!!!! *they say with gusto!* 

This is just another lie. An outright L.I.E. 

Just no. Every year we tell ourselves this, every year we tell ourselves that YES THIS IS THE YEAR that we will defeat our immense TBR that looms over us in its ever-present threat.

However, we will acknowledge that this lie, however HUGE, we need this lie. We need this lie t get us through the year.

5. I’m not going to go mad and buy 8375  books this year…


Guys, just no. We need to stop telling ourselves this.

Each year I tell myself that I will not spend loads of money on books, but this literally goes down the drain and I buy all the books that I want to read instead of turning to the libraries; telling myself that “the library doesn’t have this book!!” which is actually true 80% of the time.

6. I’ve got this all planned out…

We literally have no idea what we’re doing. We flail around all year long with no plan whatsoever and really just hope for the best. . . or whatever can come from getting your heart ripped out dozens upon dozens of times each year. . .

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Do you relate to any of these? If not, what lies do you tell yourself to get you through the new year regarding books? Let me know in the comments! 



32 thoughts on “Lies bookworms will tell you – the new year scares us, okay?”

  1. Great start, lol 🙂
    My TBR grows by the second, honestly, I constantly add more books to it.
    It’s true, actually, having a blog now scares me because I feel like I have to complete my reading challenge to prove something?!?
    IDK, but I’ll still try to read plenty because I love reading ♥
    But, I get so tired sometimes and can’t read for days on end. Also, schoolwork piles up higher than my TBR and finals are in 2 weeks and a new semester is starting and I want to gnaw on moon craters because I am so nervous
    I never buy books anymore. I have taken over the library and now it’s my kingdom and I shall have all the books there xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here! It just grows out of control!!
      Yesss that’s exactly what I feel sometimes!! And it’s crazy to think like that yet we still do 🙈
      Yessssss its important to prioritise and make sure that you have a balance!!
      I wish that I could rely on my library, but there are hardly any books there that I’m interested in reading 😭😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. omg omg congrats on 2 years & you deserve ALL that you accomplished & I’m so glad we met & became friends because you’re AMAZING & I love you!!!! and aggagh THESE ARE SO TRUE. I always lie about getting around to my RTCs,,, no that’s not happening. and omg YES to the “I will defeat my TBR this year” lie. I LIKE to think that, but honestly, it ain’t happening. 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are so relatable, haha. And what’s worse is how I really believe my lies, like I can totally defeat that TBR. Also, I’m definitely not going to buy too many books this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh man some of these are lies I tell as well. At the moment my main lie is that I’m going to try and stick to a book buying budget this year (I feel like that’ll go as well as me trying to keep some of my new years resolutions (so not well at all)). Still at least we’re all in the same situation here, and you never know maybe one day we’ll say these things and they’ll actually be true.
    OK, maybe not the manageable TBR list one. I feel like the whole point of a TBR list is for it to be unmanageable you know? 🙂
    Great post Lu, congratulations on two years of blogging, and I hope you manage to achieve your reading goal this year as well (although I’m more than sure you will!) 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person


      OMG PFTTTTT A BUDGET!!! HAHAH hopefully you’ll stick to it!! Yeah, hahaha, TBRs are meant to be uncontrollable!!

      thank you so much (and sorry for only jsut finding your comment!!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right Lu. I got stuck in spam a little while ago and while I managed to get it sorted I couldn’t remove comments I made before from people’s spam folders. 🙂
        At the moment I really need a budget but at the same time I’m terrible at actually sticking to it! 😀
        That’s all right. ❤

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  5. Honestly? THIS.

    “I WILL DEFINITELY READ 100 BOOKS AND ALL THESE NEW RELEASES” i said confidently last year. WELL. Haven’t read a single book yet….this is fine….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my gosh, these are SO relatable! Especially the one about not adding hundreds of more books to our TBRs… I mean, I guess it’s true, I didn’t add HUNDREDS. I added thousands!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yeah, I find it crazy how people claim to read 350+ books a year. That’s more than one book per day! So, yeah, it’s wild when people are tweeting like “I’ve read 10 books and it’s only January 3!” o.O

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