The Stuck At Home Book Tag Ft. All The Scary Books That Intimidate Me.

I haven’t done a tag since June 2018.

maybe if i didn’t abandon my blog that wouldn’t be the case.

I know we’ve all had to adjust in some way during the pandemic, big or small!! and that we cannot wait for it to be safe to go and see our friends and loved ones again. I think this tag is a great idea, and while it’s a little different for my blog (because it’s not all TOTALLY book or blog related) ok looking at the questions they are mainly about books I’m very excited!!


what are you currently reading?

I’m getting a head-start on my June tbr and i’ve just started Anger is a Gift. I’m really enjoying it so much, i love Moss(!!!!) and the anxiety rep is great so far!! I JUST LOVE MOSS!! THERE’S SM REP SO FAR. IT’S SO DIVERSE AND IT’S JUST GREAT, OK?

I’ve been wanting to read this for AGES. It’s been sat on my shelf since it came out and i just haven’t read it yet.

I know so many people loved this one and it’s semi-intimidating because I want to love it too!!

what’s your favourite can’t-leave-the-house activity?

(besides plotting the demise of your enemies)

Yoga is getting me through at the moment!! I’ve done yoga every. single. day. for the past 41 days now. Honestly, I feel like it’s been so great. My back (which is awful and cracks all the time) is so much better. I finally manages crow pose and I’m so HAPPY!!

I did a thirty day challenge on youtube (Yoga with Adriene) and then I’m finishing off the month following this playlist she made so people can do yoga every day until i can start another 30 day challenge in June.

a book you’ve been meaning to read forever?

just one?? yeah that’s not gonna happen.

The Cruel Prince!! the poor thing’s been sat on my shelf for so long and i just HAVEN’T READ IT YET (like Anger is a Gift) and also The Boy Who Steals Houses. I bought it when it came out but then just stopped reading books all together!! Also, Call Down the Hawk!!

I’ve heard so much goodness about all of these books.

an intimidating book on your tbr?

the Priory of the Orange Tree


It sounds amazing tho? and i really want to read it? I’ve heard amazing things?

I’ll probably never read it bc I’m so intimidated!! I mean,,, it’s me!!

Strange the Dreamer

i bought this so long ago, and hOnEstLY, this book fears me like no other in my possession. the terror is REAL.

If fear could embody a book, this would be it.

I’m so scared because 1) i haven’t read a fantasy book in so long 2) it’s HUGE 3) i feel like it could eat me whole? 4) there’s so much hype and I’m scared i won’t love it 5) it really could eat me im not making this up.

top three priority books on your tbr?

Loveless by Alice Oseman

I’M SO HYPED FOR THIS BOOK, it hasn’t even come out yet, but as soon as it comes out I’m going to kidnap this book and run off to Vermont and live my best life!!!

It’s actually loosely based off of the author??? and about being asexual?? I absolutely loved her other book Solitaire and I cannot wait to devour this book too.

This sounds like it’s going to completely SMUSH my entire heart. It comes out in July!! add it to your TBRs!!

Darius the Great is Not Okay

I don’t know why i find this book intimidating, i just DO!! I really want to read this but i just don’t know why i find it intimidating???

This sounds great!! I’ve heard some amazing things about the depression rep!! i can’t wait to be ruined by this book. I think I’m just scared I’m not gonna like it. But i really want to read it as soon as i can!! I’ve heard so many amazing things and all my dreams need to come true. okay?

The Extraordinaries

this book sounds SO good. it comes out in July but I CANNOT wait to read it.

Some people are extraordinary. Some are just extra. TJ Klune’s YA debut, The Extraordinaries, is a queer coming-of-age story about a fanboy with ADHD and the heroes he loves.

like….. come on, doesn’t that sound amazing? like??? people living their extra-lives and writing fanfics hello??? sounds like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. can it just?? be in my life now pls?

recommend a short book?

you asked for perfect.

This is short, sweet and stressful!! this book honestly made me so stressed out i felt like i was at school all over again. this author just knows what she’s doing. honestly. she just GETS. IT.

plus can we talk about the super cute sibling relationship? and?? can we try to not have a(nother) heart-attack over it? oh that’s not possible? oh.

and the Jewish rep was amazing. i loved it so much. i wish every book had this much rep ❤ MY HEART WAS SMUSHED AND RUINED AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH???

me @ everything about this book.

plus the ship. sngkjsegkjsnjfsnsfk.

recommend a long book?

errrrrr. i can’t remember the last time i read a long book (that i’d recommend)

I’m gonna go with Crooked Kingdom, a book that BrokeMe and never gave my heart back. I live for Wesper. i think Kaz is one of the best hero-villains out there and i GOBBLE UP the humour, wit and sass of these characters, simultaneously sobbing.

It’s also so clever, like the whole thing (detailed, i know) and i think that the world-building is truly amazing.

something you’d love to do while stuck at home?

honestly? here’s a list so your brains have a lil time-out:

  • baking
  • reading (because never too much)
  • more planning the demise of my mortal enemies.
  • more sleep (never too much)
  • more yoga (NEVER too much)
  • maybe try learning something to remind my brain that it works.
  • grow more plant babies.

what do you plan on reading next?


I’m kicking off pride month with this tear-jerker-soul-killer because I love myself.

I’m actually buddy-reading this with Rhi(!!! excite) and cannot wait!! I’ve been begging (myself) to reread this book since i first read it — LAST YEAR.

I adore the writing, it’s like no other book i’ve read, it’s so unique and lyrical and beautiful and can i please marry it??? please??

I can’t wait to sob.

who do I tag?

As i said before, no-one!! but, if you really want to this tag and no-one’s tagged you yet, feel free to say that I tagged you!!

have you done this tag? (link it!!) any books in common with me? what’s a book that you’re intimidated by? what are you currently reading? what are you looking forward to reading next?

13 thoughts on “The Stuck At Home Book Tag Ft. All The Scary Books That Intimidate Me.”

  1. i think i saw you reading darius, and i’m not sure if you finished yet but i hoped you love it!! i’m very excited for loveless as well — i just adore alice oseman’s books a lot ❤ and priory of the orange tree is absolutely intimidating with its length, but i've heard great things about it, and i definitely want to read it for the sapphics. great post!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ahhh loved your answers for this tag! ❤ I really really REALLY loved Darius, so I hope you will too! ❤ and I am so, so pumped about Alice Oseman's new book, it sounds incredible ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Priory of the Orange Tree intimidates me so very much! I’ve considered buying it a few times, but I know that if I have it on my TBR shelf staring at me I’ll never read it! It’s best to pick up a copy the moment I have time to read it so that it never has time to sit on my TBR shelf, and then end up there for eternity because of how long it is!

    I’m slowly getting used to doing more yoga. I’m not quite ready to do it daily, so twice a week is my goal for now! Instead now that I’m done with my spring semester, I’ve been spending my time cleaning and reorganizing parts of my room. Right now I’m in middle of cleaning and reorganizing both my closet and my 3 bookshelves, so my room is quite the mess!

    And I just reread Aristotle and Dante last month and it was SO good! I hope you enjoy it even more upon this reread! Also, I’m so happy to see You Asked for Perfect recommended! That book is fantastic and I feel as though not enough people have read it!

    I had so much fun reading through all your answers! I’m so glad you broke your 2 year streak and decided to do a tag again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg im cleanin gmy room sm too, probably at least three times a week!! omggggg I’m so glad that yo u loved ari and dante!! ISN’T YAFP SO GOOD??? SO NOT RECIEVING AS MUCH LOVE AS IT SHOULD!

      Thank you smmmmmm ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. i hope you have an amazing time reading ari and dante BECAUSE I’VE RE READ IT 4 TIMES!!! and each time it gets better! and ahahah I’ve been meaning to read call down the hawk FOREVER who knows when I’ll get to it (probably when my library re-opens) ALSO I USED TO DO YOGA WITH ADRIENNE and i loved her vids sm they were so CALMING i should get back into it!! i’m so proud of you for making it routine ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you sm, IT’S GOING SO WELL. I LOVE IT SM. I forgot the dad stuff,, and the crash stuff, and so much of the plot basically!! AAAAHHHH me neitherrrr tbh I’m scared I won’t like it!!


      aww thank yoouuuuu ❤


  5. ah i’ve been wanting to read anger is a gift for the LONGEST time now!! i’m so happy you’re liking it.. maybe soon i can try and find a copy!! and yay!! good on you for getting to crow pose!! proud of you :’) i can definitely say that cdth is amazing, as is tbwsh – and i hope you love them both like i did when you read them. as someone short, strange the dreamer could also eat me and i’m scared for that too. and the extraordinaries is one i’m excited for as well 🙂 and omg i love crooked kingdom and the wesper and kay scenes too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SAME HERE. I LIKE IT,,, BUT IT’S SO HEAVY (topic)AND MAKES ME WANNA CRY. Ahhh thank you sm it’s soooo hard!! Still need some practice! Thank you!!!! OMG OK IT JUST ARRIVED IN THE POST!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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