The Ooran Host Club Book Tag!

Hey!! So I want to thank the amazing Maya for tagging me to do this tag! I have no idea what this anime is about, but it looks fun nonetheless!!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you!
    ALWAYS PINGBACK TO CREATOR (icebreaker694) she wants to see your post.
  • Answer all the questions below! (You don’t have to watch the show to answer them.)
  • Tag 8+ bloggers!

Here you can find a link to Icebreaker694’s blog, who is the amazing creator of this tag! 

Now onto the questions…

Theme song- A misleading character.

Ahhh there are so many that I could choose from!! I think that Kaz Brekker is a pretty good example of a mislead character, but also Rhys from ACOTAR/ACOMAF/ACOTAR. In the beginning I hated him, and thought that he was a right piece of work, and then by the end of ACOTAR even I was really starting to like him.

Haruhi-A character every other character loves.

Daymn,,, I’m going with Feyre for this one. Literally everyone loves her in the ACOTAR series and she’s just a gem. Also, mentioning JEMS… yes, I’m mentioning my favourite SMOL in the world… JAMES CARSTAIRS of course.

Tamaki-A character who started a movement.

Phhhhhhhh,,, who do I pick????????

I’m literally just staring at the screen right now.

Kyoya-A character with parental issues.

Will Freaking Herondale. He has some serious parental issues. Tbh, JACE too. Not to mention CLARY, or Emma, or Julian. basically at the characters from TID, TMI, and TDA.

Kaoru and Hikaru-Brotherly love.

I gotta agree with icebreaker AND Maya’s answers for this because Jem and Will will always have the best brotherly love in my opinion. Followed by that, Jace and Alec. Honestly, Cassie Clare is the best at writing friendships.

Mori-A character who is scary on the outside, but is a bundle of fluff on the inside.

Ngl,, I THOUGHT THAT MARK,,, yes my smol Mark Blackthorn was scary. But then I got to know his smolliness and bless that bean of a being.

Honey-A character who likes to eat.

Gotta agree with Maya here…. Ron from Harry Potter!

Whenever I think of Ronald Weasley, all I see is him stuffing his face, and I’ve not even read all the books yet!! I know,,, I SUCKKKKK!

Renge-A tag-along character.

URAH so many!!

I think that Mark Blackthorne was a sort of tag along character???? I mean he sort of was and sort of wasn’t????? I DONE EVEN KNOWWWW?

Nekozawa-A character who likes the dark side.

Camille from The Mortal Instruments. DAMNNN I DIDN’T LIKE HER!


I need to read more books with baddies!!!


WHO TO TAG????? *can’t make decisions!*

  1. emma @ the stacked shelf 
  2. cha @ cha reads books
  3. my book opinions blog
  4. samantha @ blonde vs books
  5. steff @ the little booky nook
  6. silanur @ aloof books
  7. annike and zoe @ twin tales
  8. tilda @ tilda reads

I hope you guys enjoy doing this tag as much as I did!!

And of course, if you aren’t tagged, but want to complete this tag, you’re more than welcome!

See you next posttttttttt,



8 thoughts on “The Ooran Host Club Book Tag!”

  1. Oooh I love this tag!!! Will and Jem are just the best brotherly type of relationship, they truly defined “parabatai” I think. I love Mark Blackthorn, he is just sooooooo beautiful!!!! I definitely agree with the Malfoys and the Darkling, they just relish in being bad haha. Thanks for the tag!!!

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