June Wrap-Up | Hello July


For me, June went really slowly, I forgot what month it was and how many weeks left we had until like,, a day ago. I’ve not read much, but I’ve loved what I’ve gotten round to!

Quite a lot has actually happened this month (not really but it feels like a lot JUST LET ME DREAM!!!). I had a history trip to this super pretty castle, on the same day I fucked up my hand and might have to have surgery, had a hangout with my friends where we all went a little crazy and I fell fantastically from the trampoline in a ballerina-esque fashion, realised that I will actually forever be alone and live in a cave, read like 000000 books, (lol 2)

Riiiight! So what did I read?

  1. Caraval by Stephenie Garber,
  2. THUG by Angie Thomas.

I added the two covers for Caraval as they’re both AMAZE.

Sooooo what did I post*:

  1. 5 Book Recommendations From 2017 (So Far!)
  2. Changing.
  3. The Hate U Give Review!
  4. Popular Authors I’ve Never Read #I’mSorry
  5. Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag!
  6. 800 Followers // Q & A
  7. Would You Rather Book Tag!
  8. Books I Love But Never Reviewed #I’m Sorry.
  9. Caraval Review!
  10. The Ooran Host Club Book Tag!
  12. Mystery Blogger Award!
  13. You Were Nosy And Here Are My Answers!

*self promo dont judge!

I think that I did okay post wise, I mean, I didn’t post loadssssssss but then I didn’t go on a hiatus either. Towards the end of the month I really picked up my game, posting every other day or so, and it actually felt really good because I was interacting with people more and I felt so many feels!


I really hope to read more, and I’ve decided that I’m going to try and combat the V.E.Schwab books!

I left A gathering of shadows and never even started This Savage song (purely because I didn’t get to it) but I think that it’s time for me to go back and read them, or try to ANYWAYS.

I’m finishing school this year (but sadly not for good) and hopefully that means that things will be more relaxed and ill actually sleep sometime.

URGH RIGHT that’s it from me because I’m going to a wedding tomorrow and need to look good (DON’T WORRY ITS NOT MY OWN)





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