My Writing Updates: Poetry + Possible WIP???

Welcome to my books blog where I hardly even write about books anymore.


URGh guys I’m so in love with writing poetry I can’t even stop and I know that my poems aren’t, you know, “WHOA” but STILL. I love writing it.

Basically. I’m trying to change up my poetry and write about other things apart from feelings that I have. For example: storms. IMG_1882


Screenshot 2017-12-18 18.08.50.png

I personally don’t really know about this poem??? I can’t make up my mind about whether or not I really like it?? It feels a bit too repetitive? I’m not sureeeee OKAY.


Whoa bet you didn’t know that. But you already knew that.



Screenshot 2017-12-16 22.55.57 I kind of like this one?? I want to write more about feminism, but I find it so difficult to use imagery / metaphors.

I wrote this after writing the storm-y one ^^ so like yehh I had the inspo but finding the inspo is SO DIFFICULT HELP.

Screenshot 2017-12-18 18.12.11.png


Screenshot 2017-12-16 22.54.06

Sorry, no I’m not talking about Stranger Things, but I’ve actually started that show and I really LOVE IT.

I’m so easily distracted. POEMNESS.

So this one just came out of nowhere. It’s like a big metaphor and I’m trying to play around more with extended metaphors and IDK how it worked out.

It’s totally strange and actually WEIRD.

You might like it. IDK OKAY?



Screenshot 2017-12-16 22.50.35 Same ol’ same old!!!!


I actually had help with the second one here??? LIKE I’m getting better at talking about my poetry with people??

well clearly, since I just shared about 32756 in this post.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 18.15.02


Obviously, I’d like to expand the topics of my poems. For example:

  • Maybe more storm stuff.
  • more feminism. I think that Rupi Kaur is suchhh an inspiration for this!! This was mainly the first poems that I read for pleasure sooo that might have something to do with it!! aha. no wayyyyyy
  • Thoughts and stuff, but this time altering the format of the poem rather than the subject matter.
  • Did I mention more feminism stuff??


3 Bouquet

so the WIP.

I’ve got an IDEA at the moment.

My writing slump may be over BUT IM NOT PROMISING ANYTHING otherwise I’ll JINX IT.

And if I don’t talk about it I’m never going to try and write about it properly.

So my ideas:

  • So, it’s a bit futuristic, but not too far, like 10 years maybe??
  • And there’s this leader,
  • and everyone thinks that he’s this really great leader.
  • and there are monsters that start terrorising the capital
  • but they’re not really monsters since
  • they terrorise the capital by possessing THE YOUNG.
  • However, of course they take ages to figure out that they are being possessed by things and people are like tortured and killed and yay fun.
  • And they leave them with this POWER once they leave the host / are made to leave by means that I ALSO HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF YET.
  • (And the power basically allows them to see who is possessed since they all share a BONDY THING as well as a gift like advanced hearing, or speed, or able to kill with their mind — something wacky that I haven’t thought of yet. But the bond between the monsters/possessed and the changed people is weaker than the bond between 2 changed people )
  • and basically, no one knows where these monsters are coming from
  • BUT. the reader does.
  • And a task force is made from the young people that have been possessed.
  • INTRODUCE MC(s): so one is a poor girl who was homeless and was possessed, but gets saved along the way soon before the task force is made. AND the other is going to be a BOY and no, there will be no romance AS OF YET. The guy MC is going to be the Leader’s SON. And they are both possessed.
  • The son of the leader basically stops the leader from killing the possessed because obviously his son cant die. And all the leaders are like “favouritism much” but then the leader is semi like “WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING I SHOULD HAVE TRIED TO SAVE THEM”
  • So there’s some development there.
  • Alsoooo it’s going to alter from third to first person?? SO I was thinking that it them means that I can write from the PoV of someone who’s being possessed, the MCs, but also giving the reader (ha no one is reading this for 43678 years) information that the CHARACTERS DO NOT KNOW.
  • like who started it all.

So I know that this is all kind of basic plots at the moment, but I just wanted to share it as a motivation thing for myself because otherwise I WONT DO ANYTHING AND THAT WOULD BE BAD.

chat with me

What topics would you like to see me write poetry about? What topics do you write poetry about? Do you like my poetry? Do you enjoy writing? Have you ever had a writing slump before? Let me know!




17 thoughts on “My Writing Updates: Poetry + Possible WIP???”

    1. THANK YOU SM ILSA YOU’RE SO SWEET AND I CANNOT COPE *dies* rejgnkjrgnjskgjksgkjrsgjkrngkjrngjknrfjkgndjkfngkfjdngbjkdfnb

      urgghhhhh I haven’t written for like… . 3 days and I DFBDFKJNGDFJKNGFDJKNG CANNOT JGNJDFGNJFGF.

      You’re awesome xx


  1. aaggghh you already know how much I love your poems, Lu!! (especially that “why weren’t we ALREADY equal” one.) and omggg I’m so glad you like writing poems! I currently don’t have any inspiration too, but I have the motivation??? which sucks, because poetry is all about using the right words in the right way at the right time, and I can’t do that right now. 😭

    and god, lots of sh*t has been happening on goodreads with homophobic stuff & I’ve seen things about feminism that anger me (like women have to be feminine & men have to be masculine wtf????). I’m so good at ranting but I want to put that into my poetry but like you said, IT’S SO HARD. IT DOESN’T WORK. IT JUST TURNS INTO A RANT ALFKAKFLS.

    oh and your WIP idea sounds absolutely fantastic and I NEED TO KNOW MORE RIGHT NOW !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg thank you!! Me too thoughhhhh I have the motivation to write poems about feminism but something the inspiration just isn’t there!!! I hope that you get some inspiration soon!!!!

      OMG yes I do that sometimes without realising then I have to go back and edit it ahaha. But OMG people are saying that??????????? BUT USE THE ANGER YOU HAVE!
      Ahhhhh thank you smmmmm!!!! I’m probably going to be in the planning stage for ages but I will keep you updated!!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i worte a poem about storms almost 8 years ago now and as soon as i finished writing it, someone stole it, just like the favourite story of mine that loved and just finished writing. sigh, the thoughts hurts, ever since then i’m wary of not typing up my stories. your poems are wonderful lulu, i was writing a ballad today but i abandoned it cause it didn’t end up how i wanted it, but i will try again tomorrow, i want to write poems again. how have your exams been? you should be on holiday now right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh no that’s awful!!!
      Thank you so much!!!!!! ❤
      Ahhh yess keep going at it!! You'll get there with it 😀
      They went well thank you, well i hope anyway!! I finish school in thursday! How was/is the camp that you went to??

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your poetry Lu, and in terms of expanding the topics I say write whatever you feel like writing, or what you feel. I’m not a poetry expert, it’s not the kind of genre I read much at all, but in my opinion the best poems are the ones that strike some kind of emotion you know? 🙂
    Also I LOVE the sound of your WIP, I’d definitely be interested in reading more about it because just from what you’ve said so far it sounds like exactly the kind of book I’d pick up if it were available at my local bookstore! 🙂
    Great post, and I’d love to hear more of your poetry and more about your WIP. 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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