[I’M BACK!] Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read… Yet!

this is a prompt from september 25 and im just getting to it. im such a shit blogger. 

hello internet! i am back? HONESTLY, i have no clue how i disappeared for over a month?? i think that because i’ve not been reading for SO LONG and i had no motivation to do anything, let alone write a bunch of posts, i just had 0 inspirations for posts.

nevertheless, i am here and the sass is back. sorry for being so mia recently with everyone and not checking up on your posts!!

books i’ve read since going away?


smol life updates: 

  • i got my second piercings done yesterday.
  • college is killing me slowly.
  • i’m on a half-term though so it’s ok!!
  • i’ve read nada.
  • i’m dying my hair pink next saturday! pinkpinkpinkpink.
  • it was my birthday on the 15th october, and that was nice!
  • that’s it lads.


Screenshot 2018-07-22 19.04.57Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read

so honestly, there are a lot of books that i haven’t read and need to read?? and keeping track of them is actually really hard??? so??? excuse my flailing??? thanks, bbs.



OH MY. THIS BOOK. I’VE WANTED TO READ IT SINCE IT CAME OUTTTT. I love the stories that alice oseman creates, so i cannot wait to devour this one too.

i’ve heard some mixed things??? but i’ve heard a lot of good things??? so????

I’m ashamed @ myself for not reading this one sooner.




ok so this one only came out a few days ago SO IT’S NOT AS BAD!! 

now, marie lu isn’t my favourite-favourite, *cough*idnf-ed TYE *cough* but, I LOVED WARCROSS. I COULDN’T PUT THAT ISH DOWN.

honestly, you guys,,,, i neeed this book asap.




ok so not really a book, but A NEW(not even new) RELEASE THAT I STILL HAVEN’T READ!!

I love love loved milk and honey and i really want to see if this anthology lives up to the hype or not!







oh my, can we just think back to the MASTERPIECE that caraval was, is, and will always be?

again, i’m ashamed @ myself for not having this in my possession yet, BUT I AM A BAD HUMAN SO. 

hopefully i get it soon??? i’m thinking of doing a huge book-buying thing soon,, so we’ll see!!




another alice oseman book!! and probably the one that i want to read the most!! this is the first book of alice oseman that i REALLY wanted to read, though i ended up reading solitaire for the nick+charlie stuff because those boys melt my heart.

but!! I’ve heard that this one is EVEN BETTER (is that possible?!!?!? i didn’t think so either!!)




again!! how have i not read this yet??? i started it!! and it was super intriguing!! but then the SLUMP HAPPENED AND …


THIS SLUMP IS KILLING MEEEEE. but!! i will read this asap!! (once i’ve got through the slump and read some really good books b/c i’ll say i’ll read it but… *shrug*)



ALSO! because i have absolutely no motivation to read, i’d love you all forever if you were to send me any post prompts that you want me to use?

for example:

i’d appreciate any prompts at all!!


Screenshot 2018-06-02 14.37.45

HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN??? I MISSED YOU ALL!!! UPDATE ME! CHAT WITH ME! what books from your faves have you not got around to reading yet??


34 thoughts on “[I’M BACK!] Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read… Yet!”

  1. HI I MISSED U SO MUCH WHERE HAVE U BEEN, I NEED YOUR POSTS BLESSING MY FEED. PINK HAIR?!?! YESYESYES. I also have 2 piercings and itwas the best decision of my life so i hope you love yours as well!! ALSO BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY U AMAZIN BEAN I LOV U.


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  2. Welcome back! 🙂

    I still haven’t read All the Crooked Saints either, and I got it pretty much when it was first released. I’ve only read 5 of Maggie’s books so far and I want to read them all SO badly but my brain is all ‘no not yet’ and won’t let me.

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  3. sgdhsajhdgjasdhga HI. WELCOME BACK. HI. happy belated birthday and shoutout to half term (i don’t know what that means) and YAY YAY YAY for pink hair and also ahhhhhh you’re baaaaaaaack. hurray. ❤

    i have read basically 0 maggie stiefvater books besides the raven cycle and shiver. i need to get on that so i can properly join the fanclub

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  4. I relate so much to college killing one slowly. i’m practically useless at this point, all I do is drink tea and cry.
    also happy bday ❤
    I need to read Caraval SOON!!!! as well as anything by alice oseman before I disappoint myself beyond repair

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      1. I still haven’t read it bc I am a failurrrrrreeee omg (I need to stop lowkey rereading TFC and be more productive w my life sldkfs)


  5. i mean ive heard wildcard is really boring so no idea when i’ll read it, i think you MIGHT like i was born for this but i hated it oops, radio silence is AMAZING an ugh Legendary is just WOW i love it. IM SO glAD YOur BACK. also pink hair!!! uhm yes!!!! im on half term toooooo and im so happy


  6. Hiiiiii *waves dramatically* HOW ARE YOU?? I missed you like so much for real, I’ve been gone WAY TOO LONG. And girl you write whatever the heck you want to, it’s all amazing anyways! But I totally understand wanting prompts so I’ll give you a couple. Maybe a fall bucket list, where you want to be in5/10 years, oohh or maybe an experience with getting your hair dyed!


      1. I’m doing so much better now that I’m back here in the blogosphere I MISSED IT SO MUCH!!! Yesss same I’m awful with thinking of post ideas, best of luck to you I can’t wait to read more of your posts! ❤

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  7. OH this post is too true. I have so many releases from authors I love that I still need to get around to! The biggest one being City of Ghosts, which I STILL haven’t read somehow, even though it came out like two months ago now, and Schwab is basically my favourite author ever…! So I REALLY need to get around to that!

    And I just read Wildcard last week, and it’s SO GOOD. And Radio Silence and I Was Born For This are so so sooooooo good too!!! Radio Silence is one of my all time faves!


  8. Welcome back and oh these are some great books Lu, I’m sure you’ll love them all when you get around to them. 🙂 I actually thought Legendary was even better than Caraval (and I know I wasn’t alone in thinking that) so when you do get around to it I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too. Also I did prefer Warcross to Wildcard, but I thought it was a satisfying end to the duology. It was an addictive read and answered all my questions which is always a plus I think. 🙂 ❤

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    1. thank you so much!!
      that’s so great to hear, i can’t wait to read it!! WILD CARD. WHAT A BOOK. I finished it this evening (started it yesterday) and!!!!!!ELA{WADL I LOVE. I wish that there were more!! but i agree — such a good ending to the duology! and as you said, SO ADDICTIVE!!

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