6 Reasons Why I’d ‘DNF’ A Book: Meh Books With All The Terrible-ness And Tears Being Thrown From Windows.

all the bad books just seem to be launching themselves at me at the moment. by that, i mean two books specifically.

I don’t know about you, but i feel a bit guilty about DNF-ing books. i’ve only DNF-ed a few books. here are some of them off the top of my head:

  • When Dimple met Rishi. i just could not get along with this book. it felt so immature, she was horrible, and it was just such trivial drama that i could not be bothered for at the time. read that here
  • The Radley’s. don’t even ask me what this book is about. i have no idea what this book was meant to be.
  • Wonder Woman Warbringer. i really wanted to like this book but i don’t know what happened. i think it was just so slow that i could not get into it. i can’t really remember, it was a while ago.

similar posts here and here. actually… don’t read those they’re from super awkward lu that needs to be eradicated. thanks.

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This is the saddest thing, if I’m honest.

when we read books we don’t want perfect, flawless things that speak. we want characters that we recognise and can relate to, especially when they’re not perfect!!

I cannot stand when characters have absolutely NO PERSONALITY (considering that’s their one and ONLY job). it makes my soul WEEP.

or, while they may not be complete pancakes (maybe they’ve a bit of a lumpy pancake) there is just ZERO connection to the reader. this also makes me cry (as you can imagine, reading is a tearful experience for me).


This i cannot stand.

if characters are incapable of having a conversation about something with their girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/whoever and that makes conflict and issues and whatever i get filled with this volcano-like rage.

it’s not plot. it’s not interesting. IT’S JUST IRRITATING.

I do not want to read books about silly girls and boys that need to grow up. Lara-Jean, I’m looking DIRECTLY at you, here.


There are so many books that i’ve read that i should’ve just thrown out the window and stopped reading because there was no plot. but. i don’t think that a book having little plot is a hanging offence.

in my opinion, there can be little plot, but it can still be a good book. i think that if characters are developed well, and there are good relationships too, the book can actually be good. it’ll take you a while to get there.

but, when there’s little plot, and the characters aren’t really there either??? it just makes it seem even worse. i talked about this in my review of Summer Bird Blue. the lack of connection with the character accentuated the LACK of plot and vice versa.



sometimes you just wont like a book and that’s fine.



Honestly, this hasn’t been an issue THANK GOD for me in comparison to other problems. and I’m not gonna say thank you for that, BECAUSE. WE .SHOULDN’T. HAVE. TO.

But i read a book recently (cough*larajean*cough) where things just did NOT sit right with me at all. And if i were a younger reader, not as cynical about the world, i would not like to have that message imposed on me. no thanks, nope, go away.

I don’t know if I’m “reading too much” into it, but at the same time I do noT care if I’m reading “too much” into it because it!! offends!! me!! I NO LONGER CARE.


dry, dull, lifeless.

i.e the worst ever. also referred to as: awful, dreadful. see also: boring.

sometimes not all writing styles click with us. Sometimes, the writing is just bad. In both cases, if it cannot be looked past, throw. that. book. out. of. the. window. like now. that’s it. locate the book, now CHUCK IT.

I think what’s worse than the writing being dry, which i can look past, is the writing being cheesy or over the top. that’s when tantrums really start over here. that’s when books start getting burnt.


sometimes, for no reason at all you just wont get on. just won’t. sometimes there isn’t a reason and you’re just not interested and you cannot like it no matter what you do.

that’s life, i guess.

what are some of your reasons for DNF-ing a book? (plus reminder about the collab!!! let me know if you want to be involved!)


25 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I’d ‘DNF’ A Book: Meh Books With All The Terrible-ness And Tears Being Thrown From Windows.”

  1. Ahhh it’s always so sad when you start a book and you just cannot get invested in the characters. I think my #1 reason for DNFing is not liking the writing style – it isn’t always that it’s bad, but there’s a lot of writing that I just don’t really enjoy reading. And it sucks because the book might otherwise be great but it’s just not for me 😕

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    1. IKR! Such a shame! Yeah I kind of get what you mean, for me I find it harder to get along with books in the first person? I feel like it’s really easy for the narrator to sound extremely self-centred and ignoring the other characters??? And of course, sometimes we just won’t get along with the style and it’s not our fault or the authors fault.. we just don’t 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


  2. I share so many of the same reasons for DNFing as you! I can sometimes give immature characters a pass in YA because the characters are teenagers and are bound to do and say dumb stuff, but if they’re immature to the point of being annoying, the book is getting hurled out of the window. I have three huge deal-breakers which are unrealistic dialogue (especially in YA contemporaries), over the top purple prose (like, PLEASE just get to the point, I don’t care about the colour of someone’s eyes that much), and of course a book being problematic.

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    1. Omg yes on the immaturity! I think that some things are excusable, but not when it gets totally out of hand!! Oh my gosh dialogue… it can be so cringe worthy sometimes!!! And oh my gosh yess I totally agree with waffle-prose, JUST GET TO THE POINT! ahaha 😂😂😂


  3. hhhh i am the LEAST LIKELY person to DNF a book!!! i stick it out no matter what!! i am pretty good at choosing Good Books though so that helps??? all of these reasons are completely true though (lara jean omg it wasn’t just me) especially the characters one!!!!!

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        1. yeah i just kind of ploughed through the first book hoping that it would get better in the second book… spolier alert: it didn’t. *upside-down face smile emoji* THE MOVIES ARE WAY BETTER. They’re low-key kind of cute, but I don’t like the way peters all like “you can’t do this you cant do that” and I have MAJOR issues with the quite frankly SEXIST messages in the second book… OH WELL

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  4. I agree with you in all the reasons! I definitely cannot stand a book if I don’t have a connection to the characters. That’s really a crucial part for me to enjoy a book, and I just can’t bring myself to keep reading one if the characters are dull. Totally agree with what you say about having little plot but deep character connections kinda “saves” the book. There’s many good character-driven books out there. I have only started DNFing books this year but it has really helped with having a healthy reading experience✨

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    1. Same here!! when i think about books I didn’t like as much most of the time it was bc of the characters… yeah OMG CHARACTER DRIVEN BOOKS.. a great example is emergency contact… not a lot is happening but the CHARACTERS are amazing and makes the content!!

      yes omg DNF!! we need to stop feeling guilty about it (me included here!!) because why should we make ourselves read books that makes want to catch on fire????


  5. Girl, I know what you mean some books are just plain awful. I think this post was great people need to know that some books are not worth the money or the time. I like how you write so original and neat. I would love to learn from you. I am new to the blogging world and I write about books I have read, some fashion tips, and just some life stuff. If you wanted to visit my blog I would love it if you followed me and gave me suggestions.

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  6. I’m with you on plot and problematic! Also just very stupid plot lines and scenes, like the female lead putting a LAXATIVE in her boss/love interest’s drink right before an important meeting so that he keeps going to the bathroom. Yes I still have lingering hate over that.
    Sign me up for the collab!!

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  7. i 100% agree with all of your thoughts!! the main reason i dnf books is because i hate the characters and just don’t care enough to be invested in their stories. and #6 is very true, sometimes i just can’t even explain why i want to dnf a book, but i just can’t bring myself to read more of it. 😭 and omg yes, if the book is problematic, i WILL be chucking it out the window!

    your post writing style is so amazing asdfghjkl i loved this post!! 💖 also, the collab sounds very fun, i would love to be involved if i can! 🥰🥰

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      1. YESSSS haha omg *high-fives back* and of course!! 💖💖

        i unfortunately don’t have a twitter… but do you have pinterest? maybe you can message me through that (also i was going to say that you could message me on goodreads but i don’t even know if that still works 😢)

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  8. I think the biggest reason why I DNF a book is that something about it just isn’t working for me, and mostly it’s plot-related or how the book is formatted. And I’m definitely in for the collab!!

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    1. Yeah I feel like I don’t normally have an issue with not clicking with the book,, it’s mainly the plot or characters!! Oh fabbbb tysm!! do you have a Twitter so I can message you about it??


    2. Yess!!! I mean I think you should DNF a book if it’s not good. I mean now that I have read this post I know not to read those books. I think that’s what Lu was trying to say in her writing. She was warning us lol!! Any way thank Lu for checking out my blog can’t wait to read more of your post.

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