Book Haul. | Signed Copy! | The Excite.

Yo! So exciting news!!! Today, after getting an interview for work experience next April, I popped into Waterstones, as they had a ‘buy one get one half-price’ sale, and found 'Holding Up The Universe’ by Jennifer Niven and ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ by Nicola Yoon, and I only paid £11.00. About the books:… Continue reading Book Haul. | Signed Copy! | The Excite.

Autumn – Whoo!

Hello, everyone. I know its been autumn for ages, I am loving autumn right now, this morning I woke up, and realised how much so. When I woke up, my window was fogged, the tiles on my bedroom floor were freezing to the touch, and I couldn't stay warm without a cardigan, slippers, and two… Continue reading Autumn – Whoo!

Current Reads | The Excitement! 

Hello people!  Sorry for not posting earlier today, I was at Ikea buying my bookshelves (exciting times) and haven't had the opportunity to post as of yet.  So omg, that great thing is happening (more below), but also my current reads are amazing!  So, as you probably know, because I keep on banging on about… Continue reading Current Reads | The Excitement! 

Positive Post | Things To Be Happy About :) 

Welcome back!  I said I was only going to do just the one post today, but I'm laying in bed, thinking "let's share some positivity!"  Things to be happy about (not in any specific order):  Family.  Friends/other loved ones. Kindness. Those really caring people. SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO IS CARING RIGHT NOW!! 🙂  BOOKS. … Continue reading Positive Post | Things To Be Happy About 🙂 

5 Things That I Love About Blogging… 

So, to counteract my not so up-beat post earlier, I thought I would share some of the things I love about blogging!  Talking. This may seem tiny, but talking to someone who has read the same book as you, likes the same TV show, or mentions something interesting in their post that you can respond… Continue reading 5 Things That I Love About Blogging…